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Please see Administrator's Report (FINAL) for results and analyses of the FY14 CROPP experience.

Community leaders have outlined several key benefits that could be achieved through a programmed approach to global outreach:

  1. Building local/regional awareness and recruitment of new community members;
  2. More effectively engaging with current members and/or "reactivating” previously engaged ICANN community members; and
  3. Communicating ICANN’s mission and objectives to new audiences.

Following are several illustrative quotations from community requests received as part of the FY14 Budget process:

“Retain and support existing community while attracting new and diverse community members.” (APRALO Request No. FY14-B09-02).

“Enhanced trust in ICANN stewardship, attracting new & diverse community members, increased public participation in multi stakeholder model, widen international engagements.” (BC Request No. FY14-B08-02).

“To increase membership and participation in the IPC and ICANN by organizations and individuals from the targeted geographic regions.” (IPC Request No. FY14-B07-03).

“Full-spectrum outreach – including the development of education/training materials, travel support when Global Outreach feels it would be helpful to have Constituency-members at their events, and new-member onboarding.” (ISPCPC Request No. FY14-A90-01).

“The desired outcome is to have At-Large Representation in all 33 countries in the LAC region, participating in the ICANN At-Large community, participating in ICANN policy development work of ICANN on behalf on individual Internet users via LACRALO.” (LACRALO Request No. FY14-B09-01).

In recognition of the potential that such a regional outreach program could contribute to the ICANN community's continued growth and development, the FY14 Budget allocates resources and Staff has been directed to develop a Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (FY14) that will include a robust implementation and rigorous evaluation in order to assist in determining whether such resourced outreach merits support in future fiscal cycles.

An Announcement Letter was emailed to At-Large RALO and GNSO Constituency Leaders on 21 September 2013, including an Overview document. For those who speak English, the Program Operations section of this Wiki contains all of the important details concerning the administration of this pilot.

This space is organized into the following major sections: 

If you would like to offer any comments about this program, its structure, administration, forms, procedures, or any other related matter, please see Feedback.

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