ALAC Subcommittees (SCs)

Appointee Selection (AASC) (membership by appointment only)

Chair: Maureen Hilyard                             Staff Support Leads: Heidi Ullrich and Evin Erdoğdu

Finance and Budget (FBSC) (membership by appointment only)

Chair: Maureen Hilyard                              Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich

Metrics (membership by appointment: open to observers)

Chair: Cheryl Langdon-Orr                        Staff Support Lead: Gisella Gruber

Outreach and Engagement (open membership)

Chair: Daniel Nanghaka                             Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich

Standing At-Large Working Groups (WGs)

Capacity Building Working Group (open membership)

Chair: Tijani Ben Jemaa                              Staff Support Leads: Heidi Ullrich, Gisella Gruber

Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG) 

Co-chairs: Jonathan ZuckOlivier Crépin-Leblond

Staff Support Leads: Heidi UllrichEvin Erdoğdu

IDN Policy Working Group (Internationalized Domain Names) (open membership; mailing list only)

Co-chairs: Edmon ChungSatish Babu    Staff Support Lead: Evin Erdoğdu

Social Media Working Group (open membership)

Chair:  John Laprise                                Staff Support Lead: Evin Erdoğdu

At-Large Public Interest Working Group

Chair: Wolf Ludwig                                Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich

Ad-Hoc At-Large Working Groups (WGs)

At-Large Review Implementation Working Group (ARIWG)

Chair: Maureen Hilyard                             Staff Support Leads: Heidi UllrichEvin ErdoğduAndrea Glandon

Real Time Transcription (RTT) Project (open membership; mailing list only) 

Chair: Judith Hellerstein                             Staff Support Lead: Silvia VivancoEvin Erdoğdu


At-Large Taskforces (TFs)

ALS Criteria and Expectations Taskforce 

Chair: Alan Greenberg                                Staff Support Lead: Evin Erdoğdu

Technology Taskforce (open membership)

Chair: Judith Hellerstein                              Staff Support Lead: Evin Erdoğdu

Cross-Community Working Groups (CCWGs) and Cross-Community Committees (CCCs)

ALAC-ccNSO Coordination Working Group (closed membership) 

Chair: Barrack Otieno                                  Staff Support Lead: Gisella Gruber

Cross-Community Working Group on Internet Governance (CCWG-IG) (open membership)

Chair: Olivier Crépin-Leblond                      Staff Support Lead: Nigel Hickson

ICANN Academy Cross-Community Committee (open membership)

Chair: Sandra Hoferichter                       Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich

Mailing List Only WGs

At-Large Registration Issues Working Group 

Co-chairs: Carlton Samuels and Holly Raiche

Staff Support Lead: Evin Erdoğdu

At-Large New gTLDs Working Group 

Chair: Jonathan Zuck                                Staff Support Lead: Evin Erdoğdu

At-Large ICANN Evolution Working Group 

Co-chairs: Olivier Crépin-LeblondTijani Ben Jemaa and Alan Greenberg

Staff Support Lead: Evin Erdoğdu

At-Large Technical Issues Working Group (open membership)

Chair: Olivier Crépin-Leblond                  Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich

Archived ALAC SCs and WGs

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