This page summarizes all the action items identified and necessary to carry out a successful ATLAS II event. 

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  • Lead: AOC=ATLASII Organizing Committee, TBD=To Be Determined
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Active Action Items



Action#DescriptionLeadOpenDueStatusLatest Report



Completed Action Items



Action#DescriptionLeadOpenDueStatusLatest Report
002Follow up with Meetings TeamHeidi Ullrich05/12/1318/12/13Completed(19/12/13): Consolidated into AI 007. [Reference page] 
005ATLAS II Overarching-theme, Public Relations (PR) Message and strategic goalsEduardo Diaz16/12/1319/12/13Completed(23/01/14): Reached consensus on the following PR msg suggested by Duncan Burns: "The At-Large community in ICANN is the voice of the end-user around the world into the policies that govern the Domain Name System" and the rest of the following strategic goals: (3) "Strengthen At-Large as a reservoir for civil society allies pursuing like-minded goals in terms of public interest", (4) "Make At-Large broader, inclusive and stronger (like one ALS per country)" , (5) "Improve inclusiveness and participation of existing and new member ALSs",  (6) "Bridge knowledge gaps between At-Large insiders and the broader membership and RALO organizations", (7) "Exchange of members / ALSs experience and strengthen of bottom-up approach", (8) "Better understand concerns, ideas, working areas and expectations of our members", (9) "Help the At-Large community to learn more about ICANN’s work, functioning and current issues" [Transcript: Page 23 Reference Page]
030Reminder for survey regarding thematic sessions and result updatesCarlos Reyes15/03/1427/03/14Completed

(17/04/14)New thematic working groups were determined at ICANN 49 in Singapore, so a new survey will be sent to ATLAS II Participants after thematic working group descriptions are received. COMPLETED. [Chat]  [Transcript - Pg.2]  [Reference Meeting Page] 

029Populate the information in the ATLAS II Participants Wiki pageCarlos Reyes02/03/1414/03/14Completed

(12/06/14): ∫This item has been COMPLETED.

032Send a note to all RALOs suggesting to add a quick ATLAS II status update in their monthly meetings.Carlos Reyes26/03/1425/04/14Completed(02/05/14): We’ll continue to do leading up to the event in June. [Chat]  [Transcript - Pg.2]  [Reference Meeting Page] - COMPLETED
035New thematic working groups were determined at ICANN 49 in Singapore, so a new survey will be sent to ATLAS II Participants after thematic working group descriptions are receivedCarlos Reyes17/04/1407/05/14Completed(29/05/14): Thematic Working Group survey has been distributed and is now closed.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Pag 2]  [Reference Meeting Page ]
041Coordinate an ATLAS II Thematic Working Group coordination call to take place before end of May 2014Gisella Gruber15/05/1422/05/14Completed(29/05/14): Coordinated.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript Page 12]  [Reference Meeting Page ]
044Verify with ICANN Legal if the Fayre of Opportunities background music can be used without a copyright licenseHeidi Ullrich03/06/1410/06/14Completed(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.
003Note to Meeting Staff regarding room allocation.

Tijani Ben Jemaa

06/12/1319/12/13Completed(19/12/13): Consolidated into AI 007.  [Reference page]
012Ensure ATLAS II Working Group to incorporate global Internet governance issues as planning continuesEduardo Diaz20/11/1310/01/14Completed(10/01/14): Completed. Events sub-group has incorporated this as part of the events agenda  (draft agenda @ 7/1/14). [Reference page]


Coordinate Fayre of Opportunities Event

Glenn McKnight12/01/1427/03/14Completed

(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

014Coordinate the ATLAS II Mentoring ProgramFatima Cambronero13/01/1427/03/14Completed

(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

016Coordinate the ATLAS II Communications Working Group

Carlos Aguirre Natalia Enciso Maricarmen Sequera 


(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

022Coordinate the ATLAS II Event AgendaTijani Ben Jemaa18/02/1427/03/14Completed

(05/06/14): We now have the full agenda, and we now have the full agendas for Monday through Friday, and we're just waiting for a few more on Saturday and Sunday. This AI has been completed.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Page 4]  [Reference Meeting Page ]

023Survey to help with the formation of the ATLAS II 5 thematic break out sessionsCarlos Reyes18/02/1421/02/14Completed(06/03/14): COMPLETED.  Just over half of the ALSes participating in ATLAS II completed the survey. The survey will remain open to assist with the creation of Thematic Groups.  [Chat] [Reference Meeting Page] 
037Cancel the Multi-stakeholder Roundtable meeting on Monday - 23/06/14Heidi Ullrich15/05/1422/05/14Completed(29/05/14): The cancellation of the multistakeholder round table meeting on Monday the 23rd.  That has been completed.  And in its place is going to be a WHOIS meeting to be led by Holly and Carlton.  [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript Page 10] [Reference Meeting Page
038Holly Raiche &  Carlton Samuels are to organize a 90 min session on Privacy/Proxy and EWG issues on Monday 23/06/14 with the agreement they take full responsibility for the organization of the session.Heidi Ullrich15/05/1422/05/14Completed(29/05/14): Scheduled.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Page 10]  [Reference Meeting Page ] 
039Develop draft agendas for the plenary groups based on Tijani Ben Jemaa's descriptions.Heidi Ullrich15/05/1422/05/14Completed(29/05/14): Done.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Page 10]  [Reference Meeting Page ] 
040Develop draft agendas for the Thematic Groups, including using abstracts and questions produced by the TG SMEs

Heidi Ullrich


(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

042Coordinate the ATLAS II Thematic Sessions EventWolf Ludwig15/05/1415/06/14Completed

(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

043Define SO/AC chair's function during the ATLAS II eventsTijani Ben Jemaa15/05/1522/05/14Completed(05/06/14): Olivier to send and invitation letter to SO/AC chairs. There will be a 90 second recognition for the ones present during the ATLAS II opening ceremony on Saturday.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Pages 8-14]  [Reference Meeting Page ]
045Balance the number of people attending the Thematic Groups sessionsHeidi Ullrich03/06/1410/06/14Completed

(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.


Sponsorship updates

Olivier Crepin-Leblond



(05/06/14): No additional changes from the three main sponsors that we’ve had – that sponsored lunch, the sponsored dinner, and the general sponsor for the At‐Large Summit [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Page 21]  [Reference Meeting Page ]. Item Completed.


Mailing list for participating ALSs

Matt Ashtiani




(23/01/14):  Completed. [Transcript: Page 2 Reference page] Matt Ashtiani

006Finalize list of ALS travelers by 31 January 2014Carlos Reyes20/11/1331/01/14Completed(06/02/14): The database is done. There are a total of 151 individual RALOs participating in the event: 23 from AFRALO, 30 from APRALO, 28 from EURALO, 37 from LACRALO, and 22 from NARALO, plus the full ALAC and its liaisons. Total will be approximately 176 participants. [Transcript Pages 3-7] [Reference Meeting Page]
007Provide Tijani Ben Jemaa with list of rooms and their availabilities for ATLAS II by 2 DecemberCarlos Reyes20/11/1302/12/13Completed(09/01/14): TB and HU have been in touch with Meetings Team regarding room availability. Everything is on track.  [Reference page]
008Ask Constituency Travel about visa application invitation letters for ATLAS II participants.Heidi Ullrich20/11/13TBDCompleted(19/12/13): Consolidated into AI 009. [Reference page]
009Ask Constituency Travel about visa application invitation letters for ATLAS II participants and ensure that the list of approved travelers is sent to the Foreign Office for distribution to the UK Embassies and UK Consulates around the worldHeidi Ullrich20/11/1331/01/14Completed

(15/05/14):  Visas need to be in minimum 15 calendars day before arrival. No need to send list to embassies according to a foreign office contact. They are aware of the ICANN meeting. Hear recording for more details. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Reference Meeting Page]  COMPLETED

021MILESTONE: Provide list of all ATLAS II ALS travelers to Constituency TravelCarlos Reyes13/02/1413/02/14Completed(06/03/14): COMPLETE. The ATLAS II ALS Participants database was provided to Constituency Travel on 20 February 2014.   [Chat] [Reference Meeting Page] 
031Update on room assignments for ATLAS summit events as follows: ATLAS II plenary, thematic sessions and Fayre of OpportunitiesHeidi Ullrich15/03/1401/04/14Completed(29/05/14): Rooms have been allocated. See transcript for more details  [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript Pages 8-9] [Reference Meeting Page]
010Ensure that an ICANN Staff Public Relations Working Group for ATLAS II is established with Duncan BurnsHeidi Ullrich20/11/1309/01/14Completed(09/01/14): Duncan Burns has joined the ATLAS II PR mailing list. [Reference page]
011Ensure that the ATLAS II Public Relations Sub-Working Group convenes and discusses expected achievements and have a joint meeting with ICANN Staff Public Relations Working GroupHeidi Ullrich20/11/1331/01/14Completed(20/02/14): This item will be taken by the ATLAS II PR Sub-working group. Completed. [Transcript page 12] [Reference Meeting Page]
017Develop outreaching ATLAS II strategic goalsMurray McKercher06/02/1427/03/14Completed

(17/04/14): This item will be merge with #025 to be discussed within the PR WG. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 16-17] [Reference Meeting Page] 

018Welcome Message to participant ALSsOlivier Crepin-Leblond30/01/1431/01/14Completed(06/02/14): Messages was sent 08/0214 [Message] [Reference Meeting Page]
019Define ATLAS II likely impact and call to actionMurray McKercher30/01/1427/03/14Completed

(17/04/14): This item will be merge with #025 to be discussed within the PR WG. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 16-17] [Reference Meeting Page] 

020Coordinate and maintain an ATLAS II Web PageMaricarmen Sequera30/01/1427/03/14Completed(06/02/14): This group is being merged with the Newsletter Working Group Action Item 016. The Newsletter WG name will be changed to ATLAS II Communications Working Group. [Transc[Transcript pages 11-15]ipt pages 7-10] [Reference Meeting Page]
025Coordinate the ATLAS II Public Relations Sub-Working GroupMurray McKercher20/02/1427/03/14Completed

(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

026Coordinate having a special lanyard or a special sticker at the bottom of the name tags to identify ATLAS II participants Heidi Ullrich20/02/1431/03/14Completed

(17/04/14): Meeting staff confirmed that they will provide the special sticker as posted in the WIKI. The ATLAS II PR WG will make the final selection on the proposed lanyard currently posted in the WIKI. COMPLETED [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.5] [Reference Meeting Page] 

027Propose a design for the special lanyard or a special sticker at the bottom of the name tag that will be used to identify ATLAS II participants. (see AI 026 also)Carlos Aguirre
Natalia Enciso
Maricarmen Sequera

(17/03/14): This item is being merged into action item #26 [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.13] [Reference Meeting Page]

028Prepare a "wish-list" of items to give a way (memorabilia) for the ATLAS II Participants

Carlos Aguirre
Natalia Enciso
Maricarmen Sequera 

20/02/1431/03/14Completed(17/04/14): This item will be merge with #025 to be discussed within the PR WG. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 16-17] [Reference Meeting Page] 
033Explore possible use of RFID/QR Codes tags as part of the participant badgesMurray McKercher26/03/1415/05/14Completed

(17/04/14): Group agreed to use QR codes. PR WG to decide on final design and suggest how it can be used during the event. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 17-24] [Reference Meeting Page] 

034Select a hashtag for the ATLAS II eventMurray McKercher17/03/1430/04/14Completed

(17/04/14): This item will be merge with #025 to be discussed within the PR WG. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 16-17] [Reference Meeting Page] 

036Distribute ATLAS II promotional video to ATLAS II participant listHeidi Ullrich17/04/1405/05/14Completed(29/05/14):  This has been completed.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript Page 10]  [Reference Meeting Page ]

Generate a feedback form in conjunction with the ROI Sub-group to capture summit feedback from attending ALSes

Wolf Ludwig/Cheryl Langdon-Orr19/12/1312/02/14Completed(06/03/14): Feedback form submitted. Need to be updated before London. This action item will be updated as part of AI 024.
024Coordinate the ATLAS II ROI Sub-GroupCheryl Langdon-Orr18/02/1431/01/15Completed

(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED as far as the ATLAS II event.  UPDATE - 10/10/14: This item is being updated as an action item within the ALAC monthly calls and at this moment is in progress. Please refer to the ALAC monthly calls wiki for more information about its progress. 

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