A. Objectives/Terms of Reference

The working group will consider the following aspects related to membership:

  1. Examine the existing provisions in our Rules of Procedure, and suggest new provisions or modifications to existing provisions relating to the obligations and responsibilities of individual members.
  2. Clearly stipulate the roles and responsibilities of the elected individual member representative and his/her relations vis-à-vis the APRALO Leadership Team
  3. Design a Code of Conduct document laying out expected standards of behavior and other related matters, which is intended to be shared with every newcomer to our community.
  4. The WG will make sure that all changes to the ROPs are consistent with the At-Large Review recommendations.

B. Additional Points that may need to be addressed

Some issues that may need to be clarified (tentative, there may be more)

  1. Unaffiliated Individual Member criteria
    1. Says the applicant should not be a member of an existing ALS: is this valid?
    2. Enforcing the above criteria: trust the initial affidavit or "trust but verify". How about ongoing verification?
  2. Role of UIM Representative
    1. Is he/she an APRALO LT Member?
    2. What are his/her eligibilities?
    3. Job description/deliverable (such as Periodic updates to the APRALO community)
  3. The Election Process
    1. How to avoid conflicting leadership positions in APRALO and other ICANN positions
    2. Process of Nominations and Elections (for instance, should we forbid expression of support from the community on the list?)
  4. Membership type
    1. Need for an Associate Member category? (The recent case of China Internet Development Foundation)
  5. Membership status
    1. Affirming the current types of association
      1. ALS Representative
      2. Member of an APRALO ALS
      3. Unaffiliated Individual Member
      4. Subscriber of apac-discuss mailing list
    2. Periodic purge of apac-discuss list?
    3. Term of appointment for Individual members?
    4. Deregistration of ALSes
    5. Any ALAC-level decisions on membership post-ATLAS III
  6. Code of Conduct
    1. Updating Expected Standards of Behaviour/Code of Conduct
    2. An APRALO Starter Pack?

C. Timeline 

  • The drafting team will obtain clearance from ICANN legal department
  •  The process of adoption of the new rules will include approval by APRALO membership.
  • Timeline - Target (Before the next GA)

Mailing list: apralo-rop-review@icann.org

Next Call: 27 January 2022 - CANCELLED

Previous Call: 29 November 2021

Satish Babu
Ali Al Meshal
Fouad Bajwa
Nitin Walia 
Cheryl Langdon-Orr
Lianna Galstyan
Shreedeep Rayamajhi
Amrita Choudhury
Hanan Khatib
Jay Paudyal
Naveed Bin Rais
Farha Diba
Syuzan Marukhyan
Mahee Bandara
Priyatosh Jana
Shaila Sharmin
Mohammad Kawsar Uddin
Maureen Hilyard
Amal Ramzi Al-saqqaf

Review of RoP Provisions relating to Unaffiliated Individual Membership

Review of the remaining RoP Provisions

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  1. For individual members, i think the rules mention they cannot be members of ALS. However, there are many individual members who are part of an ALS. Perhaps this needs to be discussed

    1. This suggests a lack of monitoring and action taken to enforce RoP paragraph, especially where an existing unaffiliated individual member changes his/her status which disqualifies him/her from unaffiliated individual membership but does not then inform APRALO LT/Secretariat/ At-Large Staff of such change.   

      Is it unreasonable to rely solely on the good faith of unaffiliated individual member declarations?
      If yes, the perhaps whenever individual members representatives of ALSes are asked to confirm their ongoing status for their respective ALSes, the same can be done for unaffiliated individual members?
      If no, then the question becomes who's operational responsibility is it to actively monitor the qualification of each existing unaffiliated individual member? 

      1. Yes justine we cannot rely solely on good faith of applicants and their declaration. Perhaps when a request for individual memebr comes, the ALS's from that region can be specifically asked to confirm if the person is a member of their ALS apart from the generalised mail that is sent when application for ALS's come in

  2. I think there needs to be clarity in terms of how we will define the members of ALS and individual member. There can be situation  where People can be a member of an organization but they do not want to identified as a member or the association.

    Apart from that Internet society chapters are there where most of the community leaders are associated in such cases there can be an issue of Association with Individual Members.