Ask Constituency Travel about visa application invitation letters for ATLAS II participants. and ensure that the list of approved travelers is sent to the Foreign Office for distribution to the UK Embassies and UK Consulates around the world 

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(15/05/14):  Visas need to be in minimum 15 calendars day before arrival. No need to send list to embassies according to a foreign office contact. They are aware of the ICANN meeting. Hear recording for more details. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Reference Meeting Page]  Status by: Heidi Ullrich and Olivier Crepin-Leblond - COMPLETED

(02/05/14): Followed up with senior meeting staff and Sally Costerton on that, and I have not yet received a response yet. [Chat]  [Transcript - Pg.4]  [Reference Meeting Page]

(17/04/14): Invitation letters available in 5 languages. Still looking into sending the list of approved participants to the foreign office. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.4] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(26/03/14 @ Singapore): This item was not discussed during the Singapore meeting.

(17/03/14): Invitation letter web form is ready in English, Spanish and French and a note to that effect was sent to the ATLAS II participant mailing list. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.3] [Reference Meeting Page]

(06/03/14):  Invitation letter has not gone out yet. It will be sent in English first. Pending invitation letters in other languages and travelers list to the UK Foreign Office. [Meeting Recording ~12:00]  [Reference Meeting Page] 

(20/02/14): Link to the invitation letter in English will be sent 21/02/14. French and Spanish translations will be sent in a week or so. [Transcript Page:10-11]  [Reference Meeting Page] 

(06/02/14): The London invitation letter is available now in English only and it will come from the host. We are waiting for it to be translated into French and Spanish to then send it out. At the moment there are no plans for ICANN or the UK government to produce an invitation letter. Olivier will talk to Sally Corteston and the GAC UK representative to sort this out. [Transcript pages 7-10] [Reference Meeting Page]

(23/01/14): In progress.   Heidi Ullrich  to continue following up with senior staff on visa letters for London [Transcript: Page 3 Reference page] 

(09/01/14): HU to follow up with senior staff on visa letters for London.  [Reference page] 

(19/12/13): AI 008 Consolidated into this one. [Reference page]

(20/11/13): Opened today. [Reference page]

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