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Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON

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AFRICA. ALS since 2010 ICANN Fellow 2010 and 2011 Atlas 2 and 3 Alumnus

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Nurses Across the Borders Humanitarian Initiative-A UN Ecosoc NGO

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Atlas2 Planning Committee Work Group, ATLAS 3 , planning Committee, VC AFRALO ROP WG, Member ALAC ALS MOP WP,

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President, Nurses Across the Borders Director for International Liaison Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association-UK, President, Diaspora Nurses Association of Nigeria Board Member-Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with the UN-CONGO (2011-2017) UNFCCC Designated Contact Person Permanent Representative to the United Nations General Secretary, Civil Society Network on Climate Change in Nigeria Fellow Open Society Institute Budapest

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Nurses Across the Borders Humanitarian Initiative Inc (USA and Nigeria Healthcare Today LTD

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Executive President/.CEO

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Executive administrative and managerial functions

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My Dear Esteemed ICANN/AFRALO Family.

This is surely an interesting time and an epoch-making era in the anal of AFRALO's existence.

Since the ‘Call’  for the expression of interest for the vacant positions in AFRALO on 17th April 2023, I have been praying and reflecting seriously on whether to run or not.

I got both the confirmation and conviction to run for the office of the Chairman, AFRALO today.

In the above regard and in line with ‘the extant guidelines of the ICANN/AFRALO Bye-Laws, I, Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON is self-nominating for the office of AFRALO Chairman in the forthcoming elections.


I am in my Sixties, married with children and grandchildren, and a Mental Health and General Nurse by profession. In less than six months from now, I shall be receiving my award for my MBA – International Relations and Diplomacy.

Pastor Peters as I am fondly called has been involved with the Information Society since 2003 when the first World Summit on the Information Society was held in Geneva, and in 2005 at the 2nd WSIS in Tunis, was one of the pioneers of the establishment of the African Chapter of the WSIS with the likes of Fatimata and others, that I became the First Chairman of the Nigerian Branch of the ACIS for years as pioneer Chairman.

I am the Founder and Executive President of Nurses Across the Borders and the First ICANN Fellow from Nigeria since 2010. This was when Nurses Across the Borders was equally admitted as an ALS within AFRALO and ever since 2010, I have actively promoted the activities of ICANN, especially in the areas of democratic governance in ensuring that, ICANN Rules are followed to the letter and applied equally to all.

This was why I actively engage and participated in the AFRALO ROP WG as the first Vice Chair of that WG and my inputs were instrumental to the final adoption of the ROP that today allowed for individual members of AFRALO. With this penchant, I took to the ALAC ALS MOP WP where as an AFRALO Representative I fought for the recognition of rights and independence of ALS and AFRALO so that we are not treated as just mere appendages. I am not just a Fellow of ICANN and Chairman of one of the oldest ALS, but I am a Two-time Alumnus of ATLAS II and III in London and Quebec Canada. My passionate involvement and contributions at both ATLAS Summits cannot be underplayed. It was flowing from my struggle to ensure that AFRALO got equal representation at ATLAS III during the WG on ATLAS III that made it possible we got the largest slots for that event. The records are there.

I was not only involved in the planning of the First African General Assembly but also actively participated especially in the areas of showcasing our rich cultural heritage within the ICANN Ecosystem.

Suffice to say that, I joined the ICANN process and program as an Internet End User. The space and role of the Internet End User in the ICANN scheme of things have been relegated to the background to the extent that, they have never featured in the/any leadership ladder of ICANN in general and AFRALO in particular. That is why, all successive leaders of AFRALO and by extension ICANN AT LARGE have been "IT EXPERTS". I do not have that background of being an IT expert, so to speak, but can boldly and gladly say that the INTERNET as invented by ICANN has made me what I am today and has promoted and given worldwide visibility to Nurses Across Borders Humanitarian Initiative both at the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that today, I am not just a Permanent Representative to the United Nations but became the First Designated Contact Person for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from Nigeria. I am the President of the Diaspora Nurses Association of Nigeria and the Director for International Liaison for the Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association, United Kingdom, and was a Board Member of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations-ECOSOC -CONGO from 2011 -2017. I became the First General Secretary of the African Regional Committee for CONGO. 

At the national level in Nigeria, I am the National Deputy Chairman of the oldest political party today in Nigeria-the National Conscience Party, founded by the foremost Human Rights Crusader-Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory. Under the Party I have contested twice for the Nations House of Representatives in 2003 and 2015. And for the Governor of Edo state in 2016 and 2020.

What am I bringing to the table as Chairman for AFRALO?

The answer is simple. I want to make AFRALO the role model for all other RALOs within ICANN by expanding the democratic space of all the ALSs to give them a voice to not only be heard but also be seen as belonging and enjoying the same privileges being enjoyed by some within AFRALO.

What do I mean?

See Section 1.2.(a)iv, ICANN Byelaws: Employ open, transparent and bottom-up, multi-stakeholder policy development processes that are led by the private sector (including business stakeholders, civil society, the technical community, academia, and end users), while duly taking into account the public policy advice of governments and public authorities. These processes shall (A) seek input from the public, for whose benefit ICANN in all events shall act, (B) promote well-informed decisions based on expert advice, and (C) ensure that those entities most affected can assist in the policy development process;).

Brothers and Sisters, the above provision from the ICANN Byelaws shall form the bedrock of my service to you all as your next Chairman. I am a man guided by rules and principles. I intend to run an open-door policy and will not abuse the privilege to serve you.

I have supported every leader of AFRALO at all times as a good follower on the path of justice and fair play

Ladies and Gentlemen and my friends and colleagues, I covet your support and solicit for your votes as the next Chairman of AFRALO with the above experience in leadership and as one of the oldest members of AFRALO. I have always been a voice for AFRALO and intend to continue that if given the opportunity (even if not voted, ) I will nonetheless not shy away from my passion for all-inclusive leadership.

I know, my throwing my hat into the race may come as a surprise, but reflect upon why I think I should be given the opportunity so. Amongst everyone else that has shown interest (I respect them all), I believe I am most qualified to provide that leadership AFRALO needed so badly after the very good work that has been done by past Chairmen and women and I intend to build upon them and expand them further. I have the experience, I have the years -since 2012, I am a leader of one of the most active ALS within AFRALO and I am an Internet End user.

Nurses Across the Borders Humanitarian Initiative (NABHI) is an international charitable non-government, not-for-profit organization. Founded in 1999 on the recognition that the vast majority of people worldwide enjoy poor healthcare delivery services, arising from the dangers of inadequate healthcare facilities, crises and conflicts, droughts, disasters, and famine, detrimental to full and good health. It is the belief of NABHI that health is everybody’s business. Our activities are enhanced and promoted through the Internet.

Thank you and God bless you all as you cast your votes for me.

Yours in service to humanity,

Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON


My Dear AFRALO Brothers and Sisters

It is with regret I painfully write to inform you of my decision to withdraw from the election for the position of AFRALO Chairman with immediate effect

This decision was taken after reviewing all the intrigues and activities surrounding the process of this very election which I find very difficult to fathom with clear and good Conscience. 

The first objective of AFRALO Operating Principles is Article 4.1: “to provide a forum and promote and encourage African Internet users’ participation and involvement in ICANN in an effective, open, accountable and transparent manner;

That overriding principle endeared me to apply to be a part of the AFRALO family in 2010 after qualifying to be sponsored as the First Fellow from Nigeria. The records of my involvement over the years in terms of active participation and involvement with AFRALO and ICANN in general is there for all to see. I have supported all successive leaders and have not been too ambitious to begin to struggle for office and positions within AFRALO. I could have still continued my involvement with ICANN without joining AFRALO just like one of the contestants for the AFRALO Chair has done over the years. But as a Pan Africanist, I joined so as to collectively promote the AFRICAN AGENDA within ICANN for inclusive governance and participation. 

But this year after 13 years in AFRALO/ICANN I choose to join the race for leadership and observed a clear deviation from the ICANN Byelawa and AFRALO ROP, with regards to a particular candidate not meeting the basic requirements to contest the position. I voiced my concerns officially to ICANN and the leadership of AFRALO in writing. Another leader Mr Oloyede did same and we were both ignored. 

At the last AFRALO meeting, this issue was brought up and the leadership of AFRALO dodged their responsibility by hiding under the guise that the AFRALO ROP was silent on the issues raised.

I petitioned the OMBUDSMAN on May 5th and got his response on May 8, and I was not surprised at his position which I quite agree with, vis a vis, that my complaint does not fall under his purview but an issue for the leadership of AFRALO to address and deal with.

The AFRALO Leadership was not bold enough to do this.

The Ombudsman was magnanimous to even counsel that AFRALO can decide to review its ROP to prevent these types of lapses in the future. Every one of us especially the leadership leaders in AFRALO are aware that going by the rules and precedence Ms Hadia does not qualify to contest this election, but they have their interests and intrigues by allowing this infraction and favoritism.

It is in the light of the above reality that, I believe the best course of action for me is to withdraw from the race. This is to avoid legitimizing a flawed process devoid of an effective, open, and transparent manner.

I cannot be counted amongst those supporting a wrong process. 

I remain committed to the goals and objectives of AFRALO AND ICANN. 

The Ghana General Assembly is an opportunity for all of us to demonstrate our genuine committed for AFRALO with a total overall of the ROP. I did move for this in South Africa but the leadership then frustrated that move. Ladies and gentlemen,  it's not about Pastor Peters it's about AFRALO and ICANN.

The leadership is yet to action on my proposal that was adopted at the last AFRALO meeting on asking members to propose areas for review.

I shall share mine with all of you soon.

In conclusion, if Hadia is finally selected to become the next Afralo chair, I wish her and everyone that will support her well but leave you all to your Conscience.

God bless AFRALO.  God bless AFRICA

Viva Africa!!!

Yours for justice and equity.

Pastor Peters Osawaru Omoragbon 

Executive President Nurses Across the Borders International 

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