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With the Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP) for FY17 ending on June 30 2017 (and confirmation that the the Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) will continue in FY18), one of the key deliverables for CROP FY18 before any CROPP proposals can be considered for FY18 is the submission of a updated Outreach Strategic Plan for each RALO. Each RALO's Outreach Strategic Plan should explain its FY18 outreach goals and planned expectations so that any selected CROPP activities can be coordinated with the appropriate ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement teams.

These proposals must also be approved by the regional GSEs.

This is an opportunity to review the CROPP FY17 At-Large RALOs Outreach Plans  and CROPP FY16 At-Large RALOs Outreach Plans, review their outcomes and refine or develop new goals for FY18

RALOs that are considering CROP proposals to begin in July or August 2017 should consider their outreach plans now and seek approvals from GSE before the end of CROPP FY17. It is anticipated that the same conditions would apply for CROP FY18, namely that ICANN requires 6 weeks minimum for receiving APPROVED CROP proposals before the event takes place. This means for At-Large and GSE to have time to review and approve CROP proposals, we should strive to have proposals submitted for review at least 7 weeks before such proposed travel takes place.

AFRALO draft FY18 Outreach Strategic Plan

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APRALO FY18 Outreach Strategic Plan

See APRALO Outreach Strategic Plan on the CROP FY18 wiki

EURALO draft FY18 Outreach Strategic Plan

See EURALO Outreach Strategic Plan

LACRALO FY18 Outreach Strategic Plan

Outreach Plan Description and Details

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NARALO FY18 Outreach Strategic Plan

See NARALO Outreach Strategic Plan on the CROP FY18 wiki

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  1. NARALO has  requested community feedback on the strategy for the June 12th monthly meeting

  2. Overall I like this. A good start. One initial comment.

    In 1.1., new ALS participants to fill in Gaps, refers to recruiting newbies as "reps." Some might question the "representativeness" of such, possibly self selected, ALS participants. Maybe "active members from non-participating areas." AMNAs.

  3. In 1.8 Proposed Trips.

    Last year's CROPP trip to a National League of Cities conference pointed to additional preparation that would be needed to make another trip fruitful.

    As a reminder, there was interest expressed for city-TLDs at the National League of Cities conference in face to face conversations with several participants. However, as I was denied my request for a speaker position at the last moment, broad,informed feedback on the topic was not received. (One problem arises from the timing issues related to securing a speaker invite from a conference and ICANN's long lead time. This makes securing a speaker role as a meaningful predicate to participation a tricky proposition.)

    Some Background:

    • I see ICANN requiring informed consent by city-TLD applicants as fundamental to the TLDs' serving the needs of individual Internet users.
    • Included in that informed consent should be participation by individual internet users (IIUs) in exploring and developing the city-TLD application.
    • These IIU participants should provide the basis for future NARALO engagement.

    At the recent NARALO conference in New Orleans I raised the question of who represents cities (with their 1/2 the world's population) at ICANN. For now the answer is no one.

    I raised the question again at a New TLD meeting hosted by Avri for ICANN about who represents cities and their residents (most of which are IIUs) interests at ICANN, inquiring if GAC might be an appropriate home for cities (perhaps in a sub-national section). "Worth raising the question" was the response from a GAC co-chair.

    What's to be done?

    I recently heard from either Veni or Chris Mondini at an ISOC-NY event "Global Internet Governance – Successes and Challenges for ICANN and Beyond" that ICANN is intent on engaging all in its processes. And that one of its Ambassador-like programs now allows applicants from North America.

    That said, one approach to engage cities (and to create an environment for the flourishing of future ALSs) would be a strong presence at a top flight cities meeting.

    • We should join with ICANN's staff to help arrange a speaking engagement at a conference. The ideal conference would be the United States Conference of Mayors, January 17-19 in Washington D.C.
    • An exhibit table should be part of the effort (to $weeten the pot, so to speak).

    So this would need to be a CROPP+ collaboration - NARALO, HQ-staff, and perhaps GAC.

  4. Piggybacking on other events is great, but sometimes we have to create our own.  One of our Canadian ALSs would like to organize a small gathering of community network practitioners to talk about ICANN and AT Large, with the hope of signing up a few more ALSs. Potential for another First Nations sign up in this area is quite high.

    Can we create a collaborative funding template that would make it easier for groups to see where such funding potential would lie. Can this kind of outreach could also be reflected in the strategic plan, I wonder.

    1. HI Marita, If your ALS wants to talk about ICANN and AT Large and you need access to audio conferencing or adobe connect At Large staff can assist you with this. Please reach out to them. Also some small funding is available though the small outreach program for food, signage, posters or other similar info. There is a form to fill out to request this funding. Also About NARALO cards and business cards can be shipped to you. Just let us know

  5. Thanks Judith. On-line conferencing is useful once interest/awareness has already been raised. But small f2f meetings are needed, especially in less populated areas where there are unlikely to be relevant conferences to build on. What if there were some funds available to organize several consecutive one day events (free lunch included) in a less populated area – and just move the speaker/s, rather than the participants, around. That would mean some funds for food, venue, promo, speaker travel & accom.

    Has anyone tried that? Is it a model that could be accommodated within an ICANN outreach budget.

  6. Hi Marita,

    You can put in a request on the Outreach form for what you need and they will see if it can be granted. Keeping in Mind that the entire amount allocated to NARALO is 2000 USD for the entire year. I believe GSE can also supply speakers if you need. If ICANN supplies the speakers they pay their costs to get there. Please feel free to reach out to Joe Catapano or Chris Mondini from GSE and cc Glenn, myself, and staff on your requests