January - December 2015

APRALO - ICANN APAC HUB PILOT FRAMEWORK - Within the framework of APRALO collaboration with APAC Hub the series of webinars for APRALO members. All recording and transcripts of webinars will be provided after each webinar. At-Large staff will work on this in collaboration with APAC hub and ICANN's translation-request teams. During the period starting from April 2015 till December 2015 one webinar per month will be organized: The topics of the planned webinars are posted at APRALO Capacity Building Webinar Series, under Focus Ares 2: Leveraging APAC for Capacity & Capacity Building.

          Based on the survey conducted among APRALO ALSs, the following topics for webinars to be conducted for end users during 2015 year has been agreed by APRALO Leadership team, APAC HUB staff and ICANN At-Large staff:

List of Webinars 2015:

09 April 2015: IDNs (jointly with APAC Hub Webinar)  

May: [Basic] Internet Governance (including ICANN and multi stakeholder model)  

June: [Basic] Basic DNS and DNS Ecosystem 

July: [Intermediate] New gTLD program / ccTLDs  

Aug: [Intermediate] WHOIS, Universal Acceptance  

Sep: [Advanced] DNS Security and DNS Abuse

Oct: [Advanced] Privacy and IP  

Nov: [Others] …Update on IANA transition (where are we now?)

 Dec: [Others] … TBD

June - August 2014


  1. APRALO General Assembly 2014-06-25, London, June 25, 2014

  2. APRALO Webinar with APNIC on Policy Development - APNIC Presentation on Policy Development Capacity Building - Adam Gosling - 90 minutes, August 12, 2014

  3. APRALO - ICANN APAC HUB PILOT FRAMEWORK - Draft document is HERE. The deadline for comments is August 31st, 2014

  4. APRALO members to provide feedback for improvement of the At-Large site - http://atlarge.icann.org/, the deadline is end of August

April - May 2014

Reminders - Preparation for ATLAS II

  1. Participation from ALSs in ATLAS II Working Groups is needed - List of WGs - At-Large Summit Working Group (ALL)
  2. ATLAS II Fayre of Opportunities - APRALO to prepare the list of local music (Pavan is leading), and APRALO table in London (Maureen and Siranush are leading)
  3. Participation of ALL ALSs in ATLAS II Pre Webinars - Participation is MANDATORY (ALL). Check and Follow all the e-mails coming to ATLAS II participants, related to Pre-webinars participation and make all efforts to be available:

    a) PRE-ATLAS II Capacity Building Program on the Topic COMMUNICATIONS (recording is available)

    b) PRE-ATLAS II Capacity Building Program on the Topic IPv4-IPv6 Migration

    Pre-ATLAS II Capacity Building Webinars - see the full list of all webinars

  4. ATLAS II List of Participants - ATLAS II Participants, check if the info is updated (ALL)

  5. APRALO Monthly meeting on April 24, 05:00-06:00 UTC - ALL 

February 2014


  1. APRALO Singapore Showcase Organising Committee meeting February 6, 600UTC
  2. APRALO Rules of Procedure meeting February 20 600UTC
  3. APRALO meeting February 25, 600UTC
  4. MOUs for APRALO and APNIC and APTLD - on the Policy Development Page
  5. ALAC meeting February 25 1500UTC

Message from the APRALO Chair, following on from our APRALO meeting - February 25

Current issues to be followed up:

a) I would like to thank all those who volunteered for ATLAS II different WGs and ask for more volunteers to support in the summit preparatory works. Olivier Crepin- Leblond, Eduardo Diaz and Carlos Dionisos Aguirre are invited to participate in the next APRALO monthly meeting in Singapore on March 26nd to provide more details for the upcoming ATLAS II Summit in London.

b) CROPP requests and FY15 budget special projects requests - You are welcome to submit to RALO leadership's attention requests to be included. Please, sent you requests to me for FY15 budget requests by March 4, 2014, and for CROPP requests to APRALO members of this committee - Ali and Cheryl.  

c) ALS Spotlight - We need volunteers from ALSs to have the opportunity to do a presentation of their ALS to the whole APRALO community during the next monthly calls (in March, April and May). Those who would like to make a presentation, please, send a note to me at siranush_vardanyan@hotmail.com.

Please, note, that next APRALO monthly call will take place in Singapore (f2f), on March 26, at 08:00-09:00 local time. Looking forward to seeing many of you in person in Singapore and thank you once again for your cooperation.


SiranushAPRALO Acting Chair

January 2014 - Happy New Year everyone


1. Meeting of the Singapore Showcase committee on January 14 - here is the link:

APRALO Singapore Showcase OC 2014-01-14

APRALO Singapore Showcase OC 2014-01-14 Action Items

Next meeting: 2014-02-06 600UTC

2. APRALO meeting - Tuesday 28th January 500UTC. 

December 2013

Action Items from our December APRALO meeting

 1. MOU with APNIC.-  APRALO will have the whole month of January to send comments. 

The MOU draft can be found @ APRALO MOU with APNIC    Goal: To have the official signing in Singapore.

If you have any comments, please, send those to Maureen and Holly during January, after that the final version will be prepared to be officially signed during Singapore meeting.

This version has mention of the meetings and training added, so this is without further comments, this is what will be signed in Singapore

2.  Requesting a volunteer for the Spotlight  for January 2014 ???
3.  Review of the APRALO Rules of Procedure :

The [consensus was taken] to endorse the review of the APRALO ROPs

The workspace (and charter) can be found @ APRALO Rules of Procedures Review 2013-14

4.  ICANN 49th Singapore - APRALO Showcase

Brainstorming ideas for the showcase on 4 Dec @  APRALO Singapore Showcase OC 2013-12-04

Any other ideas please add to the workspace, especially for any sponsorship of showcase accessories

information about ICANN 49 venue etc @  http://singapore49.icann.org/en/ 

A draft showcase programme is @ APRALO 49th meeting - Singapore 2014 - APRALO Events

Emani is sponsoring 150 red lanyards which will have text "ICANN 49 - SINGAPORE. APRALO". Siranush will ask Emani to move on this

5. What budget is required for the Singapore Showcase? 

We are in the process of identifying some sponsors for this, and several people who participated in the call mentioned that already started the works on that, which is really appreciated and needed.

According to the suggestions, the Staff will post in the wiki space for Showcase (https://community.icann.org/display/APRALO/APRALO+Singapore+Showcase+OC+2013-12-04++Action+Itemsthe approximate amount for catering budget and other items needed to be prepared for the event. 

If you have any ideas for the showcase or sponsorship, please notify me (Siranush Vardanyan at siranush_vardanyan@hotmail.combefore 10th of January 2014, which will be prior to the next monthly meeting of Showcase Organizing Committee.

Once there is a better idea of what is planned, with a draft budget, an action item will be taken to approach APNIC (and maybe auDA as well) for showcase support.

6. Singapore meeting - Multi-stakeholder forum on consumer metrics

-  Holly to request ideas on the mail list.

7. ALAC Metrics 

Please add more comments on workspace @  ALAC Could do workspace - ALAC Metrics - discussion

-  The deadline to submit comments is January 8th. (Before the next metrics meeting)

8. ALAC Finance and Budget Sub Committee:

There are two members representing the ALAC on the committee at the moment - Cheryl LO and Rafid Fatani.

CLO mentioned it would be good to have a third (regional)  member for the FBSC. Volunteer from among the APRALO ALSes?  

Those who have background in finance and are interested to serve in this committee, please, send your name to Siranush and/or ICANN staff by December 25, 2013.

To learn more about FBSC, please, visit the wiki space , direct link is here: ALAC Subcommittee on Finance and Budget

9. CROPP:  Community Regional Outreach Pilot programme

Our CROPP representative is ALi AlMeshal. Read about the programme @  Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (FY14)

We need to identify ASAP what are the major events taking place in APRALO region during the period

from February-June 2014 (we are already aware about APRICOT 2014). If you are aware of such events, which will meet the criteria of the program, please, send your suggestions via this mailing list. To learn more about the program, please, visit: https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=43982055    

10. ATLAS II meeting in London - (At Large Summit)

More information about the ATLAS II meeting @  ATLAS II Charter

The Summit is specifically for ICANN ALSes. One person will be invited from each ALS.

Please join a working group @  At-Large Summit Working Group

There will be a special webinar 2 hrs for the GA. with interpretation. (question)

11. NEXT APRALO meeting (Jan 2014)

Staff will send a doodle to APRALO for the last Tuesday of Jan

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  1. Anonymous

    6. Singapore meeting - Multi-stakeholder forum on consumer metrics
    Holly: So the first question for us: can consumer metrics take up the two hour slot - with speakers and questions, or is there another pressing issue that we could put in the other slot.  My first thought is that we could use one hour for consumer metrics and the other for the Brazil meeting issues - maybe a report back from both OCL and the NCUC?
    Hong: I agree that BR meeting or iNET will be interesting to multiple SGs indeed. I suggest we involve the ALAC Future Challenge WG (if it still exist) for organization, unless ALAC has had other mechanism after London HLMT. Regarding the metrics, I had a second thought. It sounds in AP regions. Perhaps we call simply it "consumer protection--standards and measures in DNS or under the TLDs?".
    Hong Xue
  2. Anonymous

    2.  Requesting a volunteer for the Spotlight  for January 2014 ???

    Chinese Domain Name Users Alliance (CDNUA) volunteers.