Coordinate Fayre of Opportunities 

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(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

(05/06/14): Wolfgang Kleinwächter and Nnenna Nwakanma have been confirmed as keynote speakers. Other than that, everything else is going well. [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Page 4]  [Reference Meeting Page ]

(29/05/14): Music is coming in. Speaker is yet to be defined. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript Pages 12-14] [Reference Meeting Page]

(22/05/14): Item was not discussed during this meeting. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript] [Reference Meeting Page

(15/05/14):  Everything is still outstanding. Fayre room assignment and layout is still during discussion. [Chat]  [Recording:18:00]  [Reference Meeting Page

(02/05/14): Request from members to add their playlist of music to the wiki page: ATLAS II Ralo Music - Playlists. Speaker Update: Not yet determined. Room Update: possible alternative room to be updated next week. Draft Agenda of Event: ATLAS II Fayre of Opportunities Working Group. [Chat]  [Transcript - Pg.11-20]  [Reference Meeting Page].

(17/04/14): Need to have a clear picture of the final sponsorship (or budgeted) money that will be available for the Fayre, waiting for Nancy Lupiano to provide the final room layout. Need a volunteer to aggregate the music that will be used in the background. The keynote speaker is still undefined. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg 7-11] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(26/03/14 @ Singapore): Two possibilities for the room layout - (1) finish all meetings by 14:00 and remove chairs, tables and microphone equipment for event, (2) Remove only chairs and leave tables but the tables can not have people in side the "U" because of all the power equipment. ICANN staff will let us know about possibility #1. Please refer to [Audio Recording ~ 31:00] for more details on other specifics. Conversation have started with Tim Berners-Lee but there is nothing definitively to inform. [Audio Recording ~ 18:00]

(17/03/14): Room assigned is the Windsor Suite. Need to define final layout of the room. Waiting for staff to give us feedback on whether Tim Berners-Lee is available. These items will be discussed in Singapore. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.9-10] [Reference Meeting Page]

(06/03/14): The following three key action items have been ratified: 1-Purpose and goals of the event, 2-Ambience or  background music 3.Food for the event.  Outstanding for the each RALO to assign a designate to collect their local music collection and  person in charge of their  table displays. [Chat] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(20/02/14): Nothing to report. [Transcript Page: 12] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(06/02/14): Nothing to report. [Transcript page 11] [Reference Meeting Page]

(23/01/14): Glenn McKnight will coordinate the first call soon with people who are volunteering on it. [ATLAS II Celebration wiki page] [Transcript Page 4 Reference page].

(10/01/14): Opened today. Organizing committee was created. [Showcase OC wiki page] [Reference page] 


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