What is APRALO?

Welcome to the online home of the At-Large (individual Internet user community) for the Asian-Australasian-Pacific region, providing news, key resources and interactive features for information sharing for individuals and end-user groups in the Asian-Australasia-Pacific region interested in ICANN and shaping the future of the Internet.

The APRALO family during ICANN60 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Abu Dhabi, October 2017.

About ICANN and At-Large

How to Join APRALO

Starting Your Journey as an APRALO At-Large Structure (ALS)

APRALO Information: Governance, Leaders and Members

2022 APRALO Announcements

  • NOW CONCLUDED - APRALO Activities at ICANN75 - Kuala Lumpur Meeting - 17-22 September 2022

    • APRALO Day: Tuesday 20 September 2022
  • APRALO July 2022 Newsletter

  • APRALO Policy Forum

  • Recordings available:

    • (star)Third Fireside Chat(star) "Let's Talk About Transfer Policy": Moderator: Jonathan Zuck, ALAC Vice Chair for Policy and Co-Chair of the At-Large Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG) and Guest Speaker, Steinar Grøtterød (TPR PDP WG) selected by the ALAC.

ALAC/At-Large/APRALO Policy Advice Activities

ALAC/At-Large/APRALO Outreach and Engagement Activities

ALAC/At-Large/APRALO Operations Activities


Previous Annual APRALO Activities 

  • APRALO Outreach Calendar(if your ALS is implementing any activity, please, send the detailed information to Maureen Hilyard to include in the calendar). 


APRALO Achievements in 2021 

APRALO Achievements in 2018 

APRALO Achievements in 2017

APRALO Achievements in 2016 

APRALO Achievements in 2014 

See Older Announcements here 

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