At-Large Statement of Interest (SOI) Form

1) Please enter your Name:

 Lilian Ivette De Luque Bruges

2) Picture/Image:
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3) Are you participating in the At-Large advisory process (including email and real-time discussions) as a representative of:

a) ALAC (if so, detail the region and term):


b) A Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) (if so, please detail the region, position and term):

LACRALO, Minka Digital Colombia, Representative

c) An ICANN-accredited At-Large Structure (if so, which one):

ALS Minka Digital Colombia

d) Any ICANN Committee, Constituency or Stakeholder Group (if so, which one(s))?

e) Any other company or organization, whether commercial or nonprofit (if so, please detail the organization and your position):

Founding member of ISOC Colombia Chapter. Founding member of Rural Development SIG of ISOC. Member of the CIO Network of the Colombia Government. Member of the Colombian Internet Governance table. Member of the SIG ISOC CiberSecurity and Gender Standing groups And Member of WG IT Women and the Policy of LACNIC. coordinator of the virtual school of internet governance VSIG in Spanish for LAC.

4) Please identify your current employer(s):

1. MUUSA COLOMBIA S.A Informatic security 2. Municipality of Manaure, Guajira

5) Please identify your current position(s):

1. Co Owner and Consultant 2. CIO - Director of Communications and Information Technology

6) Please identify the type(s) of work performed:

1. To advise companies and public entities in the generation of policies of information security, data security and privacy, organize the team to respond to information security incidents, align information security with company objectives ensuring that your information is adequately protected. Accompaniment to government entities in the diagnosis, planning and execution of their e-government strategy.Advise on diagnostics and strategies in the management of social media and governmental web portal. 2. I am responsible for coordinating the digital government strategy in the municipality, coordinate technological access centers throughout the municipality, organize programs of digital inclusion of the indigenous population and vulnerable of the municipality. plan, organize, coordinate, manage and control the strategy of use and appropriation of I. implement the national government's IT programs in the region

7) Please identify your declared country of primary residence:


8) Please list any financial relationship beyond de minimus stock ownership you may have with any company that to your knowledge has a financial relationship or contract with ICANN:

No financial relationship with ICANN or contracts that may affect judgements on ICANN issues.

9) Please identify any other relevant arrangements, interests, or benefits as requested in the following two questions:

a) Do you, your employer, and/or sponsor have any type of material or financial interest in the At-Large advisory process and its outcomes?


If the answer is “Yes,” please describe the interest:

b) Are there any arrangements/agreements between you and any other group, constituency or person(s) regarding your participation as a work team member?


If the answer is “Yes,” please describe the arrangements/agreements and the name of the group, constituency, or person(s):

10) Please identify any Working Groups or other chartered teams in which you are participating (include acronyms, if applicable):

ALAC Member  

ICANN Fellowship Program Mentor for the ALAC. ICANN 74-75-76 & 77

Member of:

ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement - Regional chair for ICANN70 - LAC Regional Liaison

At Large Social Media WG - Vice Chair Regional LACRALO - Regional Chair for ICANN67-70-76 - LAC Regional Liaison

Consolidated Policy WG.

ATLAS III Programme WG. 

ATLAS III Capacity building sub team

Former Chair LACRALO Communications WG

NomCom Review implementation WG

At Large Communications Strategy Sub Group O&E SC

Universal Acceptance Communications WG Former Vice Chair for 2 terms

LACRALO Governance WG

At Large Capacity Building WG - Webinars sub team

LACRALO Multilinguismo/IDNs WG

11) Additional information (optional):

Global Indigenous Ambassador ICANN 61, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fellow ICANN 63 Barcelona, Spain

Fellow ICANN 65 Marrakech, Morocco

Fellow ATLAS III, Montreal, Canadá

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