The At-Large Capacity Building WG has established a Face to Face Group to: 

Identify all  existing face to face capacity building events within ICANN

Identify all  existing face to face capacity building events outside ICANN by country and region

Identify new opportunities for collaboration for face to face capacity building


The members of the Face to Face Group, organized by regional affiliation, are:


Siranush Vardanyan

EURALOOksana Prykhodko
AFRALOYaovi Atohoun
LACRALOCarlos Aguirre



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  1. I would recommend that you guys start working on this as soon as possible. Some ideas are Internet Governance Forums, ALS meetings/workshops, Network Operator Group (NOG) meetings such as PACNOG, SEANOG, NANOG, CARIBNOG, Technology Forums. Science Conventions, Expos etc. 


    AIS (Africa Internet      Summit)



    June 9-21,  2013               



    AFNOG Workshops once/yearIP networking, DNS, Routing, Mobile application   development
    AfriNIC LIR TrainingMultiple sessions a year

    Management of a LIR


    IGF Africaonce/year 


    Note:  will be completed

    1. This is an excellent start Yaovi. Keep the discussions rolling.

  3. I hope some consideration will be given to others who have not been active to be included in the sub working group.