The At-Large Capacity Building WG has established a Content Group to: 

Identify and categorise content
Identify delivery modes and options
Identify considerations for content gathering
Design consistent and uniform template of presenting content 


The members of Content WG, organized by regional affiliation, are:



Dev Anand Teelucksingh
LACRALOFatima Cambronero
LACRALOCarlos Aguirre
APRALONarine Khachatryan
APRALOMaureen Hilyard
APRALOWilliam Tibben
APRALOSalanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro


Darlene Thompson

AFRALORonald Ojino


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  1. Happy to join this group. 

  2. Preliminary thoughts

    • There is a need to have a firm view of whom we are targeting.
    • We should start with identifying and listing content that is Policy Areas; 
    • We should not restrict it to the various constituencies but rather identify areas and we can factor in the different views on the Policy Area;
    • Considerations should include, having introduction on the topic, an intermediate version where key concepts are developed and an advanced content;
    • There should be a kids version too with graphics that is simpliefied
  3. I am not sure  but  I had the impression that  attendance was poor to the  Capacity Building session.  What  marketing strategies exist to promote the events?

    ISOC  has  launched their  CONNECT  educational  program  and it looks  pretty good and  perhaps a valid model for  replicating for  this group