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Trip Proposals must be approved within the Organization/Structure and Regional GSE Team at least six (6) weeks before the event start date.
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Person Completing Form

 Chantelle Doerksen






Trip Proposal Section


1) Number of Travelers:
(Note: Each traveler uses one trip of the total number
allocated to each organization/structure).  


2) Traveler Contact Information and Itinerary:

Marilyn Washington D.C.  USA18-Mar-201824-Mar-2018
3) Special Travel Circumstances, Arrangements,
Explanations, or Notations: 
(Please identify each traveler, as applicable)
For ICANN Travel- her request is fly out of IAD/Washington DC airport direct to Geneva, via United, for logistic reasons which can be provided upon request. Marilyn says that ICANN travel has always accommodated this request. Preference is to stay at Hotel Royal, if possible, to travel without cost from the hotel to the venue.  
4) Event/Conference Name, Title, or Descriptor:WSIS Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, March 19-23, 2018  
5) Event/Conference Dates:
6) Event/Conference Website Link:
7) Primary Event/Conference Location:
International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Place des Nations, 1202 Genève, Switzerland
City: GenevaCountry: Switzerland

8) Indicate whether it is a regional trip OR an out-of-region trip.

9) ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement Region:Europe

10) Activity Sponsors:
(Note: all event sponsors must be identified
in order to comply with ICANN travel guidelines).

United Arab Emirates, MIC Japan, Republic of Rwanda (RURA), Confederation of Switzerland, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Republic of Poland's Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), ICANN, International Federation for Information Processing (ifip), The International Network of Women Engineers & Scientists (INWES)

11) Proposed Goals and Outcomes:

Content Guidelines (click here)

The WSIS Forum, conducted once a year, is a major event for the follow up to the WSIS and the Sustainable Development Goals.    It is quite unique in that it attracts very senior attendance from governments and senior executives from companies in the High Level Panels.  It  offers an excellent opportunity for raising awareness about the Business Constituency (BC), as well as selected recruitment of companies that normally the BC does not have an opportunity to engage with, as well as offering an opportunity to interact with senior governmental officials -- both Ministers and Deputy Ministers, in particular from developing countries.   

During the WSIS Forum, there will be workshops conducted by ICANN; by the CCWG-IG at ICANN, and potentially the NCUC/At Large, as well as two unique opportunities to engage with business groups based in Geneva for Marilyn’s engagement opportunities described below:

-Participation in the ICANN booth to distribute BC Newsletters and updated Fact Sheet regarding the BC@ICANN

-Participation in the ICANN and CCWG-IG workshops as member of the BC

Informal bi-laterals with attending high level business speakers and governmental officials

-Scheduled briefing of the Rotary Club International/Geneva and invitation to become members of the BC

-Briefing of the Geneva Business Network, organized by Kathryn Hagen, and including representatives from such companies as Nestles’, IBM, CISCO, Accenture, Dupont, among others.

As a former High Level Panel Facilitator for WSIS Forum 2016, Marilyn has also unique access to the planning process and can help to provide BC Outreach Committee input into the planning process. She is also invited to the high level opening day dinner hosted by the Polish Mission which is attended by all the high level business speakers and high level governmental speakers.   

12) Additional Information (optional):

Explanation about Rotary International:  Rotary International has presence in 200 countries and 35,000 chapters.  Marilyn has established a preliminary relationship with the co founder of Geneva Rotary, and gained an invitation to meet with the full Board/Members during the WSIS Forum to discuss ICANN, and BC engagement.  Members of the Rotary Clubs are localized at the chapter level, so this could result in the opportunity to gain further the introductions into countries and regions with low business engagement in the BC. For instance, Marilyn is in discussion with Rotary to obtain an introduction for Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain, and 8 Eastern European countries which will provide additional opportunities to engage with companies that are from these countries.


Costs: CROP will cover about 75% of the cost, but Marilyn will self fund the extra two days of hotel and per diem expenses and local transport to ensure full attendance at the full WSIS Forum.

Acknowledgements Section

Note: The first three elements below should be completed by a Program Coordinator (PC) designated by this organization/structure.

The participants identified in this application agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this FY18 Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) as outlined on the CROP Procedures & Guidelines page. Yes Chantelle Doerksen02-Feb-2018Chantelle is submitting this information on behalf of Marylin Cade, and the BC Excomm.
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized the submission of this Trip Proposal.Yes Chantelle Doerksen02-Feb-2018 Submitting on behalf of the BC Excomm
The ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-President has concurred that the Proposed Goals/Outcomes of this Trip Proposal are consistent with operational plans and/or strategies.Yes Maryam Bakoshi05-Feb-2018 I’m happy to approve. There are some interesting activities listed in the proposal, including to have BC outreach events and BC material at the ICANN booth, so I’d be grateful if the BC would liaise with the ICANN Org coordinators for the WSIS Forum as early as possible to make it happen on the ground. I think the coordinator for us is the Government Engagement team, but need to double-check who exactly.
The CROP Staff Administrators confirm that this trip satisfies the program's terms, guidelines, and policies.Yes Maryam Bakoshi05-Feb-2018
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Arrival Date
Departure Date
Approved Fees 
 Marilyn Cade19-Mar-201822-Mar-2018

Per Diem

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Program Criteria Satisfied05-Feb-2018
Travel Booking Completed/Confirmed05-Feb-2018
Travel Booking Initiated with Attendees14-Feb-2018
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Travel Booking Completed/Confirmed27-Feb-2018

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