In June 2018, the Board approved the preparation of a staged implementation plan that was time-bounded and would require minimal budgetary and staff implications in order to be successfully implemented.

This initial At-Large Review Implementation Plan therefore consists of eight of the original sixteen issues (#1, #2, #3, #4, #7, #9, #13 and #16) identified by the independent reviewer. It was presented to the Board Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC) in December 2018 and was approved by the Board during their Meeting on 26 January 2019.

The following is the plan for the development of each issue, but also recognizing that a program of continuous improvement is a constant focus across At-Large. 

Maureen Hilyard, ALAC Chair, January 2019

» December 2019 - At-Large Review Implementation Interim Report 2 December 2019.pdf - For review through 22 December 2019. 

» June 2019 At-Large Review 2 Implementation (ARI) Status Report 1 to the Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC)

» Initial Preparation

» At-Large Review Implementation Working Group (ARIWG) - This includes ARIWG meeting information. 

» Approved Board Resolution - Consideration of the At-Large Advisory Committee Detailed Implementation Plan

NOTE: the examples of the  Dashboard Report from WS2 of ICANN Accountability CCWG in the following Issue spaces, is an exemplar of the TYPE of dashboard/reporting that we recommend be utilised for reporting ARIWG progress to the ICANN Community as well as for inclusion in aggregated terms to the regular reporting /update to the OEC biannually.  A proposed template for use in the biannual reporting to the OEC can be found here and needs to be customised to suit the data required from each Issue as listed below.

» Issue 1 - Quality vs Quantity of ALAC Advice

Work Track Leader(s): Jonathan Zuck and Evin Erdogdu

Issue 1 Dashboard and Progress Chart 

Work Track Meetings


» Issue 2 - At-Large has struggled to reflect/process end-user opinion; barriers to individual participation; perception of unchanging leadership group

Work Track Leader(s): Alan Greenberg and Maureen Hilyard

Issue 2 Dashboard and Progress Chart

Work Track Meetings

» Issue 3 - Staff resources are disproportionately concentrated on administrative support; staff should have greater capacity to support preparation of policy advice  Status: Completed (August 2019)

Work Track Leader(s): Heidi Ullrich

Issue 3 Dashboard and Progress Chart

Work Track Meetings (staff only)

» Issue 4 - ALAC and the At-Large Leadership Team

Work Track Leader(s): Maureen Hilyard

Issue 4 Dashboard and Progress Chart

Work Track Meetings

» Issue 7 - At-Large Working Groups

Work Track Leader(s): Ricardo Holmquist and Maureen Hilyard

Issue 7 Dashboard and Progress Chart

Work Track Meetings

» Issue 9 - Need for increased At-Large Community awareness and staff training regarding the use of social media  Status: Completed (July 2019)

Work Track Leader(s) (staff leads): Heidi Ullrich and Evin Erdoğdu

Issue 9 Dashboard and Progress Chart

Work Track Meetings: (staff only)

» Issue 13 - Need more systematic RALO participation in regional events

Work Track Leader(s): Daniel Nanghaka and Alberto Soto

Issue 13 Dashboard and Progress Chart

Work Track Meetings

» Issue 16 - Absence of consistent performance metrics

Work Track Leader(s): Cheryl Langdon-Orr and Gisella Gruber to restart working group on Metrics.

Issue 16 Dashboard and Progress Chart

Work Track Meetings

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