The At-Large Operations, Finance and Budget Working Group (OFBWG) is an At-Large Working Group within the Operations section of the At-Large Organisation,  tasked with preparing statements and requests related to ICANN finance and budget, strategy, and operational initiatives. The Chair of the OFBWG has been delegated by the ALAC Chair who is in charge of At-Large Operations. 

The Operations Finance and Budget Working Group (OFBWG) arose out of a noticeable increase in the weekly workload of the Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG).  The CPWG recommended that any  ICANN Operating Initiative (non-policy) public comments should be considered by another group.  The Finance and Budget Subcommittee within the Operations section of the At-Large Organisation was the logical place, as ICANN's Operating Initiatives are coordinated by ICANN's Finance  section . 

However, the role of the Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FBSC) is quite specific.  It coordinates the annual additional budget requests from the ALAC and RALOs to go into the yearly ICANN budget. Because of this specific task on behalf of the ALAC, the membership of the FBSC consists of one ALAC member and one community member from each of the five RALOs to vote on any financial matters relating mainly to Additional Budget Requests (ABRs).  While most decisions by the FBSC are by consensus, should a vote be required, this vote is coordinated by the ALAC Chair. The FBSC committee and its purpose will continue.

The Operations, Finance and Budget Working Group (OFBWG) is a separate and open membership group that will consist of Participants from the geographically diverse At-Large community,  who will contribute to the decision-making of the FBSC, public comments and other matters related to ICANN's Operating Budget and any Operating Initiatives that impact on the At-Large community.  

The tasks of the OFBWG include, but are not limited to:

  • Contributing to the coordination of annual additional budget requests from the ALAC and RALOs, to go into the yearly ICANN budget
  • Drafting any statement related to the ICANN budget process
  • Drafting any statement regarding ICANN's operational initiatives
  • Drafting any statement related to the ICANN strategic plan and processes


Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich

Main mailing list:

For Member votes: 


At-Large Operations, Finance and Budget Working Group Action Items

ICANN Finance and Operations WG Timetable for Input into ICANN Finance and Planning Activities

Activity (2021-2022)

ICANN LaunchDeadline for Community CommentOFB-WG LeadDraft Comment Final CommentStatus

Proposed Supplemental Fund for Implementation of Community Recommendations 

FY21 Strategic Outlook

FY23 IANA Operating Plan and BudgetMid-OctoberMid-November

FY23 ICANN Operating Plan and BudgetMid-December End of January

Additional Budget RequestsLate NovemberEnd of JanuaryFBSC 


The 2019-2020 participants of the  Operations, Finance and Budget Working (OFBWG), organized by regional affiliation, are noted below. 


Holly RaicheInterim Chair
Maureen HilyardAdvisor
AFRALO/RALOAziz HilaliMember
AFRALO/ALACDave KissoondoyalMember
APRALO/RALOSatish BabuMember
APRALO/ALACJustine ChewMember
EURALO/RALOSébastien BacholletMember
EURALO/ALACMatthias HudobnikMember
LACRALO/RALOCarlos Leal SaballosMember
LACRALO/ALACCarlos Raúl GutiérrezMember
NARALO/RALOJudith HellersteinMember
NARALOJavier Rúa-JovetMember
AFRALOAbdeldjalil Bachar BongParticipant
AFRALOSarata OmaneParticipant
AFRALOBukola OrontiParticipant
AFRALOJoan KatambiParticipant
AFRALORaymond MamattahParticipant
AFRALOSarah KidenParticipant
AFRALOSonigitu EkpeParticipant
AFRALOMichel Tchonang LinzeParticipant
AFRALOPatricia Esther AkelloParticipant
APRALOFouad BajwaParticipant
APRALONadira AlArajParticipant
APRALOHolly RaicheParticipant
EURALOClément GentyParticipant
EURALOJoanna KuleszaParticipant
EURALORicardo Holmquist
EURALOMatthias HudobnikParticipant
LACRALOKerry KerrParticipant
LACRALOVanda ScarteziniParticipant
NARALOMarita MollParticipant

*Please note that the RALO appointed Members have voting rights only for the annual ICANN Additional Budget Request (ABR) process. All other OFBWG Activities will aim to work by consensus of both Member and Participants. 


Next Call: 13 May 2021

Last Call: 26 April 2021

Policy Advice and Comments Workspaces

2020 ALAC Policy Comments & Advice

OFB-WG Recommendation Prioritization Sub-Group 

Finance and Budget Issues

Approved FY21-25 Operating and Financial Plan and the FY21 Budget

ICANN Strategic Plan FY21-FY25

At-Large FY21 Budget Development Workspace (for the development of FY21 Additional Budget Requests)

At-Large FY20 Additional Budget Request Implementation Workspace

An Update Regarding the Board’s Operational Priorities- Blog by ICANN Board Chair Maarten Botterman; 13 May 2020

Operational Initiatives

Multistakeholder Model Issues

Organizational Review Issues


ALAC Subcommittee on Finance and Budget - Previous FBSC Workspace (archived in May 2020)


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