Create a feedback form in conjunction with the ROI group to capture summit impressions from attending ALSs. The feedback form will be used at the end of the summit.

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(06/03/14): Feedback form submitted. Need to be updated before London. This action item will be updated as part of AI 024.

(20/02/14): comment by Eduardo Diaz: Recommend not to roll-up this AI to AI 024 so we can follow-up on the feedback survey form item specifically.

(18/02/14): comment by Cheryl Langdon-Orrnow rolled into AI 024

(23/01/14):   Wolf Ludwig  Cheryl Langdon-Orr The next status on this item will be given after 12/02/14. [Transcript Page #3 Reference Page] 

(09/01/14): Will have a draft form by due date. The form will be discussed and ratified at the Singapore meeting.  [Recording (16:16) @ Reference page]  

(19/12/13): Will work with CO to generate the feedback form. (Reference: transcript page 27). [Reference page]



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