April 2014 APRALO Spotlight ALS: PICISOC & CIIAG:

 PICISOC & CIIAG presentation


February 2014 APRALO Spotlight ALS:

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January 2014 APRALO Spotlight ALS: CDNUA

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December  2013 APRALO Spotlight ALS: NetMission.Asia





  • To select and prepare NetMission Ambassadors to further the vision and mission of the program
  • To support the autonomous development of positive initiatives for the Internet community at large by youth
  • To engage a network of young people to dedicate their time and efforts in supporting digital inclusion and the development of projects, policies and ideas to further the open and collaborative spirit of the Internet;
  • To empower young minds, through training, exchange opportunities, International conferences and community projects, to constructively contribute to the local, regional and global Internet governance discourse.
  • To encourage the further empowerment of young participants to advance, protect and defend the open and multi-stakeholder development, governance and use of a respectable and harmonious Internet environment for the benefit of all people in Asia and throughout the world


The NetMission Ambassadors (NetMission.Asia) program aims to bring together a network of dedicated young volunteers devoted towards promoting and contributing towards digital inclusion, Internet governance as well as a respectable and harmonious Internet environment.

The vision of NetMission is that the empowerment of, and the informed perspectives and participation from young digital natives, provide substantive and constructive enrichment to the multi-stakeholder Internet governance discourse, globally and locally, now and into the future.

Presentation (NetMission.Asia)

November  2013 APRALO Spotlight ALS: Armenian Association for the Disabled "PYUNIC" (PHOENIX)

PRESENTATION Pyunic Presentation.ppt


  • Created in February 1989 to provide programs and services to the children who were disabled by the December 7, 1988 earthquake in Armenia.
  • Registered as a charitable organization in 1990.
  • More than 70 volunteers and twenty staff members provide year-round services and programs to people, particularly children and young adults with disabilities in Armenia.
  • Supported by the citizens, Presidential funds and Government of Armenia, the Diaspora, local, international and humanitarian organizations including Aznavour pour l’Armenie, Y-Care International, World Vision Armenia, OXFAM, the United Nations Women’s Guild of Vienna, Medecins Sans Frontieres, International Federation of the Red Cross, Norwegian Refugee Council, Canadian, US, UK and Finnish Embassies, USAID, World Rehabilitation Fund, Save the Children Foundation, UNHCR, Women Guild of Vienna, “Arminco” CJSC, “Unicomp” CJSC, Antares Media Holding, Counterpart International, UNDP  among others.


Integration of the disabled into the society through their physical, social, psychological rehabilitation, protection of their rights, assistance to their health and educational issues, creation of income generating business for them and development of national sports for the disabled.


  • Promote physical, social and psychological rehabilitation of the disabled.
  • Utilize sports to develop strong bodies and active minds.
  • Develop skills to meet challenges of life for the disabled.
  • Disabled rights protection.
  • Public education through dissemination of information on the issues of disability.
  • Prosthetic services.
  • Income generating business for the disabled

October  2013 APRALO Spotlight ALS: Internet Society Bahrain Chapter

Since its inception in 2002 Bahrain Internet Society (BIS) strived to serve the community of Bahrain by spreading awareness on the benefits of Internet and ICT and working towards an efficient e-Bahrain:

To achieve these objectives, BIS is

1- Conducting hands-on training for citizens on computers and Internet fundamentals.

2- Conducting generic and specialized seminars, workshops and forums.

3- Organizing Web awards to encourage the innovative and effective use of technology.

4- Providing advise and consultancy to entities on technology related matters.

BIS also participates in organizing various conferences and forums such as MENA ICT Conference 2010, in addition to representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in international events such as the World Summit Award in eContent (WSA).

For more information about our activities visit the Engagement and the projects pages.

BIS membership has been opened up again for those who are interested to participate in the projects, activities and the events of the society, and this is by sending an e-mail to: membership@bis.org.bh

Follow BIS on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BahrainInternetSociety and Twitter @InternetBH


September  2013 APRALO Spotlight ALS: New Zealand Maori Internet Society

NZMIS is an on-line Maori advocacy group formed 1997 and incorporated in 2000 that represents and consults with the online Maori community. NZMIS is a bottom up, transparent organisation that is the voice of its members. NMIZS has over 2000 active members.

We are the only authoritative and grass roots level Maori ICT group and the only group with a well proven track record and experts.

NZMIS represents the on-line Maori community at all levels of society from representation, safety, education and Internet governance. We lobby politicians about new laws and proposals, the internet governing body of the world and in New Zealand. We also assist individuals  Iwi and other groups with on-line issues such as racism, Intellectual Property theft, cyber bullying, representation, education or seeking an appropriate organisation to seek further assistance from. We are often asked to recommend experts to various panels and advisory roles due to our long established and neutral ethics.


The web is in a new era of some of the most significant changes that have multiple serious effects on Māori culture and Intellectual Property for decades to come. This includes Spectrum, Broadband, Copyright and new domain names. NZMIS are on the forefront to represent its members and to provide education.



August 2013 APRALO Spotlight ALS: Computer Society of India (CSI)

Computer Society of India (CSI) was established in 1965 as a not-for-profit society, bringing together multiple constituencies such as computer professionals, industry, academia, students and computer users. While the initial group that provided leadership were largely drawn from the Research and Academic communities, the nearly 50 years of growth of CSI has brought together a fully diverse set of constituencies.

Membership and Structure
CSI had 105,000 members as of 31 March 2013. A large proportion of the members are students.

CSI is organized as Regions (7 internal and one international); Divisions (five thematic areas); and Special Interest Groups (22 as of March 2013). The Office Bearers of CSI (President, Vice President-cum-President-elect, Secretary and Treasurer), as well as the ExeCom (consisting of Chairs of Divisions and Regions) are elected, with annual or biannual terms. CSI has about 72 Chapters and about 500 Student Branches as of mid-2013.

CSI carries out several activities of interest to its membership as well as external stakeholders such as the Government and society at large. These include Conferences, Seminars & Workshops, Training & Capacity building programmes, socially-relevant projects, and e-Governance programmes.

CSI became an ICANN ALS in 2012, under the stewardship of Satish Babu, who was President at the time.








































































































































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