Coordinate the ATLAS II Thematic Sessions Event

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(12/06/14): This item has been COMPLETED.

(05/06/14): Sent this alert reminder to the people involved, to get their thematic group coordination started among each other, for each group, and to make sure to be ready possibly prior to London.  [Chat]   [Recording]   [Transcript - Page 15-16]  [Reference Meeting Page ]

(29/05/14): Will provide more details about this after the meeting scheduled with the Thematic group on 30/05/14 [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript Page 24] [Reference Meeting Page]

(22/05/14): Suggestion to reduce number of people in charge of each Theme session: One or more SME, one Moderator, one rapporteur. There was a long discussion about this. Please read transcript for more specific details. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript] [Reference Meeting Page

(15/05/14):  Opened today. [Chat]  [Recording:45:00]  [Reference Meeting Page]  - Assigned to Wolf Ludwig

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