The At-Large Capacity Building WG has established a Social Media Group to: 

Identify Social Media Tools
Identify Adequate Considerations


The members of the Social Media Group, organized by regional affiliation, are:



Dev Anand Teelucksingh 
LACRALOJuan Manual Rojas 
NARALOJoly MacFie 
APRALOWinthrop Yu 
APRALOEmani Fakaotimanava-Lui 


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  1. I will keep you company in this group Dev!

  2. I'm not quite sure what the difference between "Online" and "Social Media" is, but Maureen and a bunch of AP folks are already there, so yeah, let's keep Dev company here. (smile)


  3. Welcome Winthrop!

    I don't know that it's anyone else's understanding, but mine is that 'Online' is the counterpoint to 'F2F; so its for internal meetings and communications via the Internet, while social media is more about taking whatever the Content group comes up with and spreading it around and getting more people involved so that they then get drawn into the f2f and online environments. More of an outreach thing.



    1.   Copy, thanks Joly!  Sounds right to me. Just one more newbie Q, as this is my first foray into Confluence – looks like i signed myself up to an At-Large WHOIS e-list, is this the right one for this?

      1. I'm afraid that's an error W.  I brought it up on the call on Monday and was told it would be fixed.

        BTW did you change your name from Winthrop to Whintrop ? (smile)




        1. Thanks J for the heads-up on the e-list bug, i'll wait until that's fixed.  And no, i could've sworn i didn't edit my name, in any case fixed that now.

  4. I would like to encourage you to start your interactions/dialogue and discussions as we don't have much time. Good luck!

    1. Hi Sala

      I believe I did request during the discussions to put me on this one and Staff replied they would but I still don't see my name here.



      1. Hi Emani,

        I have added your name to the list so this is now resolved.

        Kind Regards,


  5. Hi Sala,

    It is a holiday weekend in the USA, and I have a lot of stuff to get done before and then I'll be off til Tuesday. But I like to work last minute.

    I see Winthrop is yet to be added to the list above, and the other participants yet to check in.








    1. Hi Joly,

      winthrop's been added. I would suggest you initiate an email to the mailing list with the subject header as (Social Media) and stimulate some discussion. Juan shared his awesome idea about a Social Media strategy which sounds like a great idea as well.



      1. What about creating documents Sala? Can we get an associated working document that we call all edit?

      2. You mean the [Capacity-Building-WG] list I presume. I don't see any message there from a Juan. Am I missing something?

        1. Joly, Juan had sent me a message and I advised him to post on the wiki.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi, I'm trying to sign  up.



    1. Hi Isabel,

      Please send an email to and ask them to help you create a wiki account for you and tell them to add you to the social media working sub group. Also please let me know what your surname is so I can record it as well.

      Great to have you add to this group.

      Kind Regards,


  7. E-participation webinar - Social Media and International Organisations


    There was a good turn out for Diplo’s E-Participation Webinar on Tuesday 21 May.  The full recording of this webinar can be found here.

    This is the first of a series of three blogs covering the webinar and the Oxford-style debates.
    The backdrop for the three debates was the statement: Social media, open gov/open data initiatives and  remote participation are opening up international organisations and development agencies. The increased use of cloud-based technologies is making organisations more consultative, transparent and accountable.  True or false?

    The first debate kicked off with the statement:

    “The way that most international organisations are using social media suggests that this is not true engagement, but simply broadcast. True or false?”

  8. Hi everyone!

    Im sorry, I losted WG Wiki page. But my proposal is simple but, I think, complex at same time.
    I suggest than this WG must focus on to create a Social Media Strategy to know what tools (it is secondary, I think) must use.

    In this regard, we have to define:

    • Target Public
    • Messages what we want to transmit
    • strategies to reach several groups
    • tools to achieve spread info

    This is just first part to be build by all of us


  9. Thankyou Juan,


    Those are good suggestions.


    I am just attending the Adobe Connect meeting today, and a little embarrased to report a lack of much progress in our group.


    Perhaps we should spend the next few days coming up with some stuff in time for the Durban meeting.



    1. Hmm ... i was getting errors just loading this fancy comment editing box.  3rd try's a charm.  Anyway ...

      Durban now, but back during the ISOC meetings in Beijing, i made a fairly simple request – that issuances (posts, emails, pages, etc.) be more visual. ISOC is getting better in this regard – posting an ISOC link in Facebook now carries a photo preview when previously all you got was the ISOC logo.  What needs improvement – ICANN links to PDF press releases.  PDFs are really old school, and look horrible on Facebook and other current social media platforms.  The desidaratum would be issuances that are highly visual and easy to post and share.

      As for general strategies for utilizing social media ... there are webinars and such, but the issues here are  a) will we learn anything new, and  b) some (like the link that follows) are for fee rather than for free –

      Just 2-bits or so,