ICANN is planning to implement a plan to facilitate greater civil society and non-commercial engagement within ICANN.


The Internal Organization Team includes GSE and At-Large staff.

NEW: A community call on "Civil Society Engagement Approach: Call to discuss Implementation" is scheduled for 14:00 TC on16 December 2015. Details have been sent to ALAC-Announce and RALO mailing lists.


Please note the updated Civil Society and Non-Commercial Engagement in FY16 @ Updated document now open for additional comments through 13 December 2015.

A first draft Civil Society Engagement Overview and Forward Planner is posted here

Comments are encouraged by 30 September 2015. Please use the comments function on this workspace.



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  1. On behalf of Cheryl Langdon-Orr, I am submitting the APrIGF event taking place in July 2016 to the Civil Society Engagement plan list of regional events for consideration of collaboration.

    • Heidi Ullrich, At-Large support staff


  2. Such a plan to "facilitate greater CS engagement within ICANN" as well as close coordination with regional GSEs (and At-Large Staff) is appreciated from the European / EURALO side. This should be part of EURALO's Outreach strategy for 2016 to be discussed and approved at the upcoming Dublin meeting. There are a lot of synergies that can be used and better operationalized in the region!

  3. Today's RALO  Secretariat  call time

    At-Large ICANN Civil Society Engagement in Fiscal Year 2016 - facilitate greater civil society engagement within ICANN. Reference:  Staff created the wiki : CROSS - RALO Internet Governance Events Workspace and requested  input and updates, with little success-  10 mins-  Heidi Ullrich


    We  have  submitted  to Heidi and Joe  an  extensive event  calendar  with  input  from  Garth,  Judith, Alfredo and Eduardo and myself   Our  recommendations  have  been  ignored since  the document circulated  for  tomorrow's  webinar

    The PDF   above  doesn't permit  us entering  the additional  events.  Uploading  the events as a  word  document  to this page.




  4. Whilst its good to see this type of Civil Society Engagement and Capacity Building which I suspect are in line with many regional Strategies, one key concern for At-Large is the lack of sustained regular coordination between At-Large and GSE.

    Too many times in the past, At-large members discover by accident about an nearby IG/ICT event GSE is participating in that would have benefited with an At-Large presence to work with and assist the GSE in doing outreach. We recognize that sometimes GSE find themselves attending an event "at the last minute" and are also aware that not all of the GSE travels may not want to be publicised depending on the stakeholders being met.

    Nevertheless, more sustained, regular communication between At-Large and GSE would minimize such lost opportunities. Some suggestions:

    • the GSE staff be added to the At-Large Outreach and Engagement SC mailing lists to share information more closely and for GSE to be aware of At-Large Outreach and Engagement discussions and efforts
    • regular conference calls with the At-Large Outreach and Engagement SC and GSE staff to review outreach events (perhaps once a month? - the timing can be discussed with the GSE at the Dublin meeting)
    • The Outreach and Engagement SC have created group calendars to track regional outreach events for possible use for CROPP to attend such events. You can view the calendars for all the regions at http://bitly.com/At-Large-Outreach. GSE staff can also use this calendar to add their regional outreach events to the calendar and thus together have a shared space to see the outreach events in all region for regular review (via the Outreach and Engagement list and/or the regular conference calls with the Outreach and Engagement SC and the GSE)


  5. I  agree  with  Dev.   I  have  entered all the events  as discussed on this calendar

  6. This   task  should  have  been  properly  communicated  to  the  Outreach and  Engagement  Sub-Committee  since  we  started the calls  in  early August.   NARALO  didn't  have a meeting in July and it  wasn't  a topic  for the  NARALO August  call.

    The  first time  I heard about this call for comments  from a ATLAS ll cal  and   We  immediately  stated a separate  event  calendar since the  one  above is a PDF and not  editable

    As  Dev  has  mentioned we  need  better communication on the shared calendars   Dev  is suggesting   Teamup   http://www.teamup.com/help/getting-started-tutorial.html.    He  will provide  detailed  costing per month



  7. Comments on  ICANN  Civil Society Engagement FY 16

    The  non profit sector is over  1.2 million organizations in the US and  over  300,000 non profits in  Canada.   The  civil society is  a very  broad category. They represent  one of the  biggest  economic  sectors.   10 times  larger than  the  auto industry.   The  attached  pictures  was taken at NTEN  2015  during a session  on BLACKBAUD


    This  picture  is  a  cross section of the non profit sector based upon  interest.   Treating the Civil  Society  as a homogeneous  group is  a  mistake, equally  an error  focusing only on academics. 

    The  fundraising information is important since are very  active with Online  fundraising

    FULL  SIZE VERSIONS of  pics  on my flickr  site   https://www.flickr.com/photos/glennmcknight/albums/72157650746651019






    The  document  ignores  the tactics  that  are  criteria for  engagement.  his  stats  is  important  since  according to the PEW  INTERNET  REPORT  it  reported that Black an Hispanics place a heavy onus on using  mobile to access Internet information

    See stats on Non Profits an Mobile


    Perhaps  tactics  need more  discussion.






  8. Checked the document  and  the  suggestions  were not  added


  9. Slide  here  requested the shared  calendar



  10. Attending  the   16NTC in San Jose since  Tuesday night.

    Sad to say that this conference  has 'jumped the shark' with the quality of the sessions  diminished and connections to valid  civil society organizations clearly was lacking.  The  one session scheduled for  Wed afternoon on Accessibility was cancelled by a vendor no show and they substituted it with a  Branding session.  Participation with a number of  Birds of Feather sessions  as usual is good.  I think  ICANN needs a 'civil society' talking piece and short video to speak directly to the interested groups