Define ATLAS II likely impact and call to action 

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(17/04/14): This item will be merge with #025 to be discussed within the PR WG. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 16-17] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(26/03/14 @ Singapore): This item was not discussed during the Singapore meeting.

(17/03/14): This item is interconnected with AI 025. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.15] [Reference Meeting Page]

(06/03/14): No status report presented  [Reference Meeting Page]

(20/02/14): Recommended to move this item to the PR group for further development.  [Transcript Page: 23]  [Reference Meeting Page] 

(06/02/14): Nothing to inform during this meeting.

(30/01/14): Opened today.  In the weeks approaching the ATLAS II, the Communications staff will work with the ATLAS II OC and At-Large staff on the development of media outreach, including possibly a press release. For this, they will need more information on the objective of the ATLAS II, likely impact, call to action, etc.

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