Finalize list of ALS travelers by 31 January 2014

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(06/02/14): The database is done. There are a total of 151 individual RALOs participating in the event: 23 from AFRALO, 30 from APRALO, 28 from EURALO, 37 from LACRALO, and 22 from NARALO, plus the full ALAC and its liaisons. Total will be approximately 176 participants. [Transcript Pages 3-7] [Reference Meeting Page]

(23/01/14): Carlos Reyes will follow-up to confirm   the  travel  details  with  the  ALSs once the welcome message goes out to the ATLAS II survey participants mailing list. [Transcript: Page 2 Reference Page]

(09/01/14): CR will contact ALSes to confirm travelers once 001 is complete.  [Reference page] 

(20/11/13): Working  with  constituency  travel  on  the  best  way  to  collect  that information, and provide it to them.  [Reference page]

(20/11/13): Opened today. [Reference page]

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