Work Track AreaWork Group Area and Responsibilities Work Track LeadCo-Chairs, Liaisons, etcStatusReferences


Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG)Jonathan Zuck

Olivier Crepin-Leblond 

On-goingLink to CPWG workspace

CPWG Charter

Policy Course

Position Development Workflow

Workgroup Participation Framework

Consensus Tools

ICANN Meeting Talking Points

to be completed by the AGM of 2021


COMPLETED. -  Position Description. 

Link to relevant workspaces
Operational, Finance and Budget Working Group (OFBWG)Maureen Hilyard

Holly Raiche

Ricardo Holmquist

Finance and Operating Plans and Budget Updates
Becky Nash & the Finance Planning CommitteeInitial sessions taken by Becky and her team on ICANN Planning Process - webinars - COMPLETEDICANN Operating Plans 2021-2025

Operating Plan Priority Topics

  1. Strengthening the Multi-Stakeholder Model
  2. Strengthening ICANN Community's Decision-Making Processes
  3. Universal Acceptance
  4. Planning at ICANN
  5. Monitor ICANN's Legislation that may impact on ICANN's mission

Marita Moll

Ricardo Holmquist

Vanda Scartezini

Maureen Hilyard

Holly Raiche

Survey OFBWG to ascertain the top 5 Operating Plan topics for study and design of an activity for the WG (including a future ABR (?)) COMPLETED
Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FBSC)
ALAC and RALO  community members

COMPLETED - Training programme for FBSC - 2 training sessions (10 & 14 Dec 2020)

COMPLETED - Final submissions for ABRs due by 29 January 2021 - (see: At-Large FY22 Budget Development Workspace)

ABRs announced in May 2021

Additional Budget Requests FY21/22

Annual ICANN Budgets FY21/22

Small Group Feedback on Reviews, CCWG reports, etc

Cheryl Langdon Orr

ATRT3 & WS2 &  SubPro Team members 


Sub Pro Report, ATRT3 Report, WS2 Report


O&E SubcommitteeJoanna Kulesza

Daniel Nanghaka

O&E Regional Leaders 

ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement
O&E Strategy Implementation
Daniel Nanghaka2021 Report due by AGM 2021ICANN FY21 At-Large Virtual Outreach and Engagement Strategy Workspace
O&E Regional Outreach Plans Implementation & Feedback
O&E Regional Leaders2021 RALO reports due by AGM 2021At-Large Regional Policy Engagement Program (ARPEP)
Social Media Working Group

Social Media 2021 Regional  Leaders - LAC, EU, NA

Lillian Ivette DuLuque Brugues (LAC)

Natalia Filina (EU)

Denise Hochbaum (NA)

At-Large Social Media Working Group

O&E Capacity Building Working group  (CBWG)*

Joanna Kulesza

Alfredo Calderon 
At-Large Capacity Building Working Group

Maureen Hilyard

Jonathan Zuck

Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Alan Greenberg

COMPLETED - Launch (April  2021) of - Welcome to our World (At-Large) and Guide to ICANN PDP (April 2021)

2021 Webinar Programme
Hadia El MiniawiOn-goingAt-Large Capacity Building Working Group
Ambassador Mentoring Programme

Ali AlMeshal

O&E Regional Liaisons

On-goingAPRALO Mentoring Program
Academic Engagement
Adam Peake
link to academic engagement wiki space
Expert Survey
Abdulkarim Oloyede
link to survey update page
Resource Database
Dave Kissoondoyal
link to database activity page

Operational OversightMaureen Hilyard
COMPLETED - ALAC Organigram and Regional Leaders' Chart At-Large Governance Home
Communications Strategy

COMPLETED - endorsed by the ALAC (29 January 2021)

At-Large Leadership Development

COMPLETED - At-Large Leadership Development Session (19 Nov 2020)

COMPLETED - Consensus Playbook Training (Melissa Allgood)

2020-11-19 2021 At-Large Leadership Intro and Leadership Development Call
ALAC Appointment Subcommittee
ALAC and RALO Community representatives 


  1. At-Large IGO Representative
  2. At-Large IDN EPDP Team
  3. CSC Representative
  4. Next Gen Mentor

ALS Mobilisation Working Party

Alan Greenberg

COMPLETED - endorsed by ALAC (8 Dec 2020)

Implementation to begin post-ICANN71. 

Bylaw changes to begin post-ICANN71

ALS Mobilization Final Report - Final report approved by the ALAC

Individual Members Working Party
Roberto GaetanoCOMPLETED - to be endorsed by ALAC (24 March 2021)

Unaffiliated Individuals Mobilization Working Party Report - Final report approved by the ALAC

Liaison with GAC

Yrjo Lansipuro

Joanna Kulesza

GAC Liaison - Shi Young Chang (Korea)GAC Liaison Reports
Liaison with GNSO

Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Justine Chew

ALAC Liaison to the GNSO Council Reports
Liaison with ccNSO

Barrack Otieno

Hadia El Miniawi

ALAC Liaison to the ccNSO Reports
Liaison with SSAC

Andrey Kolesnikov

no change proposed.

SSAC Liaison Reports
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