Coordinate the ATLAS II Public Relations Sub-Working Group 

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(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

(05/06/14):  Heidi Ullrich reported: On the PR call this morning, Murray gave  an update on the  call he had with Jim  Trengrove from meeting staff.  For those who don’t know, there’s now an ATLAS II announcement on the main ICANN homepage.  If someone from staff can put the link in, for that?   It’s quite prominent.   There was a long discussion on social media  activities, so  we’re moving  ahead  with that.    There  was  also, earlier, a Social Media Working Group call, which continued on that.  I’m really impressed with the work that’s going to be made in social media. There is also a call from the ICANN Communications Team, for a list of about four or five members of the ATLAS participants, who might be useful for some media profiled.  Staff will be sending the list to the PR list today, just to get some names on that. [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Page 20]  [Reference Meeting Page ]

(29/05/14): No report given. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript Page 29] [Reference Meeting Page

(22/05/14): No report given. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript] [Reference Meeting Page

(15/05/14): No report given. [Chat]  [Recording:1:10:00]  [Reference Meeting Page

(02/05/14): Nothing to report. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 33] [Reference Meeting Page]

(17/04/14): A doodle has been sent out to coordinate the first PR WG meeting. Agreed to merge AI 017 & 019 into this one. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg. 17-25] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(26/03/14 @ Singapore): This item was not discussed during the Singapore meeting.

(17/03/14): Waiting  to  connect  more  closely  with  ICANN  PR  so  that  we  have appropriate roles lined up [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.15] [Reference Meeting Page]

(06/03/14): No status report presented  [Reference Meeting Page]

(20/20/14): Murray McKercher provided his expectations for the group. From the transcript: "...generally my goals and objectives are to align messaging from the At Large group along with the ICANN staff." [Transcript Page: 2]  [Reference Meeting Page] 

(20/02/14): Opened today. 

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