MILESTONE: Provide list of all ATLAS II ALS travelers to Constituency Travel

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(06/03/14): COMPLETE. The ATLAS II ALS Participants database was provided to Constituency Travel on 20 February 2014.   [Chat] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(20/2/14): From the transcript record: "...Olivier Crepin-Leblond sent a note regarding some situations that  have risen reverting the  ALAC  voting delegates, the Nom Com. So some of those ALSs still need to determine who will be representing them in London.  But other than that, we have distributed the  list to  every  RALO secretariat,  and worked  out some changes that would have had to occur with some ALSs determining, or designating other representatives." Database will be sent to Constituency Travel by 21/2/14. Only six ALSs need to confirm. [Transcript Page: 5-10]  [Reference Meeting Page] 

(18/02/14): Opened today. 

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