Attention: Members of CB WG

Kindly go through the spreadsheet and verify and authenticate the information from within your RALOs. We would like to complete the verification process by the 10th March, 2013 so that we can start our Trend Analysis. A list of At Large Structures (ALSes) can be found here:






Please click here to download a copy of the latest Excel v1.20

Penetration as of 2013
RegionALSsCountries w/ ALSw/ ccNSOTotal CountriesPenetration
Count of TitleColumn Labels Row LabelsCount of Country
Row LabelsAfricaAsia/PacificEuropeLatin AmericaNorth AmericaGrand Total Armenian1
20033151010 Bulgarian2
20042420210 Catalan1
20052413212 Dutch1
2006441117844 Dutch/French1
20076045520 English35
20084214415 Finnish1
2009222118 French11
20101215110 French/German2
2011123208 French/German/Italian1
20120732214 German11
2013010214 Greek1
Grand Total2529334226155 Italian2
Values Slovene1
Row LabelsCountriesHas ccNSO Spanish10
AF5429 Ukrainian/Russian2
AP7440 (blank)70
EUR7936 Grand Total155
Grand Total248133



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  1. In the Lacralo Dashboard, is included ISOC-NY which belongs to NARALO.

    1. Dear Natalia, the information is recorded correctly in our spreadsheet. The dashboard however is being managed by Staff. I would like to encourage Staff to make the relevant and necessary correction to the LACRALO dashboard and move ISOC NY away from LACRALO to NARALO. Thanks for picking this up Natalia.

  2. Here are the problems that I found with the NARALO listing:

    Shown twice are:

    • CAUCE - there is only one chapter and it is for North America
    • Consumer Reports Web Watch

    Not included are:

    • Greater Toronto Area Linux User Group (GTALug)
    • ISOC New York


    1. Dear Darlene, Thank you for picking up on this. You are right CAUCE is listed twice and there are two separate dates and ALS Numbers given for it. I will ask Staff to update the Dashboard and to also clarify what happened. Please also note that ISOC NY was listed incorrectly within the LACRALO. We will alert Staff on getting the dashboard updated.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear Sala,

    Thanks to Chaitanya for uploading this version.

    From LACRALO you just missed:

    (158) Association of Notary Public Professionals of Uruguay
    Country: Uruguay

    The rest seems to be updated.
    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  4. Going through the list I am surprised to see that the main language for AGEIA DENSI BRASIL (#99) is Armenian. I suspect there might be a typo.



    1. Message from Chaitanya that was sent to the mailing list:

      "Updated Als (158) - v1.12 Spreadsheet now uploaded. Sorry everyone the language column was skewed due to a spreadsheet error (issue with the filters) - I've corrected this; however we don't have Primary and Secondary languages for all ALSs - would be great to have these.
      If you're planning to pen down these for multiple ALSs you can group them by language to save time/effort, and use only the ALS number as reference; I'll update the spreadsheet."
  5. Please note that all ALSs in the NARALO should have English as their primary language with the following exceptions:

    • Communatique (French - primary, English - secondary)
    • ISOC Quebec (French - primary, English - secondary)
    • ISOC Puerto Rico (Spanish - primary, English - secondary)

    Thank you

  6. Message from ISOC Mexico


    for ISOC Mexico please record primary language Spanish, secondary English as most our members read it and many can communicate in it.

    Alejandro Pisanty

  7. Sala,

    For USUARIA (#80) please record Spanish as primary language, and  English as secondary.

    Raul Bauer

  8. Thanks everyone, I've updated this to v1.13 incorporating the language updates and corrections.



  9. Dear Sala,

    Please add information about languages of Ukrainian ALS:

    (148) European Media Platform - Ukrainian/Russian as primary language, English as secondary.

    (150) The Ukrainian Internet Association - Ukrainian/Russian as primary language, English as secondary.



  10. Updated Master Spreadsheet v1.14 (smile)

  11. For Instituto Iberoamericano de Investigación para la Sociedad de la Información; please record Spanish as primary language, and  English as secondary.



    Alberto Soto

  12. Para (135) Asociación CONEXIÓN al Desarrollo de El Salvador, idioma primario Spanish y English as secondary language.



  13. Esto se ha cambiado en el documento. Gracias.


    This has been updated in the document - now v1.15.


    Best regards,


  14. Hi Sala,


    Have added information for Benin.

    1) ALS

    ALS:   ISOC Benin;  French is the primary language

    2) ccTLD

    ccTLD:  .bj


    Operator:  Benin Telecoms SA

    Reg date : 1996