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At-Large Workspace: Draft ICANN FY25 Plans12 February 2024ADOPTEDOFB-WGRicardo Holmquist Claire Craig Cheryl Langdon-Orr Marita Moll Jonathan Zuck Justine Chew 01 February 202406 February 202406 February 202409 February 202412 February 2024planning@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1223-02-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Draft PTI FY25 Operating Plan and Budget12 February 2024ADOPTEDOFB-WGRicardo Holmquist Claire Craig Cheryl Langdon-Orr 01 February 202406 February 202406 February 202409 February 202412 February 2024planning@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1223-01-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Draft Final Report of the 2023 Africa Domain Name Industry Study08 February 2024ADOPTEDCPWGHadia Elminiawi @Hervé Hounzandji  Levy Syanseke Adebunmi Akinbo 

06 February 202408 February 202409 February 2024brian.gutterman@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1223-03-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Draft Report of the Root Zone DNSSEC Algorithm Rollover Study04 December 2023NO STATEMENT CPWG

19 October 2023,

At-Large Workspace: Pilot Holistic Review Revised Draft Terms of Reference27 November 2023ADOPTEDOFB-WGCheryl Langdon-Orr Vanda Scartezini Bill Jouris Daniel Khauka Nanghaka Sebastien Bachollet 14 November 202314 November 202317 November 202324 November 202327 November 2023jason.kean@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0923-01-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Closed Generics Advice to the Board09 November 2023ADOPTEDCPWGAlan Greenberg 

13 November 202317 November 202309 November 2023

At-Large Workspace: Proposed Updates to Existing Rights Protection Mechanisms Documentation03 October 2023NO STATEMENT CPWG

At-Large Workspace: ccNSO Proposed Policy for a Specific ccTLD Related Review Mechanism28 September 2023ADOPTEDCPWG

Michael Palage 

20 September 202326 September 202327 September 2023bart.boswinkel@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0823-02-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: ccNSO PDP4 Initial Report on the (de-)selection of IDNccTLDs27 September 2023ADOPTEDCPWGHadia Elminiawi 27 September 202327 September 202329 September 202303 October 202327 September 2023bart.boswinkel@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0823-03-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: ALAC Proposal for Subsequent Procedures Recommendation 17.2 on Applicant Support18 August 2023ADOPTEDCPWG

Justine Chew 

14 August 202317 August 202318 August 202318 August 2023

Steve Chan

Marika Konings

At-Large Workspace: ALAC Input on Transfer Policy PDP Charter Recommendations Phase 2 G325 July 2023ADOPTEDCPWGSteinar Grøtterød 10 July 202317 July 202319 July 202324 July 202325 July AL-ALAC-CO-0623-02-00-EN 
At-Large Workspace: ALAC Input on Closed Generics Draft Framework15 July 2023ADOPTEDCPWGJonathan Zuck Hadia Elminiawi 12 July 202313 July 202319 July 202324 July 202315 July 2023melissa.allgood@icann.orgAL-ALAC-CO-0623-03-00-EN 
Amendments to the Base gTLD RA and RAA to Modify DNS Abuse Contract Obligations13 July 2023ADOPTEDCPWGAlan Greenberg 05 July 202306 July 202307 July 202312 July 202319 July 2023globalsupport@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0623-01-00-EN
Correspondence - Latin Script RZ-LGR Variants | ALAC Chair to GNSO Chair (.Quebec)22 June 2023ADOPTEDCPWGJonathan Zuck  22 June 2023

22 June 2023

Phase 1 Initial Report on the Internationalized Domain Names EPDP19 June 2023ADOPTEDCPWGJustine Chew Satish Babu Hadia Elminiawi Abdulkarim Ayopo Oloyede 07 June 202312 June 202320 June 202326 June 202319 June 2023policy-staff@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0523-01-00-EN
Bylaws Amendments and Documents to Implement the NomCom2 Review29 May 2023ADOPTEDOFB-WGJudith Hellerstein Yrjo Lansipuro 12 May 202319 May 202323 May 202325 May 202326 May 2023evin.erdogdu@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0523-02-00-EN
Proposed Renewal of the Registry Agreement for .NET25 May 2023ADOPTEDCPWGMichael Palage Bill Jouris 23 May 202324 May 202325 May 202331 May 202325 May, karla.hakansson@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0423-01-00-EN
Initial Report on the RZERC Charter Review08 May 2023NO STATEMENTCPWG

At-Large Workspace: IANA Naming Function Review Bylaws Changes18 April 2023NO STATEMENTOFB-WG

At-Large Workspace: Additional Script-Based Reference Label Generation Rules and Related Updates03 March 2023NO STATEMENTCPWG and

At-Large Workspace: Proposed Procedure for Selecting a Top-Level Domain String for Private Use28 February 2023NO STATEMENTCPWG

At-Large Workspace: Draft FY24–28 Operating & Financial Plan and Draft FY24 Operating Plan & Budget13 February 2023RATIFIEDOFB-WGRicardo Holmquist Holly Raiche 02 February 202303 February 202306 February 202310 February 202313 February 2023planning@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1222-01-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Initial Report on the ccNSO PDP Review Mechanism23 January 2023ADOPTEDCPWGLianna Galstyan Hadia Elminiawi 11 January 202313 January 202318 January 202322 January 202323 January 2023bart.boswinkel@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1122-01-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Final Report from the EPDP on Specific Curative Rights Protections for IGOs16 January 2023NO STATEMENTCPWGYrjo Lansipuro Justine Chew 


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