There are two outreach activities for ICANN56.

  • Monday sessions with Nextgen and Fellows
  • Tuesday evening social meet and greet 

On previous O&E calls, given that ICANN56 will begin the day after summer begins, many institutions/organisations as well as persons would be holidaying and thus any public outreach event such as a visit to a university (as was done for ICANN55 in Marrakech) would not be successful.

Two sessions are available to the ALAC for outreach purposes on Monday -  Monday 10:45 to 12 noon and 1330 to 1500 local time. The current idea is to have the Monday session for meeting the Nextgen attendees and the afternoon session with the Fellows.

Final pres


Monday 10:45 - 12:00 session (75 mins)

Suggested Targeted audience : 20 Nextgen persons ; Google Presentation : ;

Final presentation :

Notes/Suggestions from OE call on 16/6/2016 : Keep slides simple - use slides as backdrops to present idea/concepts

Suggested agenda

  • Welcome (5 mins)

  • Introduction to At-Large (25 mins)

    • What is At-Large Community

    • What are the RALOs (thinking regional OE members can give a summary of each RALO)

      • North America

        • Canada, USA, and US Territories

        • Operates in English, French and Spanish

        • MOU with  the  RIR   ARIN

        • General Assembly in New Orleans planned for April 2017

        • Outreach to First Nations and  Persons with Disabilities

      • Africa

      • Asia Pacific

        • MOUs with APTLD, APNIC, DotAsia

        • APRALO Mentorship Program 2017

        • Regional Diversity

        • Capacity building

        • Partnership with APAC Hub

      • European

      • Latin America and Caribbean

    • What is the ALAC


  • Some of the key work being done by At-Large/ALAC   (15 mins)

    • IANA Transition

    • CCWG Accountability

    • gTLD Subsequent Procedures

    • WHOIS
  • Why At-Large - how to engage with At-Large (10 mins)

    • Meetings are open ; recordings are available
    • Access to interesting members involved with end-user concerns in your country or area of interest

    • Help tweet for At-Large Social Media  
  • Q&A (20 mins)


Monday 13:30 - 15:00 session

Suggested Target Audience: about 5 out of 35 Fellows ; Google Presentations link :

Suggested draft agenda

  • Welcome (Introduction of Fellows)


  • At-Large work

    • Policy Advice  - what has ALAC has given advice on

    • Working Groups -

    • RALO monthly calls

    • ICANN Multi-stakeholder ecosystem map


  • How to engage in At-Large activities?

    • How to follow and participate in At-Large activities

    • What are the benefits of joining

      • Part of  a community of interest

      • Concerned about the end-user Internet experience

      • Global Network

    • Examples of  Fellows and At-Large - Maureen, Siranush, Fatima, Carlton, J. Morris, Satish Babu, Judith, Leon, Beran, Tijani, Ali

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