The following abbreviations have been used throughout this section of the CROP Wiki Space:

  • BC = Business Constituency
  • IPC = Intellectual Property Constituency
  • ISPC = Internet Services Providers Constituency
  • NCUC = Non-Commercial Users Constituency
  • NPOC = Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency

GNSO Constituency Approved Outreach Strategic Plans

Strategic PlanPerson
StatusDate Approved
BC Outreach Strategic PlanAndrea GlandonAPPROVED13-Oct-2017
IPC Outreach Strategic PlanChantelle Doerksen, on behalf of Kiran MalancharuvilAPPROVED27-Feb-2018
ISPC Outreach Strategic PlanChantelle DoerksenAPPROVED20-Jul-2017
NCUC Outreach Strategic PlanMaryam BakoshiAPPROVED20-Jul-2017
NPOC Outreach Strategic PlanMaryam BakoshiAPPROVED29-Aug-2017

The following report automatically updates itself based upon completed/approved Trip Proposals and is not editable except by CROP Administrators.

GNSO Constituency Trip Approval Status Report

Trip ProposalApp DateTravelersEvent NameInter-Regional or Out-of-RegionRegionReturn DateAssessment DueAssessment Approved
BC Trip Proposal 104-Jan-20181WITSA Board of Directors/ Committee Meetings and World Congress on IT (WCIT) 2018RegionalAsia22-Feb-201815-Mar-201829-Aug-2018
BC Trip Proposal 224-Jan-20181BC Outreach event with Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce 3-11-18 (and subsequent meetings around ICANN61) RegionalNorth America16-Mar-201806-Apr-201814-May-2018
BC Trip Proposal 302-Feb-20181WSIS Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, March 19-23, 2018   Out-of-regionEurope24-Mar-201814-Apr-2018

BC Trip Proposal 401-May-20181ICANN62RegionalLatin America and Caribbean29-Jun-201820-Jul-201822-Aug-2018
BC Trip Proposal 503-May-20181ICANN62RegionalLatin America and Caribbean29-Jun-201820-Jul-201810-Jul-2018
IPC Trip Proposal 122-Mar-20181International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition Inc. (IACC) 2018 Annual Spring ConferenceRegionalNorth America19-May-201809-Jun-2018

IPC Trip Proposal 213-Apr-20181ICANN62Out-of-regionLatin America and Caribbean29-Jun-201820-Jul-201817-Jul-2018
IPC Trip Proposal 329-Mar-20181INTA Annual MeetingRegionalNorth America24-May-201814-Jun-2018

IPC Trip Proposal 405-Apr-20181INTA Annual MeetingRegionalNorth America24-May-201814-Jun-2018

IPC Trip Proposal 517-Apr-20181ICANN62 PanamaRegionalLatin America and Caribbean29-Jun-201820-Jul-2018

ISPC Trip Proposal 108-Mar-20181African Internet Summit (AIS)RegionalAfrica12-May-201802-Jun-201829-Aug-2018
ISPC Trip Proposal 320-Mar-20181International Telecoms Week (ITW) is the annual meeting for the global wholesale telecoms industry, providing a platform for 6,743 delegates from 1,944 companies and more than 140 countries to meet together and network.RegionalNorth America10-May-201831-May-201817-Jul-2018
ISPC Trip Proposal 424-Apr-20181ICANN62Out-of-regionLatin America and Caribbean29-Jun-201820-Jul-2018

NCUC Trip Proposal 114-Dec-20171Internet Freedom Festival The Global Unconference of the Internet Freedom Communities   RegionalEurope10-Mar-201831-Mar-201826-Mar-2018
NCUC Trip Proposal 210-Jan-20181WSIS Forum 2018 Out-of-regionEurope24-Mar-201814-Apr-2018

NCUC Trip Proposal 306-Mar-20181RightsConRegionalNorth America19-May-201809-Jun-2018

NCUC Trip Proposal 406-Mar-20181LACNIC 29RegionalLatin America and Caribbean05-May-201826-May-2018

NCUC Trip Proposal 526-Mar-20181African Internet Summit (AIS)RegionalAfrica12-May-201802-Jun-2018

NPOC Trip Proposal 118-Oct-20171AfIGF - Africa IGF 2017. The 6th edition of AfIGF - Africa Internet Governance ForumRegionalAfrica07-Dec-201728-Dec-2017

NPOC Trip Proposal 202-Nov-20171IGF 2017: Geneva, Switzerland, 18-21 DecemberOut-of-regionEurope22-Dec-201712-Jan-2018

NPOC Trip Proposal 305-Apr-20181EuroDIGRegionalEastern Europe and Central Asia07-Jun-201828-Jun-2018

NPOC Trip Proposal 410-May-20181ICANN62 Panama RegionalLatin America and Caribbean29-Jun-201820-Jul-2018

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