FY18 Additional Budget Request Details

ALAC Request:

For FY18, the ALAC again requests that each of the five At-large Regional At-Large Organizations (RALO’s) are given access up to $2,000 each for targeted local discretionary funds to permit the local travel, luncheons, displays, graphic and promotional Facebook/Twitter graphics.

Opportunities exist for At-Large members to do local outreach and engagement about ICANN and ICANN policy related issues. The local activities can include local presentations, brown bag lunch topics, local business persons presentations i.e., Kiwana’s, Rotary, Professional Women’s  University Groups, Chamber of Commerce and more. These local groups at the grassroots are looking for professional speakers on a weekly basis and rely on local experts on various topics. They open up opportunities for speaking engagements at minimum cost.

While the FY17 Additional Budget Request on this issue was not approved, there was $10,000 in GSE funding made available. The ALAC is appreciative of this.

Well into FY17, a template was prepared and requests from the RALOs are now being submitted.

Approval Text:

(Yes - Core)

After FY17 experience with community and regional Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) teams, this pilot program will continue for an additional fiscal year administered by the Policy Development Support Team in collaboration with regional stakeholder engagement VPs. The FY17 experience incorporated the development of a request form template, which should continue to be used in FY18. Approval of this request is contingent on ICANN Org development of a transparent assessment and reporting framework. 


This Budget allocation consist of a total of $10,000 to assist RALOs in their continuing work with individual/local community requests.

Staff Leads:

Heidi Ullrich and Silvia Vivanco


RALO Request Form - Must be completed and sent to At-Large staff attention Heidi Ullrich and Silvia Vivanco at least three weeks in advance of the event.

In order to help guide staff in their decision-making for each request, we have requested that the RALO Leadership develop criteria.


1.0  Purpose of the Discretionary Funding

To provide opportunities for members of all RALOs to do local outreach and engagement about ICANN and ICANN policy related issues within the region.

Please refer to the Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FBSC) Proposal, page 7 HERE for more details.

2.0 Selection Criteria

  1. The applications for funding support for the local  ALS activity must come from a certified ALS that has demonstrated to be active by consistently participating in the regional monthly calls at least once every 3 months.

  2. The ALS has organized or attending a special event with tangible outreach and engagement activities with specific expected results.

  3. The funds should be a portion of the full budget for the event.  

  4. The Discretionary funds use shall be in alignment with the RALO Strategic Outreach Plans filed for the relevant Fiscal year. 

  5. Staff will consider regional balance within each RALO during their review of the requests.

3.0 Application Process

  1. A request form needs to be fill out to initiate the process.
  2. The request must be sent to Silvia Vivanco, Manager, At-Large Regional Affairs and Heidi Ullrich, Vice President, Policy Development and At-Large Relations the relevant Regional Leadership.
  3. Approval (or not) will be informed via email to the organization representative that made the request.

4.0 Approval Process

  1. Staff determines if request follows the established criteria. Consult with the region officials if in doubt.

  2. Staff determines if there are sufficient funds available to support the request. If not, the maximum allowed for the request will be what is available in the fund at the moment of the request.

  3. If necessary, Staff coordinates a conference call with RALO leadership and the person(s) making the request with the purpose of gathering more details about the utilization of the funds.

5.0 Reporting

  1. All requests and its final approval (or not) are to be published in a WIKi page for transparency purposes.

  2. The ALS must produce,not later than 15 days after the end of the engagement, a report summarizing its outreach efforts and possible outcome.

RALO Requests 

RALODate SubmittedDate of EventSubmitted within three weeks of Event?SubmitterPurposeProposalAmountStatusReport
NARALO18 January 2017
YesTom HBannerAttached FORM completed
Completed through GSE
NARALO14 June 201725 August 2017YesEduardo DiazNetworking Reception for ISOC PR and ARIN Roadshow Attached FORM completed$1,500Approved

The event was a success in terms of attendance, content, and engagement.

 124 People registered for the event. 85 Attended.

• The event was held at the "Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico" which is a professional not-for-profit organization for licensed Engineers and Surveyors. We partnered with the Institute of Computer Engineers which was key to acquire the facilities at no cost and in collaborating with the promotion within the organization.
• The event was promoted through Facebook and ISOC Puerto Rico membership roster.
• ARIN presented a very well prepared set of slides which covered all aspects of its operation, administration, and themes related to IPV4, IPV6 and the transition from IPV4 to IPV6.
• The attendees were very attentive to the presentation and asked many questions during the Q/A sessions.
• Liberty, the biggest cable company in Puerto Rico, presented a case study on how they are managing the transition to the new IPV6 protocol.
• We were able to engage three local organization which demonstrated and interested in becoming an ALS. I have invited them to participate in the NARALO Orientation call coming up on September 6, 2017. Two of them have already confirmed their participation. One of them is an organization of  "Women in Programming" which I think can be used as a role model for other regions. 

• We had the opportunity to welcome Chris Mondini to the event. He came down from Washington, DC to experience the event first-hand. He was very pleased with the whole coordination, attendees, and experience in general.

• A 1.5-hour networking cocktail (sponsored by NARALO/ICANN) was held at the end of the day. Approximately, 50/60 people participated.
• Overall, the event was a success in terms of content, participation, and engagement. ARIN personnel mentioned that this has been the most attended ARIN on the Road event ever.
• Photos are located HERE[flickr.com]

• A compilation of event tweets (with images and captions) are located HERE[storify.com].

 ARIN on the Road information :


Social Media coverage :


NARALO15 August 20175-6 October 2017YesSusannah GrayLocal travel of SF Bay ISOC Board Members to ARIN40 Meeting in San Jose, CA.Attached FORM completed$250 Approved
LACRALO31 October 201722 NovemberYesHumberto CarrascoLAC -i- ROADSHOW Chile in Coquimbo.Attached FORM completed.$500Approved
EURALO 31 October 201718-21 DecemberYes Olivier Crepin-LeblondPromotional Items at the 2017 IGF


FORM completed


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