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  1. Adebunmi Akinbo you should be able to view the mockup now. 

  2. Maureen Hilyard and All: 

    After downloading the PDF documents above, and If the prints are too small to see, you may press 'Command' and '+' to enlarge the documents. 

  3. Comment from Glenn McKnight

    Get Involved  Road Map

    Infographic by Glenn McKnight

    Here is the short code HTML

    <a href=" http://newatlarge.icann.org" target="_self" title="" style="font-size:14px; color:#ff0000;font-family:Arial;text-decoration:underline;"><img src="http://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5768/23435635082_c558cacbbd_t.jpg" width="400"><br>Join Atlarge Today</a

  4. HI Ariel. version C is very clear. I download it and asked a friend here not used with ALAC ,to take a look to see how friendly it is. the result was great. she even asked me more information on how really to participate.. congrats. for me it is very good. 

    1. That's wonderful Vanda

      Thank you very much for the confirmation. We will get the development team ready to build this page based on the mockup