The ALAC voted to establish an At-Large standing Capacity Building Working Group on 18 October 2012, during ICANN45 in Toronto. 

The CBWG focuses on capacity building activities within At-Large, providing education and engagement opportunities between Community members, leadership, Staff and subject-matter experts.

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Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich

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Chair, Steering Committee

AFRALOPastor Peters OmoragbonMember
AFRALORonald OjinoMember / Content
AFRALOBarrack OtienoMember
AFRALOBeran Dondeh GillenMember
AFRALONorbert Komlan GlakpeMember
AFRALOAïcha Abbad Member
AFRALOSarah KidenMember / N
AFRALOMichel TchonangMember / N
AFRALONomsa MwayengaMember / N


Steering Committee / Content


Chaitanya Dhareshwar



Karaitiana Taiuru

APRALOSatish BabuMember

Chubasco Diranga

Member / Online
APRALOYashar HajiyevMember
APRALONarine KhachatryanMember / Content
APRALOLisa Williams-LahariMember
APRALOElisa KohlhaseMember
APRALONimrol Agarwal Member
APRALOWilliam TibbenMember / Content

Siranush Vardanyan

Member / F2F
APRALOSanivalati NabogikoloMember
APRALOAli AlMeshalMember / Online


Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui

Member / Social Media

APRALOMaureen HilyardMember / Online
APRALOMohammed Al-DhaifiMember
APRALOCheryl Langdon-OrrMember / N
APRALOPua HunterMember
APRALOAfifa AbbasMember / N
APRALOAmal Al-SaqqafMember / N 

Shreedeep Rayamajhi

Member / N
APRALOSaid ZazaiMember
EURALOAdela DanciuMember 
EURALOSandra HoferichterMember
EURALOOksana PrykhodkoMember / F2F
EURALOMatthias PfeiferMember 
EURALOJimmy SchultzMember 
EURALOMirjana TasicMember 
EURALOOlivier Crepin-LeblondMember 
EURALOErich SchweighoferMember / N 

Steering Committee / F2F


Jose Arce



Fatima Cambronero

Member / Content
LACRALOJuan Manuel RojasMember / Social Media
LACRALONatalia EncisoMember / Online
LACRALOErik HuescaMember


Vice-Chair, Steering Committee

LACRALOHarold ArcosMember
LACRALOAlexis AntelizMember
LACRALOVanda ScarteziniMember
LACRALORaitme CitterioMember / N


Joly MacFie

Member / Social Media

NARALOGlenn McKnightMember 
NARALOGeorge EdwardsMember 
NARALOMarita MollMember / N 
APAC (India)Ashwini SathnurMember 

Capacity Building Webinars







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Relevant Documents




ICANN Policy Development Process

Marika Konings

Mary Wong







Adobe Connect recording with slides: EN

Transcript:  ENFRES


At-Large Policy advice development process


Alan Greenberg

Ariel Liang




Presentation1 & Presentation2


Adobe Connect recording with slides: EN

Transcript:  ENFRES


How ALS Members and individuals may contribute to the Policy development process

Olivier Crépin-Leblond

Alan Greenberg






Adobe Connect recording with slides: EN

Transcript:  ENFRES


New gTLD Subsequent Procedures and the importance for At-Large

Avri Doria

Olivier Crépin-Leblond




Presentation1 & Presentation2


Adobe Connect recording with slides (first 10 minutes missing): EN

Transcript:  ENFRES


Exploring the Public Interest within ICANN's remit

Wolf Ludwig

Ergys Ramaj






Adobe Connect recording with slides: EN

Transcript:  ENFRES

  PART 2









How diversity is addressed within ICANN: Underserved regions and ICANN

Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Alice Munyua






Adobe Connect recording with slides: EN

Transcript: EN, FR, ES


Universal Acceptance

Don Hollander


20 September 2017

13:00-14:30 UTC (TBC)


KSK Roll Over

Matt Larson


4 October 2017

21:00 UTC (TBC)


Update on WHOIS-related Initiatives :Next Generation Registration Services and its impact on end –users

Carlton Samuels

Holly Raiche


18 October 2017

 13:00 UTC (TBC)





Current Security Trends Impacting Registrants and End-Users

Rod Radmussen

Julie Hammer


15 November 2017

 21:00 UTC (TBC)





The At-Large Review: Implications for At-Large

Holly Raiche Cherly Langdon-Orr


13 December 2017

 13:00 UTC (TBC)




Survey Questions (EN, ES and FR)

How was the timing of the webinar (XX:00 UTC)? / ¿Cómo fue el horario del webinar (XX:00 UTC)? / Comment s'est déroulé le calendrier du webinaire (XX:00 UTC)?

  • Too early / Demasiado temprano / Trop tôt
  • Just right / Solo bien / Juste à droite
  • Too late / Demasiado tarde / Trop tard

How is the technology used for the webinar? / ¿Cómo se utiliza la tecnología para el seminario web? / Comment la technologie est-elle utilisée pour le webinaire?

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  • Good / Bueno / Bien
  • Sufficient / Suficiente / Suffisant
  • Bad / Malo / Mal
  • Very bad / Muy mal / Très mauvais

Did the speakers demonstrate mastery of the topic? / ¿Los conferenciantes demostraron dominio del tema? / Les intervenants ont-ils fait preuve de maîtrise du sujet?

  • Extremely strong / Demasiado Fuerte / Extrêmement fort
  • Strong / Fuerte / Fort
  • Sufficient / Suficiente / Suffisant
  • Weak / Débiles / Faible
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  • Not satisfied at all / No estoy satisfecho / Pas satisfait du tout

What region do you live in the moment? / ¿En qué región vives en este momento? / Dans quelle région vivez-vous en ce moment?

  • Africa / África / Afrique
  • Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands / Asia, Australia y las islas del Pacífico / Asie, Australie et les îles du Pacifique
  • Europe / Europa / L'Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean Islands / América Latina y el Caribe / Amérique latine et Caraïbes
  • North America / Norteamérica / Amérique du Nord

How many years of experience do you have in the ICANN Community? / ¿Cuántos años de experiencia tiene en la comunidad de ICANN? / Combien d'années d'expérience avez-vous dans la communauté ICANN?

  • Less than 1 / Menos que 1 / Moins que 1
  • 1-3
  • 3-5
  • 5-10
  • More than 10 years / Más de 10 años / Plus de 10 ans


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At-Large Capacity Building Working Group Trend Analysis

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Question 3.1 Natalia Enciso 

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Capacity Building Topics

  • Future of Internet Governance (IG)
  • Policy topics, including Security and Stability 
  • Policy Development Process
  • Rules of Procedure (ROP)
  • IPV4-IPV6 Migration 
  • ICANN Acronyms 
  • Communication

Timeline for Deliverables (ICANN45)



Date of Completion



Information gathering

1 February 2013

Trend analysis

15 March 15 2013

Strategy development

30 March 2013


30 March 2013




Identification of resources


Identifying key areas


Developing presentation format

4 April 2013



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Last Meeting: 17 January 2017

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  1. Dear All CBWG, I am pleased to see our wiki space, and to start our adventure, to reach the big goal to build capacity in our regional End Users.

    first of All want to say, we the people of AGEIA DENSI (founder LACRALO ALS ) are working on this matter since 2006 and in all countries of our region, in different scenarios like Universities, Professional Organizations, NGO`s, and participating in all Congresses, Seminars and Courses about this particular topic of the Internet Governance and its sub items like multistakeholder model, bottom up process etc.

    We have a great number of our members participating on the Internet Governance Field y all of them have been my disciples, I can mention Andres Piazza today in charge of International Relations of LACNIC, Jose Arce cureent Chair of LACRALO and Fatima Cambronero mentioned in a first place to cover the MAG vacancy for this year by Caucus.

    Our experience on this field is enormous and obviously we have some things to comment in relation with our expertise and I consider could be usefull to reach to our goal.

    I Consider as Olivier said in his email, we need to achieve an strong engagement of people in our regions, and this goal only could be reached if people can participate, and people can participar only if they have knowledge.

    If the people have knowledge they can discuss, if they are discussing is just because they have knowledge. seem a word game but it is the reality on this situation. It is a process.

    For that we need focus on construct the capacity on our people, in our regions, and all around the world, to obtain the searched engagement .

    I have certain experience on this matter in ICANN, and some years on this issue and I saw pass many people in charged of this subject, with no success.

    Some time ago I chat with some Directors of the Board and with the ICANN Regional Vice President, about  wich were the keys of our success in the region, and with no more money than our assigned budget.

    I am particularly convinced the first meeting should be face to face, the people need to have a first contact in person, they need to know how is the face of the speaker, is a psicologic matter, to get the attention of the audience and finally get their compromise.

    We need to use our local resources, that we have. we have in our different regions many people with expertise and capacity to transmit this, and these people are volunteers, without fees to give some course or seminar in some place near his/her city  

    Courses or Seminars could be on free places, without pay, like Universities Auditoriums, or something like that.

    On the same sense, volunteers with commitment no need a five stars hotel, no need travel on plane, unless necessary to cover the distances and the time available.

    And no less important, arrive with the message in the local tongue.

    Finally, I completely  Agree, there are people who have not got an understanding of the process and we need  work locally, and that the Capacity Building of our ALSes and of At-Large members is more important than ever before.

    I am convinced too, we have  different goals and objectives with ICANN Academy, or at least, should be.


    Kind Regards.

  2. Happy New Year everyone


    I am a newbie on this group and am very happy to join my colleagues from APRALO and other regions who make up this important team. I very much agree with Carlos (and Sala (smile) in other forums) with regards to the importance of raising the knowledge base of our current ALSes and finding ways in our regions to outreach and engage more participation from potential members globally in ICANN activities. But they aren't going to know what they don't know, unless we help them in this regard and to get them involved.

    I am on the organising committee for the Beijing meeting in April, and have been tasked with helping Sala to gather together some data on ALS capacity building needs for a targeted training programme at the event. I will get an opportunity to talk to the ALS representatives who are actually coming to Beijing soon but I would appreciate some feedback from this team about any important CB issues that you believe must be included into the ALS capacity building programme, particularly for those who will be new to an ICANN meeting.  An introduction to members of the CBWG who can come to Beijing would have to be a "top of the list" item for the CB programme. Importantly too, it would be great if we could devise some strategy for continuing to engage these ALS participants post-ICANN meetings as well, for example give them a CB task and ask them to report feedback to the CBWG. 

    I am sure that the Steering Committee would like to see lots of conversations among the working group members as to how we can help each other with capacity building issues. Don't forget, I'd like some ideas for Beijing as well (smile)




  3. I have 2 point to raise about Carlos and Maureen comments:

    • Carlos, the ICANN Academy is an academy for the whole ICANN. It will be in charge of the whole ICANN learning effort. It's now under construction. Our WG, as well as the other WG of other constituencies of ICANN will be in charge of identifying the need for capacity building in our respective communities, find the right time for it, define the appropriate tools to be used, etc. The implementation phase will be the duty of the Academy. It is a way to harmonize the efforts, to avoid duplication,  and to have a "professional" entity inside ICANN that implement any kind of learning, training, capacity building, etc. 
      The Academy is not yet ready, so we will continue to implement our projects till it will be finalized and approved 
    • Maureen, yes, you are right. I think that the CBWG should help you in preparing the APRALO Capacity Building sessions in Beijing. I am ready to provide you with the whole report on our Dakar Capacity Building program for the African ALSes. For any other need you may have, please don’t hesitate to tell me and I will do my best to help you.

    1. Thank you Tijani and Carlos for your helpful suggestions. Much appreciated.

    2. Thank you Ben Jemaa, I will look forward to taking advantage of ICANN Academy.


  4. Thats rigth Tijani, That was what I want to say. Thanks for the clarification.

    In relation with next APRALO capacity building session, I can comment that we had a very good session in Costa Rica last year and I think could be interesting if Maureen take note of this. Im sure the Staff can provide the records.



    Dear All: I think could be good ask the call participants & WG`s members a short questions, to develop with their answers: our summarize on what should be the strategy and roadmap of our task.


    for instance some questions could be:


    What is the scope of WG? thoughts about what should be our job - to write a definition of our WG task.


    What are the focus areas in what we must do center? or, what should do our job?


    Who is our target? to whom we must impact with our work?


    What are our resources to reach our goal? intellectual, Academic (do we have in all regions?)


    What would be the strategy to achieve the final objective?


    What are topics we must take into curriculum?


    I believe would be good get their ideas and thoughts about this topics. my two cents.

  6. I think that Carlos's suggestions are a great start for the strategic direction that this group is working towards.

    As Sala suggested in the teleconference, two weeks max will be spent on RALOs getting their ALSes in order on the spreadsheet but at the same time, it is good to get people looking already at some key questions as Carlos has done, so that the group can look strategically at what we aim to achieve.  

  7. Dear All,

    After the last call, wich I missed, I want to make some comments in relation, how the call was presented. Im particularly disappointed with the absense of agenda till only 8 minutes before the call. In my professional activity it mean a disorganization, and none call could be made without agenda with a minimun of 48 hours, because , not a minor thing, we need to know what about ? We need to prepare themes, we need to prepare before our presentations. A Good Call is prepared with anticipation, not at the same time. All of that independently of the good discussion, commented by Sala in her email. A good discussion, on this conditions, only was a good luck.

    I Congratulate Dev and Tijani, (clarify that I am part of the steering committee and, I was never called or consulted by them) to pull the rabbit out the hat 8 minutes before the call.

    I have nothing against Sala, because anybody can get a indisposition.

    But if we have not an agenda, we can move the call two days, and nothing happen. 

    Another thing:

    In relation with the discussion in the call, Im waiting records to make my comments and add what I consider necessary.

    In advance to it, and in relation with " the mode of capacity building", and only guided by the Sala`s email (Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 08:32:23 +1200)
    I can say : the succes or not, of the e-learning courses or courses online, depends on the method used. The online platform can be the best, but this is not relevant, obviously must be considered a good tool, there are no discussion about it. But first is needed, to have people engaged, and in my experience, the commitment of people who dont know, only is obtained making first a face to face presentation. After that,  the presentation of each issue must be short and precise, clear and with the local tongue of the begginer.

    Many times the capacity building and outreach intents didnt functioning, and this have to do with the lack of commitment of the participants. The lack of commitments have to do with their unknowledge, so (in my expertise) first, is necessary to have the attention of the begginer on to want to learn, because is interested, because knows about the importance to know, and because he/she knows the lecturer, and he/she know that he/she knows. Is a necessary phase on my experience

    This goal only is reached having a first f2f presentation, showing that who are into this field and why, and the relevance to participate.

    On this issue, I Let myself recomend  to have local groups (by region) in charge of the f2f presentations and to adapt the content of the online platform, on local tongue, as part of the future sucessful on this matter.

    my two cents.

  8. Thanks you Sala for your presentation on the Capacity Building working Group. I am looking to volunteering on the Social media committee.