Update on room assignments for ATLAS summit events as follows: ATLAS II plenary and thematic sessions and Fayre of Opportunities

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(29/05/14): Rooms have been allocated. See transcript for more details  [Chat]  [Recording ]  [Transcript Pages 8-9] [Reference Meeting Page]

(22/05/14): Item was not discussed during this meeting. [Chat]  [Recording]  [Transcript] [Reference Meeting Page]

(15/05/14):  Rooms were discussed and fine tuned. Long detailed discussion. Please refer to recording/transcript for details. [Chat]  [Recording:1:10:00]  [Reference Meeting Page] - Assigned to Heidi Ullrich

(02/05/14): The Windsor Suite (divided in two) and three break-out rooms for Thematics Sessions. Fayre still to be held in Windsor with tables in a U shape arrangement in the middle. Heidi to check again to see if we can get the GAC room or just a bigger room for the Fayre.[Chat]  [Transcript - Pg.4-9]  [Reference Meeting Page]

(17/04/14): We  do  have  the  ATLAS  II  plenary  Saturday, Sunday and Thursday the Windsor suite. The thematic sessions, there are five rooms for those.  Two will be in the main room, which is going divided in two, and then there are three breakout rooms.  The Fayre of Opportunity will be in the Windsor suite as well day. Staff is confirming  with  Nancy  whether,  if  we stop  the  clock  at  13:00, her team will be able to move the u‐shape, so there will be more room for that. [Chat] [Transcript - Pg.4-9] [Reference Meeting Page] 

(15/03/14): Opened today. 

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