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The ICANN Stakeholder Tool was developed by Dev Anand Teelucksingh (based on work by Glenn McKnight)  which is a Google Spreadsheet which allows for the ability to search by country:

  • At-Large Representation
  • ccNSO membership
  • GAC Membership
  • NCUC Membership (Persons and Organisations)
  • The Number of Fellowships
  • Nextgen
  • Accredited Registrars

AND also do a Regional or worldwide analysis on At-Large, ccNSO, GAC, Fellowship and accredited registrars.

See Historical Versions of the ICANN Stakeholder Tool for past versions of the ICANN Stakeholder Tool as it was developed since ICANN54.

Latest Version v8.3 (published October 22 2018)

view ICANN Stakeholder Analysis Tool (At-Large, GAC, ccNSO, NCUC, Fellowships, NextGen, Registrars) by Country or by Region

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  1. Merci à [~glenn.mcknight] ET [~devanand.teelucksing] pour ce travail formidable.
  2. Great job! But I checked my country Iran and some data seems to be incomplete; I got two fellowships myself for the ICANN54 and ICANN55 which are not indicated.

    1. Hi Mahdi, are you looking at the version 5 (as of Dec 2017) of the tool, because it does have that information.

  3. I read consciensously this tools. Its a precious elements for evaluation and self evaluation.


      1. Hi Folks

        We took the information from the ICANN website.  If  it was incomplete or we did a bad job transcribing the information  we need to recognize the issue that  we the volunteers did a job that was ignored by ICANN staff .   We tried to provide a tool that  illustrated transparency. We have tried again and again for  ICANN to take over this tool.  Silence is the answer.  I don't  know what Dev wants to do.  I am not doing anymore work on this.  I saw it a great tool Thanks to Dev for his work .