DateActivities DetailsLinkRemarks
April 2024ICANN80 Mentoring Call 1 - Challenges and Opportunities for Engagement in ICANNLink:
March 2024Social Media Startegy For APrIGF2024 Link:
March 2024 Introduction to ICANN and Fellowship Program by Shreedeep Raymajhi and organized by Alyza JosefVideo Link:
Jan 2024UA Interaction with Nabil Benamar for the African RegionVideo Link:

Dec 2023Interaction program with the UA vice chair Nabil Benamar for Newcomers Video Link:
Nov 2023Introduction to AI and Future challenges for Sri Lanka Internet UsersPresentation Link:

Video Link:

July 2023ICANN Fellowship Interaction and Meet Up Program
Video link:
Presentation Link:

July 2023Comments and suggestion on Zero-Draft-Public-Consultations-FOC-Donor-Principles-for-Human-Rights-in-the-Digital-AgeLink:
July 2023Challenges of APRALO policy ForumLink:
June 2023AI Governance Framework for NepalLink:
April 2023Internet Ecosystem and Challenges of IPV6 in Nepal
Video Link:

Feb 2023ICANN76 Preparation At-
Large Capacity Building
Workshop: The Art of
Assertive Communication
Video Link:

Feb 2023Internet Ecosystem and its
problems, and challenges in
Federation of Computer Association of
Video Link:
Dec 2022APRALO FY23-24 O&E strategic planLink:
Nov 2022Recommendation and Suggestion for Global Stakeholder Engagement TeamLink:
Sep 2022Mentor of APrIGF 2022Link: Mentor 
Sep 2022Boot Camp ICANN75 Link: Outreach and Engagement  
Aug 2022Bangladesh Youth IGF 2022, How to Engage with ICANN community  


Video Link:

Community Outreach 
July 2021Bangladesh Youth IGF Regional and Local Participation in Internet GovernanceLink:
Community Outreach 
July 2021Ghana SIG Regional and Local Participation in Internet Governance Link: Building
April 2021BDSIG2021 Internet Fellowship and GrantsLink: Building
March 2021Conducted a webinar on social media Engagement for ICANN70

Link: 2021-02-25 At-Large Social Media Working Group Call

Dec 2020ICANN69 SMWG Report  Link:
Oct 2020Conducted a webinar on social media Engagement for ICANN69Link:[0]=isPinned&sortByFields[1]=lastActivityAt&sortByOrders[0]=-1&sortByOrders[1]=-1&uid=a6ijir8iemBHYWRru
Sep 2020Presentation on Internet Fellowship and Grants -BDSIG2020Link:
Aug 2020ICANN68 SMWG Report  Link:
Jun 2020Recommendation and suggestion to the fellowship team for the Pre-event ICANN68 Link:
Jun 2020Social Media Toolkit Link:
May 2020Social Media APRALO strategy Link:
May 2020Report on data breach and privacy in Nepal during covid19Link:
April 2020Internet Governance and Youth Challenges and Opportunities Program Link:
April 2020Fact Checking ToolkitLink:
Mar 2020Recommendation for At Large Communication strategy Recommendation Link:
Mar 2020SMWG report of ICANN67


Jan 2020Data Privacy Day 2020 celebrated in Nepal at Lord Buddha Education Foundation

Presentation Link:

Video Link:

Dec 2019IGF 2020 Recommendation Link:
Dec 2019Fellowship key Guidelines for fellows of APrIGF 2020 Link:
Nov 2019 

Drafted sample proposal for BYIGF

IPRC translation in Nepali language 



Sep 2019Recommendation and Challenges of NRI Group and Multistakeholder Model in Internet Ecosytem Link:
Aug 2019Nepal IGF Program Committee GuidelinesLink:
Aug 2019Recommendation on Report of the UN Secretary-General’s ‎High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation by shreedeep rayamajhiLink:
July 2019Ice Breaking Session Organized at APSIG 2019 AIT, ThailandVideo Link:
Report Link:

June 2019Outreach and Engagement at ICANN65 Marrakesh MoroccoBlog:
Video Link:

June 2019Multistakeholder Concept and its Practice

Survey Link:


Report Link :

Mar 2019Report on Criminalization of FoE in Social Media
Jan 2019Recommendation for Social Media Strategy for ICANN 64 At Large Social Media Working GroupLink:

Jan 2019ALSs APRALO monthly meeting of Jan 2019Link:
Dec 2018Call for Issues IGF2019Link:
Dec 2018Artificial Intelligence Survey 2018

Survey Link:

Report Link:

Nov 2018Call for Thematic Suggestion for APrIGF2019Link:
Nov 2018Survey Report on Pornography Ban in NepalLink:
Nov 2018Awareness program at Rasuwa for youth Leadership and motivation
Nov 2018Nepal Internet Governance Forum 2018
Oct 2018Developing the Multistakeholder toolkitToolkit for Multistakeholder Practise and MSG formation

Aug 2018Internet Governance Forum 2018

Community Feedback Questionnaire on the Draft IGF Programme Framework Chart-2018

Contribution for the Connecting the Next Billion -Phase IV

Recommendation for Cyber security BPF

Recommendation for Youth Engagement at the IGF 2018 and Ways for Improvements

Recommendation for IGF2018 Call for Issues

July 2018Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance 2018
June 2018Toolkit for VAWVAW toolkit

Mar 2018ICANN 61
Jan 2018Nepal School of Internet Governance, 2018
Organizer | Speaker | Fellowship Chair

Jan 2018Organized an outreach and awareness program at Prime College about Internet governance "Youth on the table "
Dec 2017IGF 2017 Geneva Switzerland
Nov 2017Cyber Security and Currents Trends a workshop
Nov 201716 Days of Activism : Orange Week Survey on Online Violence Against Women(OVAW)

Survey Form:

Report Link: 

Nov 2017Recommendation for ASEAN Digital /Internet Policy Update
Nov 2017Handbook on Child Safety Online
Nov 2017Child Safety Online

Learn IG is an initiative of RayZnews for awareness and capacity building purpose
Oct 2017Survey about youth involvement in Internet Governance process and Leadership

Survey Form:


As our session "Collaborative Community Development Program Learn IG Promoting Youth on the Table" has been Scheduled for IGF Day 2: Tuesday 19-December-2017 Room XI - A

Please fill the survey and help us raise the issue of Youth challenges in Internet governance process

If possible share the survey with your friends

Aug 2017Report of Fishbowl session on Cyber security Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance 2017 Bangkok, Thailand


Aug 2017Nepal Internet Governance Forum 2017
July 2017Policy Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion Phase III – Call for Public Input
Jun 2017Internet Freedom and FoE Program

May 2017Nepal Election 2017 Social Media Survey
May 2017Sri Lankan Internet Governance Forum 2017
Participated as a Speaker for Digitial Rights Sri Lanka IGF 2017 and
Mar 2017IGF 2017 support to the Nation and Regional IGF Inputs
Mar 2017At large review to RALOs and At-large structures (ALSes)
Feb 2017Internet Development Report of Asia-Pacific 2016- Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Their Challenges
Jan 2017Recommendations on the future of the internet, 25th anniversay of Internet Society
Learn Internet Governance Platform open and knowledge sharing platform for youths
Jun 2016Report on Internet Governance Capacity Survey Nepal 2016
For research papers and other documents, Visit our websites at RayZnews

RayZnews is an Internet Organization based in Nepal that lobbies the un-heard voices and rights of people and caters a wide variety of news happening in Nepal and the world. We believe in featuring or highlighting stories and voices against censorship, impunity, injustice, human rights, FoE issues, Gender Equality, Digital rights, open standard etc. Exploring our limits we have evolved as a research-based organization producing important documents,  and reports. Our mission is to raise awareness and to help people understand their digital rights in highlighting DIGITAL EQUALITY wherever necessary. 

We at RayZnews have been doing various awareness campaigns, workshops, surveys and other supplementing programs collaborating with various organizations to raise awareness about strengthening the internet policy issues and digital rights not just at national but at regional level. We believe in open standards and have been raising voices as part of the community. Our work area includes various aspect of interaction, providing expertise and support program in updating the real situation of Nepal and providing comments and suggestion at national and international level for events & organizations like WSIS, APrIGF, ICANN and Internet Society.

Core Areas 
1. Digital Equality
2. Open standards
3. Human Rights
4. Freedom of Expression
5. Right to Speech
6. Violence Against Women
7. Gender Equality

Contact person
Shreedeep Rayamajhi[] 

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