Post-Chair's Report

I. Post-ATLAS Feedback (Lead: Eduardo Diaz/Staff: Alperen Eken and Heidi Ullrich)

TasksImplementation Outcomes
ATLAS III Programme Committee Survey

The survey (EN/FR/ES) was sent to all ATLAS III Participants was sent in December. The aim of the survey is to get feedback from the participants of the ATLAS III programme

30 EN;5 FR; 8 ES as of 13 December. 

The Programme committee can recruit other volunteers with the appropriate skills to do an analysis of the feedback from ATLAS III Participants

Recommendations will be developed from the analysis of the feedback for implementation by the Participants, the ALAC and/or RALOs

The ATLAS III Reporting Working Group's final report can be found here.

Recommendations must align with the ATLAS Ambassadors' Journey graphic to provide specific tasks, objectives and outcomes for each step of their journey.

These recommendations will also  be incorporated into the relevant 2020 schedules for At-Large Policy, Outreach, Capacity Building and Communications.

ATLAS Participants/At-Large Ambassador ReportsAll ATLAS III Participants/At-Large Ambassadors to complete a report on their experiences of ATLAS III
Analysis of Participant InterviewsThe results from the interviews of ATLAS III Participants are to be reviewed and analyzed
At-Large Academic Engagement Develop an At-Large Academic Strategic Plan that fits into the post-ATLAS III activities. Joanna to lead small group to develop proposal. 

II. At-Large Regional Policy Engagement Plan - PEP  (Leads: Heidi Ullrich and Alperen Eken)

TasksImplementation Outcomes
ATLAS III Programme Committee Interview Results

Review and analysis of feedback

Collaboration between At-Large regional leadership, At-Large Staff and GSE RVPs

More regular communication and collaboration between At-Large regional leadership, At-Large Staff and GSE RVPs

with goals of more effective engagement and participation as well as strengthening the RALO/ALS/Individual relationship

Creation of 'At-Large liaisons' in Regional offices

The At-Large Liaisons will work closely with At-Large staff and RALO leadership

III. Completion of At-Large Review Implementation Plan Activities

1.ALS Mobilisation Working Group - Issue 2 (Lead: Alan Greenberg; Heidi Ullrich, Alperen Eken)

TasksImplementation Outcomes
Reference document

Membership of WG Members

Set up workspace and hold first call

Group Discussions

Completion of Activities and ALAC Approval

  • Criteria and process for individual unaffiliated membership
    • Review of the registration process - do we ask if they are registrants or even know about domains?
    • What skills and knowledge do they bring to the work of At-Large and ICANN?
    • What interests do they actually have that can add value to the work of At-Large within ICANN - internet governance is not enough.
    • How do we assess the engagement of individuals within the work of At-Large?
    • How do they carry out their outreach to their communities? 
    • Do we make it a requirement for evidence of community engagement - a report required of at least one community activity related to ICANN?
  • Review registration process for ALS applicants (and for unaffiliated members)
    • What requested information is irrelevant?
    • What information is needed to ensure engagement is an objective? 
    • What do they know about ICANN and At-Large already?
    • What background knowledge do ALS members who will participate in At-Large bring to help us do our work within ICANN?
    • Who are identified as the key participants within the ALS
    • Are new applicants aware of the requirements for regular participation and the deregistration process?
    • Should we make an expectation that each ALS must demonstrate that they are carrying at least ONE outreach activity related to ICANN per year in their community, and that they have at least ONE person from their ALS actively engaged in an At-Large or ICANN working group or other activity

2. Completion of the At-Large Review Implementation Plan Activities (Lead: Cheryl Langdon-Orr and Heidi Ullrich)

TasksImplementation Outcomes
Status Report 2Report to be prepared and submitted to the OEC by mid-December 2019
Remaining Implementation ActivitiesFinalization of remaining items by April 2020
Final ReportReport to be prepared and submitted to the OEC by mid-May 2020

IV. 2020 At-Large Workplan Activities

1.Policy Involvement (Lead: Jonathan Zuck / Evin Erdogdu)

TasksImplementation Outcomes
CPWG CharterCPWG confirmation of charter, ALAC ratification of the document and distribution strategy with Comms

At-Large Policy Platform

Presentation of final document at ICANN67 Community Forum in Cancún

Policy resource development

Policy Fact Sheets


Learning Resources

At-Large DNS Abuse 101 Videos in EN, ES, FR

GeoNames Videos in EN, ES, FR

Learning resources in development with Joanna Kulesza, CBWG and ICANN Learn

Statements and advice

Incorporate recommendations from the ATLAS III Surveys relating to policy development for ATLAS Ambassadors

2. Capacity Building (Lead: Joanna Kulesza/Heidi Ullrich)

TasksImplementation Outcomes

Catalogue of ICANN Learn webinars/courses

Establish a library of Onboarding  resources (working in with other constituency partners (GAC and NPOC) about:

  • At-Large. GAC, NPOC
  • Policy development and policy writing

ICANN Learn Course Catalogue - Nov. 2019

Road-map through the multitude of ICANN Learn courses and other primer material

  • Identify relevant ICANN Learn courses and At-Large webinars
  • Develop Comms plan to promote ICANN Learn courses
  • Identify gaps in courses and create necessary courses 
  • Develop courses (101, 201, 301 which lead to a certificate or other form of recognition)
  • Contribute to the development of relevant material that can enhance the understanding ALS and individual members about issues of importance to ICANN (focusing on simple non-technical language and in different languages other than UN languages currently offered by ICANN)

Coaches and mentors
  • ATLAS III participants assigned as mentors/coaches to all ALSes/individuals in their region
  • Develop roadmap for mentors to cover with their mentees, including regular check-ins
  • Regular feedback by coaches and mentors 
  • Recognition of achievements (ladders for leadership?)

Development of the At-Large Ambassador Program

  • Establish program for ATLAS III participants to become At-Large Ambassadors in their region 
  • The program will be based on the recommendations that arise out of the ATLASIII survey and interviews relating to Capacity Building for ATLAS Ambassadors
  • Ambassadors to increase knowledge in their own ALSes and then widen activities to local then regional activities
  • Work with coaches, RALO leadership team and GSE regional liaisons. 
  • Establish roadmap for each successive step with recognition (including at GA, etc). 

3. OUTREACH AND ENGAGEMENT (Lead: Daniel Nanghaka/Heidi Ullrich/Gisella Gruber/Silvia Vivanco)

TasksImplementation Outcomes

At-Large Participation Toolkit

Develop a set of materials for each stage of involvement:

1) Onboarding;

2) Initial engagement (WG membership; assigned a coach/mentor;

3) Policy Advice development involvement;

4) At-Large leadership

General Assemblies (planning in collaboration with the Regional Leadership of RALOs  who have General Assemblies in 2020-2021: EURALO and LACRALO)

  • How can ATLAS III activities and learning be carried on to GAs as a process of continued learning and skill building resulting in increased engagement? 
  • What kind of information is important to impart to members about At-Large to encourage greater engagement by individual members (unaffiliated and ALS)
  • Has an assessment been carried out about those who were invited to the last RALO GA and how many are actually engaged a year later?

RALO Outreach and Engagement Strategies
  • RALO O&E co-Chairs to be appointed by the RALOs 
  • Ensure that RALO strategies are prepared and presented to GSE VCs
  • To include implementation plans and allocation of CROP and Discretionary Funding
  • Role of At-Large Ambassadors to be developed in consultation with the RALO co-Chairs (who will discuss with RALO leadership)
  • Co-Chairs to share policy resources produced in-house by their RALOs in collaboration with their CPWG representatives
  • Incorporate the recommendations that come out of the ATLAS Survey relating to Outreach 

Repository of skills and interests  

  • Survey of those members who are the key participants within ALSes for skills and interests as they relate to key policy areas and outreach activities 
  • Analysis of surveys to identify possible capacity building needs and identify potential leaders in various interests (policy/engagement/outreach/etc.)
  • Identify how these skills and interests relate to the policy, engagement and outreach activities of At-Large and ICANN

4. Operations/Communications (Lead: Maureen Hilyard/Heidi Ullrich/Evin Erdogdu) 

TasksImplementation Outcomes

At-Large Communications Strategy

See: At-Large Communications Strategy Workspace

  • Develop key messages we want to give about Post-ATLAS At-Large
  • incorporate any recommendations relating to communications from the ATLAS III survey
  • Draft Communications Strategy for comment.

Coordinate with NPOC and GAC Underserved Regions WG, and Public Policy WG

Include NPOC and GAC into resource and course development projects as well as encourage Meetings with GAC working groups (Yrjo to coordinate with GAC Liaison)

Coordinate Resource Development activities (from Policy, Capacity Building and Outreach)

Work with the Capacity Building Working Group ICANN Learn Design Teams to build more courses to support policy and penholding capacity building within At-Large 

GSE Coordination in the regions (2xSallys) - Pacific Plan

Working with Pua Hunter (Cook Islands, GAC Vice Chair) and Save Vocea  (Fiji, GSE Oceania VP) regarding Pacific engagement project
Periodic Updates on ITI/ITPHold regular meetings with Jana and attend online consultation sessions

ALT+ At-Large projects for SO-AC flexibility fund 

In preparation for the Los Angeles SOAC Chairs meeting at the end of January 2020
Feedback on CCEG-IG Send information to David Olive

RALO Commitments Ideas from ATLAS III Brainstorming Excercise

RALOCommitment IdeasOutcomes
AFRALOEngaging and participating in WGs

Giving feedback to the RALO about the participation and engagement

Reviewing the ROP for participation and finding ways to improve them
APRALOCreating a document of shared experiences gained during ATLAS3

Planning to hold joint APRALO outreach events across all individuals and ALSes

Increasing local community to engage and outreach

Holding joint webinars across the community

Increasing participation to the CPWG & Monthly Calls
EURALOBecoming more visible and effective participants

Becoming liaisons for communications on behalf of ICANN to each of their National internet community

Creating interest groups for discussion such as IPR, Cybersecurity

During the IGFs, ALSes, ICANN multi-stakeholder approach, and ICANN outreach will be promoted
LACRALOEverything said will be in a one-pager, that is to reaffirm the commitments, and to be shared with At-Large

Each ALS will take action to communicate ICANN’s vision and mission outside of ICANN

Making sure of engagement and inclusion from gender and indigenous groups
Communicating ICANNs work within the ALSes

Committing senior members to become mentors to 2-3 ALSes in the region
NARALOCommitting each member regularly to participate one or more monthly meetings or WG sessions

Picking a specific area of interest within At Large among active topics

Using the topic and leverage active participation within At-Large

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