Members of the 2022-2023 At-Large Leadership and the Board Director Selected by At-Large

What is the At-Large Community?

"At-Large" is the name for the community of individual Internet users who participate in the policy development work of ICANN. Currently, 250 At-Large Structure groups and 142 individuals in 104 countries and regions representing the views of individual Internet users are active within five Regional At-Large Organizations.  The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), is the primary organizational home within ICANN for individual Internet users. The role of the ALAC is to consider and provide advice on the activities of ICANN, insofar as they relate to the interests of individual Internet users. You can learn more about the community and its activities on this website, as well as how to join and participate in building the future of the worldwide Domain Name System (DNS) and other unique identifiers that every single user of the Internet relies on every time they go online.


ALAC/At-Large Policy Advice Activities

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ALAC/At-Large Operations Activities

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The  At-Large calendar shown below and at shows the schedule all of the At-Large meetings and teleconferences. These include meetings and teleconferences by:

  • the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)
  • the ALAC Leadership Team (formerly known as a the ALAC Executive Committee or ALAC ExCom)
  • Regional At-Large Organisations (RALOS) and
  • At-Large Working Groups (WGs)

Note that the times shown in the At-Large calendar above and at are in UTC/GMT time so you’ll have to calculate the time of meetings in your time zone.

However, instead of remembering to visit or this page, you can subscribe to the At-Large Calendar using your Calendar application. Your Calendar application on your desktop or mobile device will show the meeting times in your time zone and you can set email notifications and/or popup to notify you at any time before the meeting (for example 2 hours before, 30 minutes before).

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