To create an SOI in the At-Large approved format, please follow the instructions on this page carefully. 

IMPORTANT: You need to login to this Wiki site with an ID and Password (separately provided) before attempting to create a New SOI page. If you have not yet been issued an ID and Password to this site, you will have Anonymous user privileges which provides <View> only access to these pages and information. Anonymous users cannot create new pages, edit existing ones, or add comments.

If you were issued a LoginID/Password to this Wiki and your browser did not automatically prompt you to enter it, please click on the Login menu item at the top right of this page, which will bring up a new window in which you can enter your credentials.

Below you will find a set of written Instructions that will guide you in creating a Statement of Interest (SOI) in the approved format. You may want to print or copy these instructions to a notepad application or open in a new window/tab so that you can refer to them as you complete the steps.

Step 1: Enter your full name in the space below, then hit the <Enter> key on your keyboard. This step will create new blank page with your name and the letters "SOI" appended automatically. 


Step 2Click <Save> at the bottom of the next page immediately, but DO NOT attempt to enter any information into the fields at this time. 

Step 3Now that your new page has been created, click <Edit Contents> on the upper menu bar, then answer each of the questions in the blank column to the far right. 

If you see the following error in any of the cells, please ignore it.
Once you click <Edit Contents> and <Save> the form, those warnings will disappear.
Error rendering macro 'text-data' : null
  • Most fields require simply entering plain text (e.g., Name)
  • A few fields, once you click inside them, will open a window which provides additional editing features (see top menu) such as bold, italics, bullets, tables, images, and more.
  • Some fields contain menu selections which will pop-up once you click anywhere in the cell. 

Step 4When you are finished, remember to <Save> the page (see bottom of the screen).

Your new SOI page may not be auto-sorted alphabetically; however, that will be remedied by an Administrator of this space. 

Step 5: (Optional) If you wish to set editing security, click on your SOI Page under At-Large New SOIs Workspace, then:

  • Click on the <Tools> top menu and select <Restrictions>
  • Click the radio button next to <Restrict editing of this page> and click on <Me>. (Note: this will enable ONLY you to make subsequent changes to this SOI; however the ICANN Administrator will always have full access to the page, its contents, and the underlying template).
  • Click <Save> to make your change permanent. (Note: you can change or remove the restrictions at any time). 

Additional Tips:

  • How to Edit Later: Once the page is created, you may return at any time to edit the content. If you need to amend any information subsequently, you simply click on your individual page link (alphabetized by name) and then click on the top menu bar <Edit Contents>. Don’t forget to save any changes you make. All prior versions are automatically archived.
  • How to Link to This Page: Both standard and tiny links (URL) are available to your New SOI page. The tiny link is useful because it will always point to the correct location (permalink) even if the page is subsequently moved within the Wiki. To access the tiny link, go to the Tools menu and click "Link to this page..." or, simply, press the keyboard shortcut letter "k" to show both standard and tiny URLs, either of which may be copied and pasted to another Wiki or website.


Survey: If you would like to provide input concerning the new SOI process, including the template and video/instructions, please complete our At-Large SOI Feedback Questionnaire. It is five questions long and should only take a minute or two of your time. We appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

New SOIs are available for the following individuals:

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