Survey to help with the formation of the ATLAS II 5 thematic break out sessions

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(06/03/14): COMPLETE.  Just over half of the ALSes participating in ATLAS II completed the survey. The survey will remain open to assist with the creation of Thematic Groups.  [Chat] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(20/02/14): From the transcript record: "...55 respondents and the results are pretty mixed right now. There are two groups that are pretty much tied in terms of interest, and then three thematic groups that are more or less ranked in preferential order thereafter." [Transcript Page: 7-10]  [Reference Meeting Page] 

(18/02/14): Opened today. A short survey was sent on 15/02/14 to all ATLAS II participants to assist the ATLAS II Events Sub-Group with the formation of the 5 thematic break out sessions.  There are five rooms currently assigned to the ATLAS II. From these, 3 of the rooms have a capacity of a maximum of 30 people. 

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