At-Large WorkstreamStrategic Priority AreasInitiatives 

Minimize DNS Abuse

  • support increased enforcement
  • review bulk registrations
  • Promote research
  • DAAR Expansion

Broaden regional, economic, community and linguistic participation in the next round

  • Applicant Support
  • Contention resolution reform
  • IDN Support

Broader availability of data for policy development purposes

  • Support Open Data initiative

Data accuracy and access to registration data

  • Support RDRS
  • Promote data accuracy efforts

Preserve and enhance end user "Seat at the Table"

  • MSM Participation
  • Budget Analysis
  • Push for Participation (Closed Generics)
  • Engage on Public Advocacy

    • Holistic Review

  • Pilot Review participation

Evaluate and Improve At-Large Engagement 

At-Large Loop

    • Engagement Experiments
    • Build "Engagement Engine"
    • Campaign Playbook

Establish Performance Metrics

  • ALAC
    • Call Participation
    • Committee Participation
  • RALOs
    • Outreach initiatives
    • Recruitment
    • Engagement Initiatives

Align Travel with Utility and Performance Metrics

  • Re-start metrics efforts
  • Develop metrics/utility model for travel

Initiate Continuous Improvement efforts

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