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Humberto Carrasco

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3) Are you participating in the At-Large advisory process (including email and real-time discussions) as a representative of:


a) ALAC (if so, detail the region and term):


b) A Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) (if so, please detail the region, position and term):

LACRALO - Rep ADI - Chile Asociación de Derecho e Informática de Chile LACRALO Secretary 2014-2016 LACRALO Chair 2016 - 2018 LACRALO - ALAC MEMBER 2018-2020

c) An ICANN-accredited At-Large Structure (if so, which one):

ADI - Chile Asociación de Derecho e Informática de Chile

d) Any ICANN Committee, Constituency or Stakeholder Group (if so, which one(s))?


e) Any other company or organization, whether commercial or nonprofit (if so, please detail the organization and your position):

LEGALINTELLIGENCE S.P.A., Legal Monitoring Service, shareholder INV CARRASCO BLANC EIRL, investments, shareholder AREAJURIDICA SERVICIOS DE CONTENIDO JURIDICO S.A., Legal Content Services, shareholder AREALEGAL S.A.,Legal Services, shareholder LEXPLAN S.A.,Legal Services, shareholder Ubilla y Cía Limitada, Legal Services, shareholder

4) Please identify your current employer(s):

Universidad Católica del Norte (Coquimbo) – Chile.

5) Please identify your current position(s):

Dean Faculty of Legal legal Sciences Catholic University of the North (UCN Chile)

6) Please identify the type(s) of work performed:

Lawyer, Commercial Law and ICT Professor UCN. 2007-2011 / 2016-2018 PhD University of Edinburgh, Regulation and Telecommunications, LLM Computer and Communications Law, Queen Mary, University of London-2005. LLM Company Law, Universidad del Desarrollo-2001. Entrepreneur of legal management software (, Advisor of Technology and Telecommunications companies.

7) Please identify your declared country of primary residence:


8) Please list any financial relationship beyond de minimus stock ownership you may have with any company that to your knowledge has a financial relationship or contract with ICANN:


9) Please identify any other relevant arrangements, interests, or benefits as requested in the following two questions:


a) Do you, your employer, and/or sponsor have any type of material or financial interest in the At-Large advisory process and its outcomes?


If the answer is “Yes,” please describe the interest:

b) Are there any arrangements/agreements between you and any other group, constituency or person(s) regarding your participation as a work team member?


If the answer is “Yes,” please describe the arrangements/agreements and the name of the group, constituency, or person(s):

10) Please identify any Working Groups or other chartered teams in which you are participating (include acronyms, if applicable):

  • Chair LACRALO Translation WG - 2012-2013
  • ATLAS II Public Relationship WG member
  • Governance Working group (2017-2018)
  • Mediation Process (2017 - 2018)

11) Additional information (optional):


  • 2018  Co-autor  artículo "Emparejando La Cancha:  Asistencia Jurídica a Titulares de Nombres de Dominio .CL", a ser publicado en Libro "Gobernanza de Internet en las Américas", para celebrar el 10 ° aniversario de la Escuela del Sur sobre Gobernanza de Internet (SSIG).
  • 2013   Regulation as a Mechanism to Encourage Competition in the Area of Telecommunications: Towards the Concept of Emulated Competition. Article published in 9th International Conference on Internet, Law & Politics (IDP 2013), Big Data: Challenges & Opportunities,Barcelona, 25-26 June, 2013.
  • 2011    Status of ICT Policy Development – Country Report Chile-  Pro-ideal Website:
  • 2008    Legal comments about how to calculate the statute of limitations  in the case of promissory notes in with acceleration clause.  Article published in the Magazine  of the School of Law of Universidad Católica del Norte, (14 Nº 2)    
  • 2003    Legal Problems with the Domain Name System in Chile.  Article published in the Magazine  Revista Electrónica de Derecho Informático de la comunidad Alfa-redi.
  • 2002    Comment regarding the rules about consent and its interaction with the new information technologies.    Article edited by Universidad Diego Portales and published in the book “Derecho y Tecnologías de la información”. (IT & Law)    
  • 2001    Legal Aspects of e-commerce. Article published in the book “Colecciones de memorias” edited by Universidad del Desarrollo, Campus Concepción.   
  • 2001    Some Aspects about the Liabilities of ISPs and Internet Contents. The ENTEL Case    Article published in the Magazine Revista Informática y Derecho, Editorial Depalma, Argentina, Volume VII.    
  • 2001    Legal aspects of the domain names “” and “  Article published in the number 37º Magazine Revista Electrónica de Derecho Informático.
  • 2001    Legal Aspects about the conflicts between domain names and distinctive signs in Chile. Some practical cases. Article published  in  Book  “Derecho Informático”,Editorial Juris, Rosario, Argentina, 2001, Volume II.    
  • 2000    Electronic Contracts and System Supply Contracts. Book published by Editorial La Ley, Chile.  
  • 1999    System Supply Contracts and the Chilean Consumer Act. Article published in the number 15º of Revista  Electrónica de Derecho Informático de
  • 1998     Legal Aspects about consent given through electronic means.    Article  published in the number 12º of  Magazine Revista  Electrónica de Derecho Informático de
  • 1998    Y2K and Mercosur. Article presented in the  7º Encuentro  de  Estudiantes   de Derecho/ 4º  Encuentro de   Abogados  Jóvenes del  Mercosur, in  Belo Horizonte, Brasil. The same article was also published in number  2° of Magazine Revista  Electrónica de Derecho Informático de  

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