Emani Lui - Director

Kaniu WiFi 





Internet Niue provides internet services to the island where most people live, work and have holidays.  These services are free to all users once they have paid a $25 connection fee.

 Our WiFi network allows you to use your laptop, PC, iPhone, PSP, or other WiFi-enabled device to go on-line anywhere on Niue where there is WiFi coverage. Free internet access, which benefits both Niueans and visitors, is the result of a commitment to the Governmentand People of Niue by The IUSN Foundation. WiFi access is available in 13 villages on Niue.Internet Niue connects to the worldwide web through PacTel International, a satellite-based internet service that services the Pacific Islands. PacTel alongside Internet Niue also provides additional software which ensures that critical internet uses – such as email, web browsing and downloading, and social media – get priority access to the system’s bandwidth over peer-to-peer uses such as the sharing of movies.

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