Coordinate the ATLAS II Mentoring Program

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(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

(05/06/14): List of mentors and mentees have been published in the WIKI. All the groups of mentor/mentees have received an  email  presenting  their  own  groups. We have set up a doodle for a call for all the groups of mentors and mentees, to clarify any doubt.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Page 19]  [Reference Meeting Page ]

(29/05/14): Silvia Vivanco reported: The next step  would  be  that  Fatima  will  send  an  email  to  all  mentors  and mentees  with  instructions  of  the  guidelines  that  with  their responsibilities  that  they  need  to perform  during  the  meeting  in London.    And  there  will  be  a  conference  call  in  one  week,  where participants, mentors and also mentees will have an opportunity to ask questions about the program.   [Chat] [Recording]  [Transcript Page 25] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(22/05/14): No report given. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript] [Reference Meeting Page

(15/05/14):  No report given. [Chat]  [Recording:1:10:00]  [Reference Meeting Page

(02/05/14): We'll  publish today the  draft  of the  Mentoring  Program to  ask comments to the group. Also we  are working  in setting up the Wiki to put the names of the mentors and mentees and to make the different groups [Chat]  [Transcript - Pg.33-34]  [Reference Meeting Page].

(17/04/14): Nothing to report. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 24-25] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(26/03/14 @ Singapore): Draft not ready due to changes in the initial program. The new draft will be discussed with working group members and sent to staff for comments. A wiki page will be open for mentors and mentees to "virtually" meet before arriving in London. A call for mentors will be sent to ALAC members as well as to RALO members attending ATLAS II. [Audio Recording ~ 1:01] 

(17/03/14): No report given. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.20-21] [Reference Meeting Page]

(06/03/14): Working in modify the draft of Mentoring Program. The Staff has already created a mailing list for the Mentoring Program. [Chat] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(20/02/14): Nothing to report. [Transcript Page: 19]  [Reference Meeting Page] 

(06/02/14): The group is working to finish the Mentoring Program Organizing Committee. This is the link to the  Wiki Space. The group needs members of NARALO to balance its work regionally.  There will be some changes made in the draft of the Mentoring Program to redirect how to approach it. Remember  Acronyms Helper  are already finished.  [Transcript page 15-17] [Reference Meeting Page]

(23/01/14):  Fatima Cambronero Mentoring Program Draft ready. It will be open for comments. Advances in different sections. Acronyms helper Wiki list ready. Room to London requested. We need to define the topics for the Webinars and the London meeting. We need to create and populate the  Mentoring Program Wiki. [ATLAS II Mentoring Program wiki page] [Transcript Page 10-11 Reference Page]

(13/01/14): Opened today. Fatima Cambronero (FC) volunteered to lead the ATLAS II Mentoring Program. This program will help new and not so new ALSs to understand, clarify and take advantage of the many meetings and activities that are scheduled to happen during the regular ICANN #50 meeting in London. The Mentoring Program Organizing Committee should work in coordination with the At-Large Capacity Building Working Group (lead by : Tijani), At-Large Academy Working group (lead by: Sandra), ICANN Fellowship Program Committee Members, ICANN eLearning and related ICANN supporting staff for these programs as it applies. [Reference page]

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