Date: Monday, 01 June 2020

Time:  21:00 - 22:30 UTC  - For the time in various time zones click here

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FR: Minata Zong-Naba, Amara Baba Dabala, Mahamat Youssouf, Gabidibe Gab-Hingonne,

ES: Sergio Salinas Porto

Apologies: Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Shreedeep Rayamajhi

Staff: ,




Call Management: Claudia Ruiz

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Guest Speakers: Veni Markovski, León Sánchez, Javier Rúa-Jovet


21:00 - 21:02 - Staff Introduction (Claudia Ruiz)

21:02 - 21:10 - Introduction and Welcome (Joanna Kulesza)

21:10 - 21:30 - Update on current multilateral processes potentially impacting ICANN policy development - Presentation (Veni Markovski)

21:30 - 21:50 - Board's plans for effective ICANN community representation in global geopolitical discussions (León Sánchez)

21:50 - 22:10 - Representing individual end users in multilateral norm development and multistakeholder policy making - Presentation (Javier Rúa-Jovet)

22:10 - 22:25 - Q&A (Joanna Kulesza)

22:25 - 22:30 - Summary (Joanna Kulesza)

Building upon the successful geopolitics and cybersecurity session during ICANN 67 [One World - One Internet? Cybersecurity and Geopolitics in a Multistakeholder Environment,], the AtLarge Capacity Building Working Group is holding a follow up webinar as a run up to ICANN 68. Its aim is to follow the progress made thus far in enhancing community presence in ongoing cybersecurity and Internet governance discussions as well as get a better understating of upcoming issues and challenges.

This interactive webinar will include an update on UN processes potentially impacting ICANN’s mission as well as a review of ICANN Board's progress and further plans in ensuring due representation of the ICANN community in these geopolitical trends. We hope for the webinar to be a platform for developing a better understanding of end user interests as represented in ICANN multistakeholder processes and how those fit in with global multilateral discussion in UN and beyond. Additionally, we will also try to explore whether the recent pandemic has impacted multistakeholder policy development, with particular emphasis on end user interests.

During this webinar we would like to address the following questions:

  • What are the recent developments in international relations and policy making which might have a direct impact on ICANN, its community and its functions (with emphasis on UN OEWG and UN GGE)? Has the pandemic impacted these ongoing processes? What are the nearest prospected outcomes we should be aware of? Have multilateral and multistakeholder processes proven to be contradictory by nature or can they be aligned?
  • What are the nearest ICANN Board plans to address these developments and interests? How can the ICANN community best support the Board in fulfilling these?
  • How do we identify a common end user interest among and between these law making efforts? Are end users more than subjects to state jurisdiction - is there a shared common interest to be identified and addressed by the ICANN community? Is the collective interest of end users different from that of state citizens as represented by governments? Does multistakeholderism still offer a critical “post Westphalian” innovation allowing and fostering individual end-user’ engagement internationally, helping counterbalance state-actors’ purely geopolitical interests or are we heading back to multilateralism?

We welcome contributions from Leon Sanchez, ICANN Board Vice Chair; Veni Markovski, ICANN Vice President for UN engagement and Javier Rua Jovet, ALAC NARALO representative. The webinar will be an interactive exercise that welcomes questions and discussion from all community members. We hope for this to be a useful point of departure for the upcoming virtual policy forum at ICANN68 (June 22nd - 25th).

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