This Workspace has been created to assist the ALAC/At-Large community in developing FY21 Additional Budget Request (ABR) proposals. The ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-committee (FBSC) will review all proposals submitted and will agree on which to submit to ICANN on behalf of the ALAC.

FY21 ALAC/ALT Plus Criteria for Additional Budget Requests: (TBC)

  • In the post-ATLAS III environment, proposals should include activities that will make the entire At-Large community more effective in policy advice development. 
  • Outreach should not be a major focus. Activities to improve engagement with existing members is encouraged.
  • If any request is made on outreach, it should go through the CROP program or as a part of a larger ALAC request for RALO Discretionary Funding. 
  • RALO requests should be strategic and in line with their RALO's strategic outreach plans and must be endorsed by their RALO prior to being submitted for consideration by the FBSC.
  • Priority will also only be given to those who have provided draft reports as requested as part of the FY20 ABR approval language. Final reports must be submitted by the end of FY21. For Details see: At-Large FY20 Additional Budget Request Implementation Workspace .
  • Staff is currently expecting that basic resources for community communications/printing will be supported through the core ICANN budget, but that community proposals for printing , etc. will be accepted as a back-up in case expectations change.  Specific proposals for communications resources beyond simple printing and editing functions should be prepared and submitted.

Important Documents and Resources from ICANN Finance:

FY21 Additional Budget Request Timeline

The timeline and deliverables for the process are as follows:





Kick off and Submission period



In Progress
FBSC representatives and/or staff to send notice of opening of FY21 Additional Budget Request (ABR) process to RALOs02/12/201902/12/2019Completed
RALOs to review any ALS request or complete a template on behalf of the RALO and send requests to 

16/12/201906/01/2020 - extended to 08/01/2020 at 12:00 UTC. Completed
Discussion of Proposals with Finance and Policy Staff and FBSC06/01/202010/01/2020Completed
Revised proposals to be sent to the FBSC for final review.13/01/202017/01/2020Completed
The ALAC to review the proposed At-Large FY21 ABRs during their monthly call21/01/202021/01/2020Completed
The FBSC to review all the RALO requests.22/01/202024/01/2020Completed

Submissions Due – send to (IMPORTANT: At-Large staff will send all At-Large requests to




Preliminary review of requests by



SO/AC consultations at ICANN 67(by request, during Constituents’ Day)



Final assessments and recommendations by



ICANN Board Finance Committee Review and recommendation for approval to the Board



ICANN Board review and approval at May Board meeting




RequestPerson or Group SubmittingTitle of ProposalRequest NumberDescriptionComments by ICANN Staff Regarding Possible CollaborationFBSC Notes and DecisionStatus
ALACALAC/At-Large PlusAccess by RALOs for Funding of Local Engagement Activities 

Given the significant success of the RALO Discretionary Funding granted in FY18, FY19 and FY20, for FY21 the ALAC requests that each of the five RALO’s be given access up to $6,000 each for a total of $30k for targeted discretionary funds to permit the support of policy-related engagement activities as catering, meeting room rental for such activities as At-Large Structure read out sessions, registration fees, displays, graphics and travel within their region – as well as one cross-regional activity.

As shown by the number of useful activities requested and approved to date in the implementation of the similar FY20, FY19  and the FY18 approved Additional Budget Request for RALO Discretionary Funding, it is clear that an increase from $20k to $30k in FY21 will allow increased opportunities for At-Large members to participate in local, regional and even international policy-related engagement and outreach activities as they work to implement their At-Large Review and post-ATLAS III activities.

This is particularly the case given the At-Large Post-ATLAS III set of activities in outreach and engagement, capacity building, and communication as well as the At-Large Review Implementation, in particular Issue 2 on reducing barriers to ALS/individual participation and Issue 13 on the need for more systematic engagement in regional activities.

Giving the RALOs the ability to identify policy-related engagement and outreach activities which they can self-organize provides ICANN and the At-Large Structures with an efficient local team that is knowledgeable on ICANN policies. This results in grass-roots awareness-raising of ICANN in communities that are key for At-Large and ICANN.

All RALO Discretionary Funding requests are developed and reviewed according to criteria agreed to by the RALO leadership.

Funding has allowed for catering, printing costs and other activities associated with holding policy-related activities such as ALS readouts. The funding allows for regional travel which has been used for such activities as participation in regional Internet policy-related conferences and strengthening relations with regional Internet/DNS associations. The request for one international travel is meant to include recognized global events at which the requestor is presenting on an ICANN-related policy event on a topic that can’t be covered by an At-Large member in the region.  

These funds have seen year on year significant increase in the number of requests and successfully implemented local events. An additional year of ABR funding would allow this program to build on its success in allowing RALOs and At-Large Structures to reach out to and engage with local, regional and even international communities.


$30k in funds allocated to the At-Large RALOs for outreach and engagement activities. The funds will be managed by At-Large staff in collaboration with GSE and At-Large Regional Leadership based on agreed upon criteria.

Approve to continue with request of $30k.Submitted
ALACALAC on behalf of Judith HellersteinReal-time Captioning RTT of Zoom Meetings in English and Spanish

Seeking 12 hours of RTT services in English and 6 hours of RTT services in Spanish. The Spanish RTT will be off the Spanish interpretation that is already provided

Approve to submit.Submitted
ALACALAC on behalf of Dev Anand Teelucksingh and Glenn McKnight

At-Large Content Management System

Google doc

The support request is for the setup and maintenance of a content management system (CMS) for ICANN At-Large Community to share up to date news and updates about ICANN At-Large Community and its activities in a manner that

  • reduces duplicative efforts in sharing At-Large Community news and updates
  • makes At-Large Community news and updates more accessible to people on mobile devices
  • allows for easier, automatic sharing of At-Large Content news and updates on At-Large social media channels and At-Large Community members’ websites and their social media channels.
  • allows for better outreach to persons interested/involved in Internet Governance by making At-Large Community news and updates more discoverable via search engines and via social media so that such persons can decide to join and participate in the At-Large Community.

Currently a great deal of At-Large updates are done

  • via emails manually copied to multiple At-Large Community mailing lists which are mostly invisible to search engines and not conducive to sharing over Instant Messaging or social media.
  • via the At-Large wiki which is not easily accessible over mobile devices which makes for poor sharing via social media. The At-Large wiki also suffers by being a labyrinth to navigate making it confusing to even regular At-Large Community members as to where information on activities are located.
  • a separate update is done on the At-Large Calendar about meetings.
  • separate postings are done on At-Large social media mostly pointing to links on the At-Large wiki which is not easily accessible on mobile devices and confusing to non-At-Large Community persons who may stumble on the links
  • possible further updates to the At-Large website when an activity has passed.
  • This wastes a lot of effort manually copying and pasting information for emails, social media, updating wiki pages, calendars costing time, money and effort in just getting the information out. 

The proposed content management system would reduce such manual duplication by writing one post about At-Large news and updates and having that content automatically shared via email to At-Large mailing lists, to social media, be discoverable via search engines, accessible on mobile devices. At-Large members can have headlines from the At-Large Content Management System embedded on their websites. Write once, distribute everywhere.

At-Large Staff can be editors and At-Large Community members can submit posts about their ICANN activities in their language.

The proposed At-Large Community CMS is Wordpress, a popular CMS with relatively minimal hosting requirements and with a variety of plugins and themes. The funding request is to host this CMS outside of ICANN’s hosting so that ICANN’s security is maintained by not having cross-sharing of resources within

The anticipated direct costs are

  • $5 US /mth for a virtual server on Amazon Services or $60 US / year
  • cost of a domain name to point to the website. $25 US / year

In addition, Amazon Services offers additional services such as :

  • Amazon Translate ( which would allow for machine translation of articles in other languages, (such as from English to French and Spanish as well as content written in French and Spanish able to be translated to English), increasing the availability of content to the global, diverse At-Large Community and to potential At-Large members
  • Amazon Polly ( which turns text into lifelike speech, allowing for At-Large updates to be read to persons (in combination with Amazon Translate) in their language. Apart from making At-Large updates more accessible, this offers possibilities of select At-Large updates being syndicated as a audio podcast.

As an experiment, some members of the O&E developed a prototype website showing some of these concepts in action. 

Approve to submit; set up call with Mark Segall and Jana Jugonovic.Submitted
ALAC ALAC on behalf of Sebastien Bachollet 

IGF Global (2020 in Poland) specific budget - At-Large delegation proposal for IGF Global in Poland (Katowice 2020) - Final

IGF global were organized in 2017 in Geneva (Switzerland – Europe), in 2018 in Paris (France – Europe), in 2019 in Berlin (Germany – Europe) and will be organized in 2020 in Katowice (Poland – Europe).

IGF Global is organized for the 4th years in a row in Europe but for the 1st time in Eastern Europe.

To allow the participation of At-Large and organize its presence during Global IGF each of the last 3 years EURALO used one on its crop slot.

This proposal is to leave a crop slot to Euralo and to allow a new opportunity for At-Large to be more involved in Eastern part of Europe (covering both EU and AP).

As ICANN is now very much organized around 3 pillars: ICANN Board, ICANN Org. & ICANN Community.
The global ICANN budget for IGF global must be split equally between the 3 groups: ICANN Board, ICANN Org. & ICANN Community.

Part of the ICANN Community budget will be used by At-Large in the following way.

At-Large delegation proposal for IGF Global in Poland (Katowice 2020):

  • Chair of ALAC
  • Chair of Euralo
  • Chair of O&E

If more budget is available, the At-Large delegation will add the 5 Co-Chairs of E&O (one per ICANN regions).

Travel Support: 

Request Number

3 or 8 people

Place into Template; Remove estimate cost. Flesh out details.Submitted


North American School of Internet Governance

RALO RequestingPerson or Group SubmittingTitle of ProposalRequest NumberDescriptionComments by ICANN Staff Regarding Possible CollaborationFBSC Notes and DecisionStatus

A capacity Building program for the AFRALO ATLAS III ambassadors (who have taken up various roles and responsibilities post-ATLAS III and at least 6 months prior to the planned program) to be held at the 2021 AIS. It will be a day program with the morning be used to address some policy hot topics and the afternoon will be dedicated to “how to draft a policy advice” practical exercise.  Prior to the face 2 face certain relevant courses within the ICANN Learn will be taken by the ambassadors to further get them prepared.

Support Requested:

Interpretation needed for the face 2 face  program.

Suggestion of relevant ICANN learn courses (Max 2 courses will be identified in collaboration with ICANN staff)

Travel support needed for the 16 persons (10 ATLAS III Selected participants + 3 AFRALO Leaders + 3 AFRALO ALAC Members)

Potential Sponsorship:

We will approach AFRINIC and/or AfNOG for some sponsorship including provisioning of a room for the session and refreshment during the session

Significant travel support being requested. 

`Work with AFRALO regional leadership on making this training more cost-effective, including incorporating ICANN Learn and/or webinars. Consider holding this training at the AFRALO GA in FY23.  Submitted 

AFRALO/Seun Ojedeji (AFRALO Chair)

Written by the Technology Task Force-Vice Chair Abdulkarim Oloyede

Adding of a Transbot for French Language Interpretation to the AFRALO Mailing List

The At-Large Community represent a wide-ranging set of individual Internet user interests from different regions of the world. Language is seen as a major barrier to participating in ICANN activities especially on the mailing list. Hence there is a need to have an effective translation tool to translate from one language to the other. This is more important for Atlarge because it has a role of conducting outreach to individual internet users while promoting and developing informational and educational activities related to ICANN around the world. French is widely spoken in all regions of the world particularly French is widely spoken in Africa, North America (Canada in Particular) and Europe.

At the moment the IT department have been able to develop a similar tool for English to Spanish and vice versa but not other languages. This tool should be easily relatively easy to develop as the IT department can adapt the current Spanish tool (TRANSBOT) for French . However, the IT department    

Would require some money to be able to develop or adapt the current tool for French.

Amount of support requested: $15k

Staff comments: Add clarification in text that the transbot is for AFRALO. Add $15k in costs. 

No call with Engineering team needed as they have seen the request. 

Approve; Submitted 
AFRALOISOC-NG (Caleb Ogundele)Nigerian School On Internet Governance (NSIG) - Final

While there are regional and continental Schools on Internet Governance within Africa, Nigeria only held the first one in July 2019. This is beginning to make a change in the limited numbers of Nigerians participating in Internet Governance. The Nigerian School on Internet Governance gives Nigerians room to learn more about Internet Governance and subsequently continue to participate in the IG space both locally and regionally.

The Nigerian School on Internet Governance was initiated within the Internet Society Nigerian Chapter for the benefit of members of the Nigerian Internet community to actively participate in IG and ICANN process as well at the ATLARGE..

The main objective of the Nigeria School of Internet Governance is to train new leaders of opinion in all aspects related to Internet Governance, from a global perspective and with focus on the Nigeria perspective.

The program helps interested students, academic as well as individuals working in the private sector as well as in government to get comprehensive and structured knowledge on Internet governance with Focus on ICANN and ATLARGE. To better understand the complexity related to Internet governance and its importance in the future of the Internet.

The proposed activity of the Nigeria School of Internet Governance is to:

  1. Increase the number of local and young next generation from Nigeria in the ICANN / ATLARGE as well as Internet Governance debate spaces.
  2. Motivate its participants presenting their opinions and to become active participants in ICANN and ATLARGE  activities, where the future of the Internet is shaped.
  3. Prepare the participants for leadership to become the future leaders on Internet Governance in the DNS space  within the region.

An entire day session on ICANN, ARTLARGE and the DNS Industry will be the focus while treating topics  on Drafting ICANN Policy and Public Comment Writing and Universal Acceptance Outreach and Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) and DNS Abuse, Multistakeholderism in ICANN.

Other sessions  for the remaining four days will consist  of 10 sessions covering  other IG related topics.

The 2nd NSIG is in its second year and the only  national / NRI School of  Internet Governance in Nigeria aside the WASIG in the region will preceed the National Internet Governance forum for Nigeria where a desk for AtLARGE and ICANN will be created for outreach engagement

There will be opportunities for Q&A, coffee breaks (morning and afternoon), lunch and social events during the 4 day school.

My engagement in this school is is being done as part of my post ATLAS

III and At-Large Ambassador outreach activities to engage more participation and engagement in ICANN activities.

Prior to the start of the school, there will be pre-school activities such as webinars and use of ICANN learn with the support of ICANN mentors from previous ICANN Fellows.


Total of $5,500


There will be at least sixty (60) participants in the School of Internet Governance. This will include 30 members from Internet Society (ISOC) Nigeria chapter who will be given fellowships to attend and interested stakeholders from CSOs to regulator/government, academia, technical community distributed evenly.


  •  ISOC Members
  •  Private sector
  •  Policymakers / Regulators
  •  University Students
  • Legislators / Legislative Aides ● Judiciary
    ● Civil society
    ● Academia
  • Journalist


  • 4 days (specific date in July to be determined)


Abuja, Nigeria


  1. Create and encourage awareness in the selected topics of Universal Acceptance Outreach and Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) and DNS Abuse, Multistakeholderism in ICANN
  2. Increase the number of local and young next generation from Nigeria in the ICANN / ATLARGE as well as Internet Governance debate spaces.
  3. Motivate its participants presenting their opinions and to become active participants in ICANN and ATLARGE  activities, where the future of the Internet is shaped.
  4. Prepare the participants for leadership to become the future leaders on Internet Governance in the DNS space  within the region.

Work with AFRALO regional leaders to figure out how the SIG requests can be incorporated into the African SIG. Submitted 
AFRALORaymond Selorm Mamattah (At-Large Ambassador)Ghana School on Internet Governance (GhanaSIG)- Final

We want to devote one (1) day out of our three (3) days we have scheduled as part of the first Ghana School on Internet Governance to engage stakeholders and inform them about ICANN and how they can get involved.  We will also use this same day to create awareness on Universal Acceptance of domain names and IDNs.  First of all this is important because, at the moment, Ghana does not or has low representation within the ICANN ecosystem, especially Atlarge where we only have 2 ALS from Ghana.

To improve on Ghana’s involvement within At-Large and the ICANN ecosystem, a day will be devoted to discuss how the necessary people and companies representing the above constituencies can get informed and come on board to play their needed roles.  This will be a great outreach event.  

Secondly, since the issue of Universal Acceptance of domain names and IDNs is now a big deal, we thought it wise to create awareness for the various stakeholders such as Professional Bodies, Academia, Government, Internet Industry etc on this issue in Ghana. This will help the participants to measure their readiness for this and how they can best prepare before it comes to full implementation.  This will be done on the same day we have dedicated to the ICANN moment as mentioned above.  Prior to the face-to-face, we will encourage registered participants to go through certain related online courses on the topic within the ICANN learn. The experiences gathered from the session will be reported/shared during the AfricaSIG/AfricaIGF.

This programme will be done as part of our planned Ghana School on Internet Governance (GhanaSIG) programme, which is tentatively planned to be held in August 2020. GhanaSIG is actually the brainchild of the newly founded foundation called E-Governance and Internet Governance Foundation for Africa (EGIGFA), of which I am the Founder and President.  This foundation was formed with the help of some ICANN Fellows in Ghana. This program is being done as part of my post ATLAS III and At-Large Ambassador outreach activities.


This ICANN moment and Universal Acceptance Awareness events will be a one off activity as part of our annual GhanaSIG programme. The tentative date is in August 2020.


$4,500 for rental of venue, light catering and printing.


This event will be country based, that is Ghana. However, we will welcome participation from the African community if anyone wants to.  We are targeting the governmental agencies, ISPs, the registries and registrars, the civic societies, NGOs, academia etc. We also target individuals who have interest to know more about internet governance and how they can make impacts. We will also reserve places for members of professional bodies such as Medical and Dental Council, Ghana Journalist Association, Ghana Bar Association (this is for lawyers) among others.

Potential Sponsorship:

We wish to request any support we can get so we can get the remaining local funding support here in Ghana from other entities.

Work with AFRALO regional leaders to figure out how the SIG requests can be incorporated into the African SIG. Submitted 

Symposium and training (AFRICA 2020 ICT Symposium)

The growth of digital technology is already producing opportunities that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago. The effects of this revolution are observed in the ways of life, work, the ways of conceiving leisure, interactions in societal groups, relationships to the worlds and mobility ... A wealth of opportunities emanate from this transformation: energized economies, great advances in education, training, health, enhanced safety and security, greater individual empowerment and optimal means of organizing homes and cities. Because the symposium is conceived as a framework for exchanges and sharing of ideas, seven domains have been selected to scrutinize the theme: 1.    Digital sovereignty2.    Smart cities3.    Training, employment and innovation4.    SMEs, handicrafts and incubator5.    Protection of children and women online6.    Partnerships between actors in the countries7.    Digital rights/Internet rights (laws).


From 20th to 24th July 2020


30 participants

8 resource persons


Yaounde – Cameroun

  • Local and parliamentary authorities,
  • Educational communities (administrators, teachers, university researchers, educational consultants, learners ...),
  • Organizations of women and girls
  • Academics and higher institutions
  • Regulators and decision-makers,
  • ICT operators,
  • The startups
  • Job seekers



Significant travel support being requested. 

Would benefit from incorporation of ICANN Learn or Webinar training. 

No. Too much travel. 

Not Submitted


Sebastien Bachollet (Euralo Chair)

Youth involvement in At-Large work


Following ATLAS III involvement of some youths in each RALO.

In complement of the work done by NextGen & Fellowship programs.

Following the need to have a longer-term engagement of youths in RALOs/At-Large activities.

Adding 3 slots for young to participate to ICANN meetings

One for the region of the meeting and 2 additional

FY 2021 

Hamburg (AGM) EU - APAC - LAC

Cancun (CF) LAC - NA - EU

The Hague (PF) EU - APAC - NA

Request Number

Budget: 30k$

EURALO requested to develop regional strategy on youth at IGF as a first step to an At-Large strategy. 

Not Submitted


Sebastien Bachollet (Euralo Chair)

Youth IGF hubs



As IGF Global is organized for the 1st time in Eastern Europe

It is an opportunity for A-Large to be more involved in this region (covering both EU and AP)

The requested budget will help to support better engagement of At-Large in Youth IGF activities in few (2 to 4) countries of the region (both Eastern Europe and Western Asia).

The goal is to support Annual Youth IGF meeting and more regular activity like monthly (?)) meetings of active youth with key global speakers from At-Large and ICANN

Request Number

20K$ to 40k$

EURALO requested to develop regional strategy on youth at IGF as a first step to an At-Large strategy. 

Not Submitted


Sebastien Bachollet (Euralo Chair)

Training for EURALO ALSes (At EURALO GA in FY21) - Final

Prior to the EURALO F2F General Assembly that will be held in FY21 at the 2021 EuroDIG, a training program that is similar to the one provided during ATLAS III will be organized for all EURALO ALS representatives.

As we had a small number of EURALO participants at ATLAS III, we would like to organize a targeted training on policy involvement for each ALS rep + some members of EURALO Internet User Association (who will be already participating to EuroDIG).

The trainers will be EURALO Leaders.


One time before the 2021 Euralo GA and Eurodig.

Travel Support: 

Included in Euralo GA

Plus 2 travelers (like ALAC co-chair of the CPWG from Europe)

One additional night and per diem

Approve /remove funding numbers

Revised and submitted

LACRALOAdrian CarballoLACRALO Academy at the LARALO General Assembly scheduled to take place during ICANN70 in Cancun.- Final

We will carry out Training activities on topics that represent Milestones within the process of Evolution of the Multistakeholder Model within ICANN in the framework of a Capacity Development Program for members of all ALS who attend the LACRALO 2021 Assembly to be held in the city of Cancun.

This program is part of the Route of Evolution of the ambassadors who participated in ATLAS III as a need to implement the objectives that we set for ourselves at the At-large community Summit.

The Program will be facilitated by LACRALO members with professional experience in the development of skills for work teams, however it would be very beneficial to have the support of David Plumb as an expert who also knows the context of LACRALO.

Our proposal seeks to improve and increase the participation of the members of the region in the Policy Development Process for an informed contribution from the Internet Users community of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands.

Type of Training: Education/training - Capacity Building / Policy Discussion / Outreach


  • Report Capacity Program LACRALO.
  • Individual Report Self-appraisal from each ALS representatives attending the capacity program.

SME: David Plumb

Language Services: 

  • Since the ICANN Academy Leadership program only works in English and the majority of the Spanish-speaking community, support is needed to conduct effective training in English for which we request the ES / EN interpretation logistics.
  • Spanish - English

Approve/remove funding numbersSubmitted 
NARALODustin Loup (ISOC DC)North American School of Internet Governance 

To organize and deliver the third NORTH AMERICAN SCHOOL OF INTERNET GOVERNANCE (NASIG). This would be a two-day capacity building event to provide in-depth knowledge of Internet Governance (IG) issues to approximately 40 individuals, with many from ATLARGE. NASIG 2020 is our third consecutive year and the only School of Internet Governance in North America. Past NASIGs have proven to be successful and well attended, with 28 students in 2018 and 50 students in 2019.  

NASIG 2020 will consist of 10-15 sessions covering the most pressing IG topics, many of which will align with the strategic objectives and goals identified in ICANN’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2025, such as the IANA functions, Universal Acceptance, cybersecurity, the multistakeholder model, ICANN’s role in Internet Governance, and much more. These sessions will be run by community leaders, including many of those actively involved in ICANN.

We will seek to bring in students from all across North America and will also seek to take advantage of the high level of interest in Washington, DC. This includes policymakers, tech policy staff for civil society and industry, students from the many universities in the area.

By bringing in a wide variety of stakeholders for this educational program, we are contributing to a healthy Internet governance ecosystem, by making sure that the people who have an interest in IG in North America are well-informed, which will lead to better results for the Internet.

We are requesting $10,000 to be put toward venue costs, catering, and tech support for livestreaming and captioning.

Based on previous experience organizing events in Washington, DC we expect the costs of each to be in line with the following estimates:

Venue Rental - $5000

Catering - $6000

Livestream and Captioning - $4000

Approve. Submitted 

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