The booth will be a small table with two chairs and signage. Here's a picture of a similar booth at IGF 2016, courtesy of Glenn McKnight

Timetable for volunteers to be at the At-Large booth

At-Large volunteers should be at the booth throughout the IGF to answer questions about ICANN At-Large and to get persons to join the At-Large Community.


Dec 17



Dec 18


Dec 19


Dec 20


Dec 21

MattWaleSarahJudith H./Sarah
MattWaleThomas S.Glenn
??Wale / Tijani (10:40-11:40)Thomas S.Glenn ( until 11 30)
Glenn / Tijani (12:15-13:15)WaleThomas SMaureen


(1.30) Judith

Sarah / Tijani (13:30-14:50)Maureen / Tijani (13:30-14:50)

Satish / Tijani (13:30-14:50)











Note: no booth duty on sunday

Completed matrix

Apologies: I now have an APRIGF meeting 12.30-1.30pm Monday (Maureen)

Any volunteer to take my slot?

Materials for At-Large Booth

EURALO BrochuresWale and Olivier/ICANNBringing in suitcase/Geneva office printing and delivering to Glenn
At-Large BrochuresGlenn/ICANNBringing in suitcase/Geneva office printing and delivering to Glenn
Presentation displayOlivier / Susie

One purchased and brought by Olivier; one purchased by Susie

Returned to ICANN staff

At-Large and EURALO Pop Up BannersHeidi/Susie

 Shipped to Geneva Office

Picked up at the ICANN office on Sunday

NARALO MAIL CARDSJudith/Heidi/SusieBringing in suitcase +staff ordering
APRALO Brochures and ButtonsMaureenBringing in suitcase
Swag-Power convertersGlenn/OlivierGlenn bringing in suitcase- 200
At-Large buttonsGlennGlenn bringing in suitcase
Swiss Chocolate swagOlivierStole chocolates from ICANN and EURODIG
DNS Women's BannerMaureenPicked up at airport but in bad condition, it broke and removed

FAQS of IGF Village

IGF Village Position

The IGF Village will be positioned inside of the Palais des Nations (UNOG), at the second floor of the E building. For those that are familiar with the Palais, that is the floor that you enter through the Door 40 from the Pregny Gate direction.

Total Number of booths

Total number of Booths for now is 40. We have 15 requests that are pending, and the Secretariat is working with the UNOG colleagues to have these potentially accommodated as well.

We hope that we will be able to position additional booths on the floor above or below the 2nd floor of the E building. This will mean that we will need to divide the entire Village composition across two floors. As soon as we have the final information, we will inform all of you.

Booth description (dimensions and facilities)

Unlike at the IGF 2016, this year the booths will look more modest. Each booth will contain one desk, surrounded with 4 panels from three sides (please see the attachment: Horizontal Booths). The panels are in gray color. As you can see in the attachment, the overall booth area dimensions are: (180+180) cm x 210 cm. Please see the attachment for the panels dimensions.

These panels are covered with a fabric, that will require you to have velcro fasteners to stick your info paper materials (posters and similar) to the panels. The UNOG will provide you with some. However, we strongly advise that you also bring your own supplies.

Each booth will have 3 chairs.

Each booth will have 1 power plug (voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz).

The whole Village area will be covered with a stable wifi network.

Each booth will contain one A3 format paper that contains only the name of the exhibitor. This signage will be placed on the panel area. This is why we advise you to have your posters/banners etc., to enhance the visibility of your booth.

There is a printing shop at the Palais.

How the Booths will be allocated?

It is recommended to make the final allocation of booths by a stakeholder group, in alphabetical order, and in several sequences, with making sure that there is a stakeholder and regional diversity within each sequence. We will inform about the final allocations and your booth position on the floor on a later stage.

What can you bring to your booths?

You are allowed to bring your paper info-materials (banners, backdrops, posters, publications and similar, including  promo t-shirts as some did last year) that are directly connected to your work and are of non-commercial nature.

You can bring your laptops. However, please note that the UNOG security does not allow any coffee/tea machines or similar electronic devices to be at the booth area.

The booths will not contain any publication racks.

The booths will not have any lockable cabinets.

The desks at the booths do not have any drawers.

You as the booths organizers are responsible for the booths belongings. The Security advised not to leave valuable items unsupervised (like for example laptops).

Can the exhibitors rent a TV?

The UNOG does not provide this service. In case you would want to bring your own TV, please let the Secretariat know. However, kindly note that these panels will not allow for you to mount the TVs on them.

Can we ship any materials to the Palais prior to the meeting?

In case you would want to ship your info paper materials to the UNOG, prior to the Meeting, you can do so. All materials will need to arrive at the address of the Palais (see below), by the 1st December. The IGF Secretariat will make efforts to have these materials stored within our premises. However, the booth focal points will be responsible for transporting the materials from the storage space to the Village area. Most probably, the booth focal points will have access to the Village area during the weekend (to be decided if on Saturday or Sunday), and of course starting from early Monday morning.

The shipping address is:

United Nations

Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Villa La Bocage

Palais des Nations,

CH-1211 Geneva 10


+41 (0) 22 917 34 11

(Name of the Responsible Person: Ms. Anja Gengo)

Please note that you will need to inform us by  1 November if you will ship your materials and if so, what exactly will be shipped.

In case you will want to drive in with your motor vehicle to the Palais, to have the materials delivered in this way, please do inform me off this list. We will need the name of the driver, type of the motor vehicle, number of registration plates, the description of the materials that you want to deliver this way, and the date you plan to enter the Palais.

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  1. the day zero events, Sunday 17th, are being held at the Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG)  I don't think you need a booth schedule at the  Palais de Nations on day zero.