• NARALO outreach @   ICANN DNS SYMPOSIUM  in Montreal


  • NARALO  Draft Outreach Strategic Plan 


  • New  Chair   Daniel NANGHAKA

June  2018

Outreach at ICANN  PANAMA 

LACRALO outreach included a booth

Pictures of booth and activities 



ATLARGE and  NCUC Outreach event

March 2018

ICANN Puerto Rico 


  • First  NASIG prior to ICANN
  • NARALO outreach event- 10th anniversary
  • NARALO Booth

ATLARGE and  NCUC Networking Event

October 2017

Had a calls on 2017-08-29 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement and on  2017-10-03 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement.

Outreach at ICANN60

With inputs from APRALO's Ali AlMeshal and Rao Naveed Bin Rais and from ICANN's Baher Esmat, it was decided it was more feasible to have an outreach session at the ICANN venue. Further was decided to have to have a session for At-large for academia and students to attend.
In order to have a dedicated room with mics, interpretation, the Outreach and Engagement SC Session scheduled on: Monday 30 October from 15:15-16:45 will be split the session into two parts, one half for the SC work and the 2nd half for the session for academia, students, and for Fellows and Nextgen.

Tentative agenda for the O&E session from 15:15 to 15:57

1) Introduction to the O&E (2 mins)
2) Outreach at IGF 2017 Geneva - invite persons from NCUC  -  15 mins
3) CROP report - can invite Berndetta to discuss CROP report - 15 mins
4) O&E Highlights                      (10 mins)
      Community Onboarding documentation
      Outreach Calendars
      Stakeholder Tool

5) New chair of the O&E ( 3min)
6) Break

2nd O&E session from 16:00 to 16:45

1) How end users can impact ICANN ; an introduction to the At-Large Community (15 mins)
2) Key Policy Issues of the At-Large Community (15 mins)
3) Q&A (15 mins)

Furthermore, with the ICANN60 schedule posted at https://schedule.icann.org/, Ali AlMeshal and Rao Naveed Bin Rais are checking whether academia and students can attend the entire day which would require a group of us to
- help new attendees (those that didn't attend Saturday for the joint NCUC/At-Large event) register and get their badges
- help guide attendees  to which sessions they should go to (welcome ceremony, etc) and throughout the day, having the attendees and guides meet back regularly at the ICANN At-Large booth to hear questions and go off to other sessions.

Olivier Crepin-Leblond is following up with NCUC as to the possibility of a joint NCUC/At Large session which will likely be held on Saturday. This can be another opportunity for promoting with academia about At-Large.

Outreach at IGF2017

This page and associated sub pages are to document and coordinate the upcoming At-Large Outreach activities at the Internet Governance Forum 2017 Geneva (https://igf2017.swiss/) from the 18 - 21 December 2017.

Next At-Large IGF 2017 Organizational Committee Call: 07 December 2017

Previous At-Large IGF 2017 Organizational Committee Call: 30 November 2017


The At-Large Outreach and Engagement SC submitted a ICANN FY18 budget request for At-Large Outreach to be funded at IGF 2017. This was approved by ALAC and submitted to ICANN. ICANN

approved this request, saying

"Two travelers approved (one Outreach Sub-Committee member and one ALAC Member) for travel support to the IGF 2017 Meeting. Granting of support is contingent on: (1) MAG approval of at least one At-Large RALO workshop; and (2) submission of a detailed report from each traveler within 30-days of the meeting that addresses each itemized metric as per request. The report is to be submitted to sbr-outcomes@icann.org and is a condition of future resource allocations. Approved travel includes assumption of economy airfare + four travel days and three hotel nights + per diems appropriate to region traveled."

The ALAC Outreach and Engagement SC via Glenn McKnight requested a booth in May 2017 a At-Large at the IGF 2017 from the IGF MAG. This was approved in August 2017. See the booths at IGF 2017 page.

Key Workspaces

ICANN/At-Large Organized Events 


Date         TimeVenueEvent      Title                                Organizer       Recommended by

Sun 17 December

3.00-4.30pm  Day 0 Event; Panel DiscussionHow Digital activists are shaping the evolution of the Internet: the voice of civil society in ICANNICANN - Alan, Satish, Sarah
 Sun 17 December4.30pm


Salle 2

Day 0 Event; Panel DiscussionThe DNS and Emerging Identifiers (including DOA) ICANNMandy
 Mon 18 December10.40am
RoundtableIGF 2017 WS #4 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Roundtable: Are we running out of resources & bandwidth?

Tracy Hackshaw, Maureen Hilyard

 Mon 18 December10.40am
RoundtableData is the New Oil - Shaping the Digital Economy of MENAAli AlMeshal

Mon 18 December12:20pmRoom XIIRoundtableWS #48 The Future of Internet Identifiers: How the DNS will Function in a Smart Cyberspace?Proposer: Wolfgang Kleinwachter, University of Aarhus Co-Proposer: Jörg Schweiger, DENICOlivier (Standing in for Wolfgang)

Tues 19


 Open Forum“ICANN – Looking ahead: - Challenges and Opportunities”  ICANN
Tues, 19 December18:30-20:00Serpent  Bar of the UN PalaisReceptionICANN ReceptionICANN
Weds 20 December11.50amRoom
Break-out Group DiscussionsWS#8   Open Source: Defending Freedoms in the Digital Future

Satish Babu

Maureen Hilyard (remote moderator)

Thurs 21 December9am
RoundtableSynthesis Document - A collective output shaping the future of IGF and NRIs - An experience from the APRIGFsYannis Li - Maureen Hilyard (speaker)
Thurs 21 December11:30 - 13:00Room XXVII-E Workshop (Roundtable)Local content: an opportunity for human, economic and social development in underserved regions

Aziz Hilali, Glenn McKnight & Roula Mikhael (Speakers)

Tijani Ben Jemaa (Onsite Moderator)


Events Organized or Recommended by ICANN Community Members 

Date         TimeVenueEvent      Title                                Organizer       Recommended by
 Dec 16 

 Diplo Offices

Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG) http://www.cicg.ch/


Civil Society Engagement

 Bestbits Event  Judith H.
 Dec 17 10:30 to 12:00 Room 18  Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG)  Satish Babu/Glenn McKnight 
Dec 189:00-10:00Room XXII - E
Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet ValuesOCL is a speaker
 Dec 18From 18:30WiPO Building  IGF Reception Hosted by the Government of Switzerland and the Canton and city of Geneva  


Dec. 19

3:00-4:30pmRoom 27
Universal Design and Creating an Accessible Global Digital Future Judith H. Is a moderator. Gunella Astbrink is a panelistJudith H.
 Dec 19  Room 27 WS 145The Internet of Things and accessibility for people with disability    
Dec 194:40 -6:10Room 26
Realizing SDGs through Policies Enabling Digital TradeJudith H is a rapporteurJudith H.
Dec. 195:20-6:20Room 12
DC on Community Connectivity
Judith H.
Tuesday Dec. 19

APC Dinner

Dec. 20

Room 23Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity
Judith H.

Lightning  Talks 

Contact  Miguel Ignacio Estrada <miestrada@gmail.com>


It was decided by the O&E cochairs that Glenn McKnight will be the selected person to attend IGF 2017 from the O&E.

New chair at O&E

Dev Anand Teelucksingh announced on the 2017-08-29 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call, he will be stepping down as chair of the O&E SC at the end of ICANN60.

August 2017

  • With the CROP FY18 wiki open, the RALO Outreach Strategic Plans for FY18  page was updated and content migrated to the CROP wiki. APRALO, LACRALO and NARALO have approved plans with EURALO and AFRALO with draft plans circulated for comment.
  • the ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement main wiki was cleaned up and reorganised to make the O&E WG easier to understand and better able to navigate. A goal was to try to make the wiki page load properly on mobile devices without extensive macros that would require "rendering" and reloads to see content. ICANN has updated the Confluence wiki version that powers the wiki and I believe done some tweaks for users on mobile devices. Content was also reorganised with 5 main sections under the O&E main page

    • ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement Meetings

    • ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement Monthly Reports

    • At-Large Outreach and Engagement Workspace

    • ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement - Previous Members

    • At Large Outreach and Engagement Document Workspace

    Content under these main sections were reorganised. For example, under the At-Large Outreach and Engagement Workspace page:

    • grouped the IGF and budget proposals under "Outreach and Engagement Budget and IGF Proposals" ;

    • grouped the separate  RALO Outreach plans for FY16,FY17 etc under "RALO Outreach Strategic Plans by Year"

    • grouped the separate Outreach activities pages at ICANN56,57,58, etc under "Outreach Activities at ICANN meetings"

    • moved the "Presentation on Introduction to At-Large" under Community Onboarding

  • O&E call tentatively scheduled for Tuesday August 29 with the following tentative agenda:

    • 1) Outreach at IGF2017 - discussion of O&E proposal for IGF

    • 2) Onboarding Documentation - how to advance the work

    • 3) Outreach observations at ICANN59

    • 4) Outreach at ICANN60

    • 5) AoB


June 2017

The Outreach and Engagement SC held a session at ICANN59 -  here's a link to the presentation : Introduction to Outreach and Engagement ICANN59 June 2017.pdf

May 2017

Throughout the month, we've promoted the At-Large Community Onboarding approach to all of the RALO monthly calls and the RALO secretariat call.

We've created a RALO Outreach Strategic Plans for FY18 page for RALOs to begin planning their RALO outreach strategies for the upcoming Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP - formerly CROPP, but losing the Pilot status) - Outreach plans need to be approved by regional GSE in order for trip proposals to be submitted for approval by At-Large and GSE at least 7 weeks before such travel takes place. Therefore outreach plans needs to be approved by early June 2017 in order for CROP proposals to be submitted for travel in mid July 2017 and August 2017.

April 2017

Two calls 2017-03-30 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement and 2017-04-24 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement

  • The IGF proposal by the O&E was approved by ICANN - need to work on our Google Doc of IGF proposal before May 3 2017 - additional call with ICANN staff and with EURALO, AFRALO, APRALO scheduled for Thursday 27 April 2017 to coordinate proposals
  • From ICANN58 report on the ICANN booth, discussions by the O&E with ICANN staff has resulted in better coordination for the ICANN booth in ICANN59
  • Planning for ICANN59 outreach activities ongoing with ICANN staff to determine the ICANN schedule for Monday at ICANN59 and opportunities for participating in events outside the ICANN venue
  • The ALS expectation document presented at ALAC meetings was also noted by the O&E
  • Work on At-Large Community Onboarding ongoing - two new documents will be added in addition to the refinement of the 3 onboarding documents:
    • A Start Here document which would list how topics would be presented depending on the type of audience and how the audience will be interacting with the onboarding approach scenarios for how the onboarding documents maps out the topics in how what sequence should be presented to different audience members and an engagement document documenting the organizational challenges of keeping engaged in At-Large.

March 2017

The At-Large Community Onboarding approach was presented at the ICANN58 meeting

There were two outreach events at ICANN58 - a ICANN58 EURALO-NCUC Outreach Event on Saturday and a End Users in ICANN: A Topical Discussion with At-Large session on Wednesday.

Call for submission for IGF  Geneva 


Due  date The deadline for submission is Wednesday, 3 May 2017 23:59 UTC-11.

February 2017

AFRALO Outreach

APRALO Outreach

Euralo Outreach

NCUC-Euralo Outreach Event Planning ( Olivier)

Details @  2017-02-23 EURALO Copenhagen Meeting Activities

NARALO Outreach

In advance to the  ARIN38 and the NARALO GA in New Orleans we have had prep outreach calls to educate the community on the  ARIN community.  During the event we will have   NARALO Outreach table during breaks and lunch during  the ARIN event

Two mandatory sessions with one in Feb and another in March.


We have completed four out of the five trips and requested the last CROPP trip to be completed on schedule. 

ATLARGE  Guide to Copenhagen

An extensive guide in magazine format was created targeted to the  Fellows, NetGen and Newcomers to informed that about ATLARGE and others

<div style="width: 640px; height: 480px; margin: 10px; position: relative;"><iframe allowfullscreen frameborder="0" style="width:640px; height:480px" src="//d2pjrbs8oo6puz.cloudfront.net/9ebac33e-0964-48d5-83ad-fd9d25835d94/embedControls.html" id="FNXCkowcUQyV"></iframe></div>


January 2017

December 2016

2016-12-15 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement discussed the IGF 2016  and the need for a more formal structured At-Large outreach approach for the IGF.

The ICANN Stakeholder Analysis Tool was updated to reflect the Fellows attending the ICANN58 meeting in March 2017.

November 2016

At ICANN57, we had a session with the Nextgen attendees https://icann572016.sched.com/event/8czb/alac-subcommittee-on-outreach-and-engagement-with-next-gen which was well attended and with many excellent questions from the Nextgen students.

The ICANN Stakeholder Analysis Tool was updated and presented at the ALAC - ccNSO session at ICANN57 to research members of the ICANN community in At-Large Fellowship, GAC and ccNSO by country or by region in time for ICANN56 in a dashboard style review by country.

September 2016

2016-09-20 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call focused on Outreach activites for ICANN57

August 2016

2016-08-29 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement - call focused on the discretionary funding for RALOs are per the FY17 budget request and update on outreach strategies for RALOs

2016-08-02 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement - call focused on Outreach activities for ICANN57

June 2016

Members of the O&E met on Wednesday June 29 to demo the ICANN Stakeholder Analysis Tool developed by the O&E to track stakeholders (GAC, ccNSO, Fellowship) by country and region ; a prelimiary overview of the Fellowship programme and possible outreach activites for ICANN 57 at Hyderabad, India. See http://sched.co/7Mdf for recordings and transcripts.

On Monday June 27, we held a session with the NextGen attendees, introducing them to what is At-Large. See  http://sched.co/7Lrv . See also photos by Glenn Mcknight & by ICANN . The presentation can be found at Outreach Activities at ICANN56

April 2016

On the 2016-04-25 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call, discussion focused on what to do for outreach during the ICANN56 meeting in Finland. Noting the challenges on doing outreach soon after midsummer, the intent would to to have one session on Monday with the ICANN fellows and Nextgen participants, with social events on Tuesday afternoon/evening and possibly a civil society networking event. Pre ICANN56, various potential At-Large, civil society stakeholders would be idenitified and contacted to be invited to the meeting and/or social events.

March 2016

The O&E met at the ICANN meeting in Marrakech : https://meetings.icann.org/en/marrakech55/schedule/sun-alac-outreach

February 2016

Two calls this month : 2016-02-02 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement and  ALAC Monthly Teleconference - 2016-02-23 focused on Outreach and Engagement activites at Marrakech - see AFRALO Outreach Event Workspace

On the regular ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement 2016-02-17, Elizabeth Andrews provided an update on ICANN Learn and the O&E will be notified of changes to ICANN Learn and begin to give feedback on the courses ; there was also an update to the At-Large engagement with ICANN Fellows - see Analysis of ICANN Fellowship Programme and Chris Mondini talked about the preliminary ideas ICANN is planning on  enhancing  the  stakeholder  journey in ICANN.

January 2016

The O&E had three calls this month: 2016-01-14 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement, 2016-01-19 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement , 2016-01-25 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement

The calls on January 14 and January 19 focused on the Outreach activities for the ICANN 55 meeting in Marrakech in March 2016. Various ideas were discussed with AFRALO leadership and ICANN Staff. The current planning can be found at AFRALO Outreach Event Workspace and Daniel Khauka Nanghaka, the O&E cochair will be working with AFRALO leadership and ICANN staff in having separate calls to continue to coordinate event planning for ICANN 55 Marrakech.

On the January 25 call, the FBSC proposal for "Access by RALOs for funding of local engagement activities" that was submitted by the O&E was discussed. See proposal at https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/58000826/FY17-OutreachEngagement-access-by-ralos-for-funding-of-local-engagement-activities.pdf

November-December 2015

On the 2015-12-07 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement, there was an acknowledgement of the passing of Roosevelt O. King, a LACRALO member on the O & E LACRALO who passed away in November 2015. Next the O & E members from each RALO gave updates on the RALO Outreach Strategies. Questions were raised on how outreach materials can be sent to CROPP travelers and the types of outreach materials (mailcards, USB drives) and whether local printing of outreach materials can be done.

Next, there was some preliminary discussion on the At-Large ICANN Civil Society Engagement in Fiscal Year 2016 Workspace with a decision to have a call next week to continue the discussions.

On the 2015-12-14 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call which was for 90 minutes, Glenn McKnight lead the discussions about the At-Large ICANN Civil Society Engagement in Fiscal Year 2016 Workspace continued with Jean-Jacques Sahel, Regional VP, Europe and Adam Peake, Senior Manager. Next Maureen Hilyard introduced some of the Ideas for Engagement Strategies. Some of the other ideas mentioned involved the use of ebooks, infographics, audio books or clips, to better convey At-Large issues. There will be a followup meeting with Chris Mondini on the work GSE is planning to promote stakeholder journeys. There will also be a call to learn more about ICANN Learn.

Laura BengfordJeff Salem and Ariel Liang gave an overview of the Get Involved Mock-Up which will be part of the new At-Large Website which the O & E was asked to give input on.

Glenn McKnight and Alfredo Calderon showed an example of the infographics that could be done: http://easel.ly/infographic/d57zij and a possible infographic http://easel.ly/infographic/hd6l79 and YouTube video  to promote how At-Large members can get involved.

Afterwards, a preliminary discussion of possible FY17 budget proposals were discussed implementing ATLAS II Rec 40

October 2015

A  Face to Face  meeting was held in Dublin with Dev Anand Teelucksingh as the remote Chair and Glenn McKnight as the North America Co-chair. The meeting despite being later in the evening was surprisingly well attended which included presentations by JJ Sahel on the Civil Society Engagement document and a presentation by Jeff Dunn and some of the NeXT Gen students. See 2015-10-20 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement - F2F Dublin for meeting recordings and https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/56141958/outreach-and-engagement-icann54-dublin-presentation.pdf for the presentation.

The Civil Society Engagement document  can be viewed At-Large ICANN Civil Society Engagement in Fiscal Year 2016 Workspace

Update on CROPP  Submiissions by Region





NARALO-     Submission for  NTEN

September 2015

On the 2015-09-08 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call:

  • Yuliya Morenets was recommended to be the CROPP RT representative from this SC from EURALO.
  • the draft Outreach Strategies for AFRALO, EURALO and LACRALO were presented for comments.
  • updates provided on NARALO and APRALO approved strategies.

Additional comments were sought from the RALOs after this call and proposals updated accordingly. The proposals were approved on Sept 14 and sent to the relevant GSE for their review and approval.

On the 2015-09-28 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call, updates on the RALO strategies were done ; a spreadsheet used by LACRALO members to survey persons and organsiations in countries without ALSes was shown ;

Post ATLAS II Implementation - Outreach & Engagement and Ideas for Engagement Strategies were discussed

August 2015

Held two calls in August : 2015-08-03 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement and 2015-08-17 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement. Dev Anand Teelucksingh was confirmed as the chair and regional ; Maureen Hilyard was confirmed as a regional co-chair from APRALO and the liasion to the At-Large Ad-Hoc New Meeting Strategy Working Party working on outreach matters for the new format of the ICANN meetings. The APRALO Outreach Strategy was reviewed and approved by this WG with the proviso that this strategy can be updated. NARALO also presented their draft outreach strategy for comment.

On the 2nd call, with the NARALO Outreach proposal being approved by NARALO, it was formally approved by this WG. EURALO, LACRALO have yet to submit any ideas for their outreach strategies whilst AFRALO has done some preliminary work on their outreach strategy. A group calendaring solution based on Teamup for tracking and sharing possible outreach events by At-Large and GSE. Also on the second call, members from this WG were selected to be on the At-Large Community Regional Outreach Program Review Team (CROP RT)

June-July 2015

The final trifold brochure was presented at the ICANN 53 meeting - see At-Large Brochure Redesign 2015

The ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement page was updated with proposed work items for the rest of 2015.

A call for persons to join the ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement was posted to the RALO lists (see NARALO's call  ) as an example.

One urgent item is for this group to assist with developing a At-Large Strategy for all RALOs for submission to regional Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) for approval. If approval is not done before September 10 2015, then At-Large will not receive CROPP funding.

First call is expected to be on August 3 2015

May 2015

On the 2015-05-15 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call, we reviewed two draft styled brochures and made suggestions. The trifold brochure was chosen for and the At-Large Brochure Redesign 2015 page created to make suggestions in time for printing and availability at ICANN 53.

March-April 2015

Group has been changed to ALAC Outreach and Engagement - call for reconstitution will occur soon

Also draft brochures have been produced by ICANN Communication Dept - a joint call with Secretariats and this WG will be organised soon.

January 2015

On the 2014-12-18 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call, we'll be working with the ICANN Communications Dept to update our At-Large and RALO tri-fold brochures

December 2014

Had conference call on 2014-12-18 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement where we discussed the update of our documents (see At-Large Outreach and Engagement Workspace) with the goal of having a drafts prepared for Singapore ; 

Also discussed the CROPP RT where concerns were raised the coordination of RALO leadership with their CROPP RT members ; an reminder to the RALO lists to be posted soon.

Also for review ; see how the external events calendar can be better maintained.

September 2014 

Had conference call on 2014-09-29 ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement where we discussed the Post ATLAS II Implementation - Outreach & Engagement ; At-Large Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program for FY15 ; there was a consensus call for Murray McKercher to be  co-chair of the Outreach SC

November 2013

The At-Large procedure to submit travel requests to the CROPP was agreed upon.  Members from the Outreach SC were selected to serve on the At-Large Community Regional Outreach Program Review Team (CROP RT)

October 2013

Following a call to the RALO mailing lists to repopulate this WG, The Outreach SC had a call in October 10 2013 to discuss the Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (FY14) (CROPP) and a At-Large procedure  to submit such requests for Outreach travel to the CROPP.

Also discussed was outreach by At-Large members attending the IGF Bali

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  1. I feel it is important to define "outreach" as we seem to be too focused on the Community Regional Outreach Program and less on outreach activities.

    Also important we all align our goals for outreach.

    1. To whom are we outreaching?
    2. For what purpose?
    3. and to what end, goal, or outcome?

    IMHO I  feel the At-Large community's objectives are not entirely aligned with those of ICANN 's Global Stakeholder Engagement ( GSE) Team.

    May I suggest we first reach out to the ICANN GSE leadership. I noticed this topic is planned to be covered at this meeting in singapore

    At-Large Meetings - Sunday, 08 February 2015 Workspace

    See agenda item 3. I will attempt to join the room remotely if the room is connected on Adobe Connect.


    further see also

    Volunteer Engagement Project