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Trip Proposals must be approved within the Organization/Structure and Regional GSE Team at least six (6) weeks before the event start date.
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Person Completing Form

 Maryam Bakoshi






Trip Proposal Section


1) Number of Travelers:
(Note: Each traveler uses one trip of the total number
allocated to each organization/structure).  


2) Traveler Contact Information and Itinerary:

3) Special Travel Circumstances, Arrangements,
Explanations, or Notations: 
(Please identify each traveler, as applicable)
CROP will cover 19-23 March (4 days as in requirements) (Proposer will self fund any additional nights needed) Plane tickets should be 03 March - 24 March - Proposer asks for dates of ticket be earlier so as to prepare for this conference in side events.
4) Event/Conference Name, Title, or Descriptor:WSIS Forum 2018
5) Event/Conference Dates:
6) Event/Conference Website Link:
7) Primary Event/Conference Location:
City: GenevaCountry:Switzerland

8) Indicate whether it is a regional trip OR an out-of-region trip.

9) ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement Region:Europe

10) Activity Sponsors:
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in order to comply with ICANN travel guidelines).




11) Proposed Goals and Outcomes:

Content Guidelines (click here)

WSIS brings together ITU and UN engaged Internet policy participants and several community members from ICANN as well as other organizations like ISOC, IGF, IETF propose workshops and join as high-level speakers. Bringing DNS policy discussions to WSIS will help deepen the engagement of our members and identify policy makers who could collaborate with NCUC. It is important also to notice that WSIS and IGF have been increasingly collaborating and NCUC has had events organized in IGF and can increase its participation in the global arenas of debate in Internet policy.

NCUC has submitted a collaborative session to this event in Geonames, an important topic in ICANN and one proposer follows in WT5 participating in the Buddy/Mentor program collaborating in guidance to another NCUC member.

Proposal text and Open Consultation input

Note that if workshop proposal is not approved, proposer will do informal side events with the theme built collaborative with NCUC members.

Proposer is also investigating side events and partnerships. Previously proposer has done side events in South School Internet Governance Rio de Janeiro, Internet Freedom Festival and others. Proposer has also participated in other internet governance and security fora like IGF, Rightscon, Cryptorave, LACNIC and OAS events.  

Why you think your application should be considered?

This is proposer 4th year participating in different WSIS+10 and WSIS Forum events ( participated in 2015 WSIS+10 NYC, 2016 WSIS Forum Geneva (online), 2017 WSIS Forum Geneva). This will be also NCUC 3rd proposal sent to WSIS (one was sent by proposer and Ayden Ferdeline in 2016, another was sent by several NCUC members in 2017). Proposer was also accepted as high-level speaker in 2016 but could not attend the event onsite due to funding limitations.

Proposer is a penholder of a collaborative NCUC workshop and also sending inputs to WSIS Open Consultation Process. Proposal is in a topic submitted also for IGF Brazil and the approval of this session at this event led to the IGF Brazil funding participation of 2 NCUC members from underserved regions to the event. One NCUC member self funded to attend. The same proposal was one of the reasons a GAC member attended IGF Brazil. Proposer also arranged for remote participation of one of NCUC veteran members and volunteered for simultaneous translation.

In ICANN policy work, proposer is in all current GNSO PDPs as observer. In CCWG ACCT Diversity was a volunteer member, participating on the drafting team of the group's questionnaire, calls and helped with inputs latest versions of reports. Currently in WT5 buddy/mentor program with an NCUC newcomer. Proposer also briefly joined GNSO Review and the finalized working group SCI (Standing Committee for Improvements) as an alternate to Amr el Sadr. At GNSO SSC (Standing Selection Committee), proposer is NCUC appointed member with term predicted to end at AGM 2018, as discussed in group's last meeting. Proposer was EC LAC for 2 years before being NCUC Chair. In other spaces in ICANN, proposer collaborated in ICANN Fellowship both as fellow coach and collaborates in the new coaches working group and maintains a blog with coaching records ( With national GSE organized twice Rioinfo, Bytegirl, with regional GSE LAC Strategy in 2017 and SusinGA Advisory Council (engagement of Academia in ICANN). Proposer also did informal outreach for NCUC at InSIG 2016 and 2017.

12) Additional Information (optional):

Acknowledgements Section

Note: The first three elements below should be completed by a Program Coordinator (PC) designated by this organization/structure.

The participants identified in this application agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this FY18 Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) as outlined on the CROP Procedures & Guidelines page. Yes Maryam Bakoshi10-Jan-2018
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized the submission of this Trip Proposal.Yes Maryam Bakoshi10-Jan-2018
The ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-President has concurred that the Proposed Goals/Outcomes of this Trip Proposal are consistent with operational plans and/or strategies.Yes  Maryam Bakoshi10-Jan-2018
The CROP Staff Administrators confirm that this trip satisfies the program's terms, guidelines, and policies.Yes  Maryam Bakoshi10-Jan-2018
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Approved Travel Elements:

Arrival Date
Departure Date
Approved Fees 
Joanna Kulesza19-Mar-201823-Mar-2018

Per Diem

Staff Department Notifications:

Program RequirementDate Satisfied/ConfirmedInitialsNotes
Program Criteria Satisfied10-Jan-2018
Constituency Travel Notified10-Jan-2018
Travel Booking Initiated with Attendees16-Jan-2018
Welcome email sent
Other Disposition13-Feb-2018
MB -  REQUEST Updated to cover only hotel and per diem following withdrawal from original traveler due to unforeseen circumstances.  
Travel Booking Initiated with Attendees23-Feb-2018
 Welcome email sent
Travel Booking Completed/Confirmed28-Feb-2018

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Trip Proposal10-Jan-2018Trip Assessment

CROP Trip Proposal Template (May 2017)

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