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ALS Name




Arab Knowledge and Management Society (AKMS)


Armenian Internet Traffic Exchange Foundation (ARMIX)

At Large @China    

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)


  ACCAN Logo  

Chinese Domain Names User Alliance



Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CfM)



Cook Island Internet Action Group


Cybercafe Association CCAOI

Emirates Internet Group



Hong Kong Internet Forum



Information Policy Analytical Center (IPAC)


Internet Development Initiative - IDI

Internet PNG Clique     

Internet Users Society Niue

Internet Society (ISOC) Afghanistan     

ISOC Australia


ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka    

ISOC Chapter India Chennai


ISOC Delhi     



ISOC Japan    
ISOC Korea     
ISOC Palestine    
ISOC Trivandrum (ISOC TRV)    

Internet New Zealand (InternetNZ)


ISOC Nepal    
ISOC Pakistan Islamabad    

ISOC Taiwan Chapter


LITA (Lebanese Information Technology Association)     


New Zealand Maori Internet Society




Open Standards and Internet Association



Pacific Islands Chapter fo the Internet Society (PICISOC)



Society Vasudhay Kutumbhkum (ISVK)- India


South Pacific Computer Society    
Sri Lanka Next Generation (SLNG)    
National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Association        NIIEPA               

Internet Research Project Pakistan (Formerly Pakistan ICTPM)



Internet Society Kolkata Chapter    
Internet Society Armenia Chapter    
Internet Society Bahrain Chapter    
Safer Internet Armenia / Mediaeducation Center  

ISOC Malaysia  

Computer Society of India    
ISOC Philippines    
Armenia Association for the Disabled "Pyunic"    
  Vanuatu Information Technology Users Society (VITUS)      
Swathanthra Malayalam Computing    
National Information Technology Professionals Association of Afghanistan     
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  1. Dear APRALO members,

    Please continue sending your ALS logo and any additional information you would like to post on this WIKI space.

    If you have any difficulties posting information on the WIKI  please be so kind to let staff know and we will be happy to help.

    Thank you!

    Silvia Vivanco